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Full Name: Jon Wells
Nationality: American
Organization: FBI
Occupation Agent

Creator: Greg Gardner
Time Span: 2017 - 2017


Jon Wells is an agent with the FBI.

At least he is for a while. Circumstances will force him to make a career change taking him from the Bureau to Homeland Security but he will still stay inside his area of expertise; the tracking of and apprehension of terrorists out to harm the States. He will quickly add to his list of targets the immense but largely unseen threat of cyber-warfare, especially by the exceptionally gifted hackers from China.

Wells has been a Special Agent with the FBI for just over five years when we meet him in the first recorded adventure. Prior to that he had served for two decades in the U.S. Army, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, first as a proud member of the prestigious Rangers and then many years working in the Intelligence field chasing down terrorists. While his age is not mentioned, it is likely the late 30s.

Wells enjoys a very pleasant personal lifestyle courtesy of an inheritance gained when "he and his siblings had inherited the mineral rights from the family land holdings" which had been going on for a few years "and the money seemingly never stopped flowing". He does not apparently flaunt his private income but he also does not hide it. 

He remained single throughout his military career and beyond but the assignment to Minneapolis, where we meet him, would have the added benefit of reestablishing a relationship with a college romantic interest, Nancy Pillery, Senior VP of Manufacturing at a large corporation based in the Twin Cities, and they would find that the years had matured both and made each a very enjoyable companion for the other.

In the course of the first adventure, Wells will acquire a nemesis in the form of Chinese cyber expert Zhang Xe. Zhang will prove to be an extremely difficult opponent and the conflict between the two will be the driving force for each.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2017

1 In Plain Sight In Plain Sight
Written by Greg Gardner
Copyright: 2017

The murder of a Somali informant in the large community of that nation's immigrants in Minneapolis leads Jon Wells to learn of a Chinese cyber-espionage plot underway in that city. This in turn leads to a bigger conspiracy involving ISIS terrorists and a plan by the Chinese to control America.
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2 Firestorm Firestorm
Written by Greg Gardner
Copyright: 2017

Both Jon Wells and his adversary from the previous adventure, Zhang Xe, have had their careers change drastically. Zhang is now devoid of his skilled cyber-team but is still determined to bring down America, this time by crippling the US transportation system. Without trucks, stores would have no milk or bread or other staples. Jon Wells is dismissed from the FBI and now works for Homeland Security but he is finding the team he is on to be far too slow in taking action so again he goes it alone.
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It was interesting to see a series character who works out of Middle America, Minneapolis in this case (a city that I have visited a few times and really enjoyed and would love to live there except for the snow). I was not aware until this series, however, that there was such a Somali presence there. This surprised me because I've been to Somali (back in the 70s) and it be HOT. Not a lot of snow there. Is that why expats from there went to a far less hot place? Curious.

These are two exciting and fascinating books dealing with a subject I adore - cyber crimes. In this case, cyberterrorism which is plenty scary to me and the author brought that fear alive.

Good job. Want more!


My Grade: B+


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