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Full Name: Sean Faint
Nationality: British
Organization: The Company
Occupation Agent

Creator: Mark Yarwood
Time Span: 2018 - 2022


Sean Faint is an agent with The Company.

Being British, that designation does not stand for the CIA as it might in America; it stands for an unnamed, unspoken, and very much unacknowledged agency inside the U.K.'s intelligence community. While its operatives could and did gather valuable information wherever they were sent to trouble-shoot, in truth their main function was considerably more drastic and severe, not to mention permanent.

"The public wouldn't want to know that the company Faint worked for had no name, had no one to answer to either. If Britain was a computer, then The Company was a piece of anti-virus software, attacking any bug that was designated dangerous by the board of ex-military advisors that gave their direct orders to Faint's boss: Smith."

As one of its agents, Faint knows that when given a direction and an order, "he was sent to kill, or not come back at all". Being an ex-SAS operative for quite a few years, Faint is more than capable of killing when needed, and he has shown he is also very good at finding his own way home afterwards.

For all his capabilities and accomplishments, Smith seems always on Faint's back. As Smith tells Faint when Faint pointed out that in the relatively short time he had been with The Company, he had certainly proven his worth, "You're a weapon, Faint. That's all. We point and you fire". After that rebuke and before Faint could offer much of a rebuttal, Smith also points out that, "You drink too much". Faint is aware there was no counter to that truth. Faint got bored easily and quickly and when there wasn't anything to challenge and excite him, he sought out and always found a bottle of something.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2022

1 Fireland Fireland
Written by Mark Yarwood
Copyright: 2018

In the aftermath of a terrorist attack on the city of London, Sean Faint is sent to the Bahamas to look into the murder of a media mogul in that country. The task is to find what links the attack and the murder. Chief suspect is a billionaire named Marcus Fier, a man with his own man-made floating island. Causing trouble in that assignment is the presence of an old enemy of Faint, the rich man's psychopathic bodyguard Rook.
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2 The Faint Outline The Faint Outline
Written by Mark Yarwood
Copyright: 2022

After a mission goes pear-shaped, Sean Faint is captured and thrown into an African prison for the next 30 years in solitary. When he is visited by two British officials and offered his freedom, he takes it but on returning to England, he finds he is the chief suspect of a string of horrible murders of a handful of civil servants.
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If you like your agents downtrodden by his boss(es) and ready to be disavowed at the drop of hat, this series is for you because I swear the author has it in for poor Sean Faint. Or at least he throws enough at him to make you believe it. Which keeps the action going and the challenges for him high. That is a good thing.

These are pretty intense action-drive adventures and a lot of fun to read. Enough so that I look forward to more places Faint can be tossed into and left to get out on his own, certain that he will find a way and it will be entertaining.


My Grade: B+


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