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Full Name: Sean O'Reilly
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: M. X. Watson
Time Span: 2017 - 2022


Sean O'Reilly is an agent with the CIA.

We are told in a blurb about the first recorded adventure that O'Reilly is considered a "disgraced" operative and the first actual mention of the man in that story refers to him as a "former agent" with a personal comment about his being "a real piece of work". Obviously there are a collection of people who do not have a very good opinion of the man so it falls to us to decide whether they are right or just not understanding the fellow.

On the positive side of the O'Reilly ledger, according to these same folks, he is "someone we were happy to use for some of the most difficult and sensitive missions", or at least he was back when they used him, which was over a decade ago, starting back in 2009. Now he is considered an enemy of the state.

Our first meeting of the man has him in the capital of Bangkok working as a start-up in the black-market weapons business, all part of his overall plan to find out who killed a colleague and "plummeted Sean's own life into chaos".

The first three adventures we have of O'Reilly all deal with the fallout of a very nasty operation spearheaded by powerful and unpleasant people in Washington, D.C. who were seeking to become even more powerful by being even more unpleasant. It is not healthy to get in the way of such people or even look like you might be or appear to be a dangerous loose end which it seems O'Reilly was and so they marked him a disgraced and an enemy and put out an elimination order and went on with their scheme. O'Reilly didn't follow the gameplan and let himself get dead. He took exception to it, as a matter of fact, and decided to fight back.

Good Lines:
- When an operative is reminded, "we can't waste taxpayer dollars on pointless witch-hunts", he counters, "Even if they find witches?"


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2022

1 Deception Deception
Written by M. X. Watson
Copyright: 2017

"Disgraced CIA operative Sean O'Reilly is on the run. For years, he has kept under the radar. But the murder of his friend and fellow operative brings him to the surface. As he is hunted by the police, CIA and local crime syndicates, he must continue to hide his past and thwart all attackers as he seeks revenge. The CIA pulls out all stops to chase him down, but the more they search the more they discover about themselves. Who is Sean O'Reilly? The answer may kill them."
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2 Deviation Deviation
Written by M. X. Watson
Copyright: 2020

"Sean O'Reilly's world just got a whole lot more complicated. The disgraced CIA operative's past is turned upside down and inside out as the hunt for his friend's killer takes him into increasingly dangerous situations where more is risked to find the truth."
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3 Defiance Defiance
Written by M. X. Watson
Copyright: 2020

"It all comes down to this. Sometime the truth leads you to places you’d never want to go. Sometimes it makes you do things you’d never want to do. But one thing it will do, is set you free. And hurt you a lot on the way."
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3.5 The Sean O'Reilly Deception The Sean O'Reilly Deception
Written by M. X. Watson
Copyright: 2020

An omnibus of the first three Sean O'Reilly adventures: Deception, Deviation, and Defiance.
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4 Sordid Sordid
Written by M. X. Watson
Copyright: 2022

"The dead daughter of a Russian drug lord. The unlimited resources of a corrupt CIA operative out for revenge. Two worlds collide on the rock that is Sean O'Reilly.
Sean doesn't even have time to unpack before his world explodes. Chased by unknown assailants for unknown reasons, Sean finds himself the target of new players in the local crime scene. Using a stripped-back set of skills, he must get to the bottom of who wants to frame him and why before time runs out."
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"Have you met the tsunami of revenge called Sean?"

That is a blurb for the series and it definitely says it all in just a few words. Sean O'Reilly is a man you do not want to tick off and some people had done that in spades. They do not live long regretting it.

Looking at the synopsises of the adventures, it is obvious that the first three comprise a trilogy and it is a pretty darn good one.

The author is described as someone who "writes pulp spy novels and gritting techno-thrillers" and that, too, is an excellent description of what is in store for the reader. The term "pulp spy novel" is also one I hope to remember because it is so wonderfully accurate. Reading these books is like reading terrific pulp adventures from the 30s, just put into modern times with modern troubles and solutions.

I was pleased to see that the author did not abandon O'Reilly after the trilogy ended; bringing him back for a follow-up adventure was a good thing and I hope he comes back again.


My Grade: B+


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