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Full Name: Cal Shepard
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: J. T. Sawyer
Time Span: 2021 - 2023


Cal Shepard is an agent with the CIA.

He has been with that government agency for the past 16 years having been recruited straight out of college, which would make him at or around 38 years old.

He works for a fellow named Patterson and is considered by that man to be his very best agent. "Known only to a handful of peo9ple at Langley, Shepard was one of a small group of operators from the Special Activities Division who comprised an elite search-and-destroy (SD) unit with the sole forucs of hunting down other assassins". The training that the SD teams received was incredible with "a heavy emphasis on fieldcraft and advanced urban sniping and concealment to create the ultimate self-reliant hunter of men. In its first year in operations abroad, Shepard's SD unit racked up more confirmed kills than all of the other clandestine units combined within that same region".

When we first meet him, he has been temporarily reassigned to the position of liaison with a private tech company founded and run by a computer genius named Burke who was developing "a new threat-detection software called Perseus" and the relationship was a very close one "with Burke providing insights into the technological side of things that Shepard had been relying on for years overseas while the weathered field agent gave a glimpse into the methodologies of a master assassin-hunter".

In addition to the need for such a liaison, Patterson chose Shepard to be that man because Patterson recognized the signs of an agent who was headed into "troublesome terrain" from too many missions and the physical and mental trauma that came with them. A very bad shoulder wound from a firefight in Algeria sealed the deal. Shepard did not put up any argument as that meant being home with his beloved Cassie.

That woman is his wife, the love of his life, and the soon to be mother of their unborn little girl. What happens to them will be the basis for even more of the determined agent that Shepard becomes.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2023

1 Search And Destroy Search And Destroy
Written by J. T. Sawyer
Copyright: 2021

Assigned as a consultant to the Burke Corporation, a defense contractor working on a major new terrorist-fighting database, Cal Shepard is stunned when he is suddenly framed for murder. Instead of going peacefully, though, he breaks away and sets out to catch the real killer(s) even as he learns that the culprits reach high up in the government.
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2 The Perseus Protocol The Perseus Protocol
Written by J. T. Sawyer
Copyright: 2021

Once a hunter, Cal Shepard is now the hunted as well but he will not let that stop him from tracking down the real culprits in the theft of the Perseus source code. The hunt takes him to India and back again and will lead to his also trying to stop a major terrorist attack on US soil.
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3 Critical Response Critical Response
Written by J. T. Sawyer
Copyright: 2022

Working with the elite Critical Response Team, Cal Shepard is on a mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist about to be executed by a Mexican cartel. In country and their mission blown, the team must find a way to get themselves out of danger, a feat made more difficult by the presence of a Chinese government assassin with his own mission.
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4 Kill Squad Kill Squad
Written by J. T. Sawyer
Copyright: 2022

Coming back from a mission in Southeast Asia, Cal Shepard and his colleague Derrick Nolan are onboard a small plane that has to make an emergency landing on a tropical island west of Thailand. With a major trade talk about to take place in Myanmar, tensions are very high and the passengers on the plane find themselves being hunted by a skilled assassin and his trainees. Shepard will find himself in need of assistance from an old friend, man-hunter Mitch Kearns.
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5 Havoc Havoc
Written by J. T. Sawyer
Copyright: 2023

'Havoc' was the name of a program presenting a theoretical attack on a super-power staged by intelligence agents. Then it became real and now it is the job of Cal Shepard and his CRT to stop that group from carrying it out.
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:9999
Last Appearance:1000

1 Lethal Conduct Lethal Conduct
Written by J. T. Sawyer

"After completing a grueling mission in North Africa, Cal Shepard and his team are immediately sent back into the field in what should be a simple snatch-and-grab operation when a notorious bomb-maker rears his head in Algeria."
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The positive things this series offers are many.

The writing is crisp and clear and extremely fast moving with the author being able to describe people and environments beautifully in an impressively small amount of time, letting the story return to the action while still letting the reader understand and 'see' the scene and know the participants. 

The plots are well thought out and presented in orderly manners, though in the first adventure is an overused trope of high level government people being up to no good and attacking the people who might know the truth. The rest of the plots are not quite so predictable and they are interesting and fun to read.

The negative is that opening adventure combined with my pet peeve these days of using the slaying of a spouse complete with unborn child as motivation - that and nitwits at the top who seem to sit around deciding, "hey, you know that extremely dangerous operative we trained to the utmost to hunt down bad guys in all terrains including urban area like D.C.? Yeah, let's give him an incredibly strong reason to come after us. What could go wrong?"

I would have graded this series higher if not for that because the writing really is darned good!


My Grade: B


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