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Full Name: Deborah Barnes
Nationality: American
Organization: Unnamed Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: S. M. Revolinski
Time Span: 2020 - 2022


Deborah Barnes is an agent with American Intelligence.

I am mentioning no name here for the bureau she works for with the government because we are told there is no name, which shows how top-secret the organization is.

When we first meet her, Barnes is an up-and-coming actress who has recently landed a plum role in a Broadway play using the stage name of Kate Wells, said production being "a dark comedy dealing with the lives of mobsters". She had achieve good press for her performance and since the play dealt with the Mob, it was learned by the FBI that many of the occupation in the New York area had already been to see it and enjoyed it. This is important because apparently that was what attracted the Bureau to contact her and ask for her help. A government agent was in deep undercover work infiltrating one major Family and needed someone with good acting skills to play his 'plus-one' at their get-togethers. She agreed.

Of course things never go perfectly and that is how she would find her career ended rather abruptly; it was either stop being a stage actress or stop breathing with those left alive in that Family got hold of her. And that is when "the director of an anti-terror agency" came to offer her a new job. "My group has no three-initial name. There is no official paperwork acknowledging we even exist."

Barnes hails from Billings, Montana and attended the University of Colorado for a couple of years before heading to NYU. While trying to get parts in off-Broadway productions, she made ends meet as a waitress. Once she started work for the government, however, she realized her new occupation would involve somewhat older professions. As she explained it, "Prostitution was the world's oldest profession, and spying was the world's second oldest profession; therefore, Glenda, or more accurately - Deborah Barnes, was engaged in the world's third oldest profession: a prostitute-spy". It was, she reckoned, unusual but not unheard of.


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:2022
Last Appearance:2022

1 Undercover Actress Undercover Actress
Written by S. M. Revolinski
Copyright: 2022

A collection of three previously released novellas:
The Girl In The Mob
The Girl Joins The Terrorist
The Girl And The Bomb
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Number of Stories:3
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2020

1 The Girl In The Mob The Girl In The Mob
Written by S. M. Revolinski
Copyright: 2020

Released originally in the anthology Pieces of Their Souls, then separately as a novella and then as a set in the collection Undercover Actress.
Subtitled When Acting Becomes Real Life.
Deborah Barnes' dream of being an actress was finally happening when the FBI asked her to play the part of an undercover agent's girlfriend. Things would go very strange from then on.
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2 The Girl Joins The Terrorist The Girl Joins The Terrorist
Written by S. M. Revolinski
Copyright: 2020

Released separately as a novella and then as a set in the collection Undercover Actress.
Subtitled Murder In Las Vegas.
In her new fake identity as Las Vegas hooker Glenda Goodbed, Deborah Barnes is supposed to entertain and monitor a nuclear scientist for one night. An eventful night ensues when three terrorists invade the hotel room, kill him, and kidnap her after thoroughly searching the room. Now she is on her own to figure out what their plans are while she tries to stay alive.

3 The Girl And The Bomb The Girl And The Bomb
Written by S. M. Revolinski
Copyright: 2020

Released separately as a novella and then as a set in the collection Undercover Actress.
Subtitled Death Rides Route 66.
Still in Las Vegas and asked to infiltrate the terrorist organization from the previous adventure, Deborah Barnes finds a major problem arising when the terrorists are being followed by Israeli agents who would like to eliminate everyone, including Barnes, and those same terrorists want her to kill someone to prove her allegiance. And she cannot contact her own people.


So, did I enjoy this series? I cannot say 'yes' because I am not positive I did but I cannot say 'no' because I could not stop reading it! Barnes is an unusual character, one who often has no great desire to sleep with someone for her work but will not say no if the job calls for it and then tries the best she can to enjoy it. She also does not want necessarily to hurt anyone but she is again not unwilling to shoot someone if the job calls for it.

The writing is quick and easy to read and in the novella format (short and quick and not loaded with filler) which is how I prefer things these days. I was not sad when I reached the third and last story but truth be told, if there had been a fourth, I would have read it, too.


My Grade: B-


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