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Full Name: Nick Hellyer
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Philip Prowse
Time Span: 2018 - 2022


Nick Hellyer is an agent with MI6.

Make that an "accidental spy" as used in the blurbs. He had no plans for his sudden career shift and would never have chosen such an unusual one but as Hellyer finds out the hard way, life often throws a curve ball.

The time frame for Hellyer's foray into the cloak and dagger world is 1967. A new instructor with a PhD at Cambridge, Hellyer makes a phenomenally stupid move when he first agrees to try the latest rage - in this case dropping acid - and then getting arrest for marijuana possession. The political climate at the time meant that after he was ousted, which he was immediately, he looked at a bad time in prison. But there was a chance to avoid the latter by accepting a teaching position in far-off Egypt, though naturally there was a whole lot more to the offer and the job.

Now to clarify, Hellyer is not a total innocent who gets roped into things but he is certainly not an experienced operative the least bit prepared for the kind of things he will find himself dealing with once he accepts the offer. He is very smart and quite resourceful which will be vital to his survival when put into a line of work where a mistake can kill you. Worse yet for Hellyer, he has a personal set of ethics which will conflict with the sort of things his job, and his survival, will push him to do.

The organization for which Hellyer goes to work does not really have a name, he is told by his new boss, Major Quinlevan, nicknamed 'Q'. "Welcome to the Intelligence Service. Don't bother with acronyms like MI5 and MI6 here - all a bit blurred nowadays, don't you know? Just think of ourselves as Intelligence - diplomacy by another name." His interpretation of 'diplomacy' will prove to be outside normal.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2022

1 Hellyer's Trip Hellyer's Trip
Written by Philip Prowse
Copyright: 2018

The year is 1967. After an unfortunate night in college, Nick Hellyer is kicked out of Cambridge and floundering. He is thrown a lifeline in a teaching job in Alexandria but he will find it comes with a push to assist MI6 as the world inches towards the next Arab–Israeli War.

2 Hellyer's Coup Hellyer's Coup
Written by Philip Prowse
Copyright: 2021

This adventure spans the years from 1968 to 1973. Nick Hellyer is put into a horrible position for a non-professional agent; his mission is to infiltrate a chemical weapons plant in Mozambique and destroy it but doing so will kill a lot of people. His choice will result in his name being put on a kill list and a highly trained and experienced assassin sent to fulfill the act.
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3 Hellyer's Line Hellyer's Line
Written by Philip Prowse
Copyright: 2022

"Nick Hellyer hunts a British diplomat turned Russian spy as the Greek military junta collapses in Athens and invading Turkish tanks storm across Cyprus. Unravelling motives for the betrayal of country and the trust of others takes him into a world of divided loyalties, private tragedies and public massacres.
Sexual blackmail by the KGB, dirty tricks from the CIA and Greek terrorist attacks induce flashbacks to past traumas as he sieves suspects. A nightmarish interrogation while high on LSD opens up a path of self-discovery which leads him to the heart of a labyrinth of deceit."
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The Hellyer stories are wonderful returns to the very interesting days of the late 60s, a period I remember very well but my experience was in South Dakota, not exactly the hub of changing times. This terrifically penned series takes place in England and areas even further away. What Hellyer gets involved with is a whole lot different than my experience and yet it is a blast to sorta kinda "relive a new experience". Mind you, the LSD-tripping part at the beginning of the series was not something I ever considered with good reason - just ask Hellyer!

I am thrilled with the quality of the writing and the pacing and most of all, the humor. This is not a comedy by any means but with all the turmoil that Hellyer goes through, the attitude with which he looks at things puts a smile on my face on many occasions. I am glad I was not him but I loved watching him deal with things.


My Grade: A-


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