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Full Name: Isabella Stone
Nationality: American
Organization: Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: Joseph Aragon
Time Span: 2017 - 2021


Isabella 'Izzy' Stone is an agent with the American Secret Service.

When we first meet her she is the lead agent in charge of the protection detail for the President of the United States and as such, she bears an incredible responsibility. Normally someone in such a job would not qualify for membership in this compendium but considering the things that happen to her on a Presidential road trip and afterwards, she more than has justification for being here.

She is described as standing 5'9", possessing a "shapely body [which] still radiated the ramrod posture and athleticism West Point had instilled in her years before". That fairly short but still interesting Army career would get her posted as a military attache to the Paris embassy, a stint that will be a factor in later events as well for both of the initial adventures we have of Stone take place in and around Paris, a city that she loved and knew fairly well from having lived there for several years as a child.

Stone is dedicated to her work, a fact she shows all too dramatically and painfully (for her) in an opening chapter of the first adventure. This is attested to with "she'd seen violence of the worst kind over the years, had been on the receiving end of it more than once, and had employed deadly force protecting the president".

"Izzy was fluent in French, Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic and Russian. Languages came to her as naturally as breathing - an aptitude inherited from her dad, a renowned UCLA linguistics professor." This talent will come in very useful in the adventures that ensue.

She is large unattached in her personal life; in the first adventure she is said to have an on-and-off relationship with a Greg Neal, a "wonky" fellow who is a member of a Washington think tank, but considering the demands placed on her by her employment, anything more serious is not likely.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2021

1 The Paris Plot The Paris Plot
Written by Joseph Aragon
Copyright: 2017

"Izzy Stone, a top Secret Service agent, is in charge of a presidential visit to Paris. Without warning, a powerful French magistrate charges the U.S. President with war crimes and crimes against humanity after an American counterterrorist strike goes awry.
Now Izzy finds herself in a bloody, desperate race to save POTUS from certain death. A lethal cat and mouse chase unfolds across the City of Lights as Izzy uses her knowledge of Paris' ancient catacombs, a buried chateau fort and the great Louvre to elude their pursuers. As France and the U.S. approach an unthinkable military confrontation and the world's powers move toward DEFCON ONE, only Izzy can prevent a global catastrophe."
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2 Chatelet Chatelet
Written by Joseph Aragon
Copyright: 2021

"From the beaches of Malibu to the White House Situation Room and inside the exclusive nightclubs, bistros and chateaux of the Paris elite, brilliant Secret Service Agent Isabella “Izzy” Stone is plunged into a world of cyberterrorism, espionage, romance, and betrayal.
On special assignment to the French government, Izzy urgently travels to Paris. The shocking murder of a mysterious arms trader in the massive Châtelet metro, and a coded message from an old Paris friend set off alarms on two continents. An elusive global terrorist named 'Lalo' appears to be plotting deadly cyberattacks on nuclear power plants in the U.S. and France that will turn both countries into radioactive death zones."
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Series concerning Secret Service agents are tricky when it comes to this compendium, much like FBI agents. If the adventures stick to the main jobs the characters have, they do not qualify based on my criteria. If, as this character sees, they go far outside those lines, well, they fit. For Izzy Stone, that is definitely the case. She is supposed to keep the Chief Executive alive and she does, but she also is forced to get deeply involved in nasty matters far outside her job description.

I would love to see Izzy Stone depicted in an action movie. I think she would be a hit. Certainly I would happily go see it.


My Grade: B+


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