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Full Name: Patrick Hyde
Nationality: British
Organization: British Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: Craig Thomas
Time Span: 1981 - 1997


Patrick Hyde is an agent with MI6.

More specifically, he is one of the key agents employed to operate under the direction of the gifted spymaster, Sir Kenneth Aubrey. He has been working for the man for some time when we first meet him which unfortunately means that we are not given any information as to how he came to work for the SIS in general and Aubrey in specifics.

An oddity for his employment with the British Intelligence organization comes from the fact that Hyde is very much and quite proudly Australian by birth, growing up in Brisbane which Hyde considered a particularly tough neighborhood. "Bloody Russians wouldn't last five minutes in Brisbane", he was noted saying in an early conversation.

Though this tallish, slender man now lived and worked in London, he was happy to remind others of his roots. "He dropped immediately into a strengthened accent, one he had never himself possessed but which he used always to remind others of his Australian origins - because he knew it irritated them, and it served in some way to dissociate him from their incompetence. The only person secure from its mockery was Kenneth Aubrey."

At our initial meeting and for a while thereafter, Hyde is forced by circumstances to operate in and around London acting more as a bodyguard at times for Aubrey. Though he greatly respects the elder man, probably more than anyone else on the planet, it chafed him to be hobbled when he felt he would be better used out in the field where he had been for quite some time. When he is finally allowed (or forced, depending on how you view things) to back out there, he is a lot happier.

Even towards the end of his time serving Aubrey, after the older fellow finally retired due to age, and Hyde had also quit the SIS, he was not adverse, despite his mumblings, to being brought back in for one more go-around. Hyde knew he was good at his job because he enjoyed it, or vice versa.

Good Lines:
- A secret meeting taking place in a zoo had Patrick Hyde standing near an enclosure where "A llama watched Hyde with the superior stare of a civil servant."


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:1981
Last Appearance:1997

1 Sea Leopard Sea Leopard
Written by Craig Thomas
Copyright: 1981

The Sea Leopard is the codename for a secret anti-sonar device, undergoing trials in the North Atlantic when it is stolen by the Soviets. Aubrey assigns Ethan Clark to get it back.

2 Jade Tiger Jade Tiger
Written by Craig Thomas
Copyright: 1982

Is one of the German architects of a new treaty that will help collapse the Iron Curtain really a Soviet agent intent on ruining peace? Patrick Hyde travels with his boss, Kenneth Aubrey, about the world to find out.

3 Lion's Run Lion's Run
aka The Bear's Tears
Written by Craig Thomas
Copyright: 1985

A Russian defector makes the startling claim that Aubrey, newly appointed head of MI-6, is really a double-agent. When Kenneth Aubrey is arrested, Patrick Hyde decides to go on the offensive to prove his boss innocent.

4 The Last Raven The Last Raven
Written by Craig Thomas
Copyright: 1989

Hardliners of the falling Soviet Union and a radical section of the CIA worry about the demise of the Cold War. They shoot down the wife of the Premier hoping to inflame tensions. When he witnesses the atrocity, Patrick Hyde becomes the target of a very determined CIA agent.

5 A Hooded Crow A Hooded Crow
Written by Craig Thomas
Copyright: 1992

A British ex-pat finds a downed plane in southern Africa, holding stolen British electronics and a dead KGB agent. Trying to get the information to Kenneth Aubrey costs him more than he could imagine. Playing a major role in the excitement is Aubrey's key agent, Patrick Hyde

6 Playing With Cobras Playing With Cobras
Written by Craig Thomas
Copyright: 1993

An up-and-coming Indian politician, bankrolled through drug dealings, eliminates an actress who learns his secret and frames her boyfriend, a fellow agent of Patrick Hyde. Things get tougher when the baddy becomes Prime Minister of India.

7 Slipping Into Shadow Slipping Into Shadow
Written by Craig Thomas
Copyright: 1997

Patrick Hyde, now living in Australia, helps their intelligence agency investigate drug smuggling from Burma. He enlists the assistance of Aubrey but the two learn there is a lot of power in drug money.


The author was quite aware of the fact that since his main character in his "universe" was Sir Kenneth Aubrey and Aubrey was getting up there in age, he could not have the senior man chasing after people and leaping and climbing and such. Therefore, it was important to have somewhat younger people handle the physical duties.

Patrick Hyde was one of those "support" people that, IMHO, rose above that distinction to warrant his own attention, hence this individual entry in the compendium and not just a sentence or two in the Aubrey page.

I believe Thomas really wanted the extra spotlight on Hyde, too. Why else would he go to the trouble of making Hyde so unique, as in having him be an Australian working for London.


My Grade: A-


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