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Full Name: Liam Strange
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: George Thuemling
Time Span: 2021 - 2021


William 'Liam' Strange is an agent with MI6.

We learn quite a lot about the history of this fellow from the beginning of the first recorded adventure, which is a very convenient introduction letting us have an idea of what brought him into the fold of the Secret Intelligence Service.

Strange was born in a tenement Glasgow in 1990, which makes him 31 years old when we first meet him. He had always been quite bright young man which pleased his mother greatly but generated a fair amount of resentment in his father, a man who was laid off from the shipyards during a massive downsizing by the government and had trouble finding reliable work afterwards, leading to a too-strong attachment to booze.

Young Strange received such high marks and praise for his intellect that he was awarded an academic scholarship to attend the University of Glasgow and followed his 4 years in collage, always staying in the top 5% of his class, with 2 more years studying law. It was two weeks before graduating with a law degree that Strange was approached by MI6.

The Intelligence community's interest in Strange came not only from his impressive academic achievements but also, and likely more so, from his fluency gained in school in French, Aramaic, and Arabic. He quickly accepted the offer of employment and started work as an analyst in the Middle East section at 24 years of age. He was surprised shortly thereafter when his MI6 section chief pulled him from his work and had him "transferred" to the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst to obtain his doctorate in Middle Eastern studies. Another 18 months of very intensive study would follow and after that, the kind of work he was qualified to do became wide open.

This was especially true when he worked diligently to lose completely his Scottish accent and then, under instruction, grew a beard and began to learn all he could about living as a Middle Eastern man. With his studies fully over, his time to pay the government back for all his education had just started.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2021

1 Strange Revenge Strange Revenge
Written by George Thuemling
Copyright: 2021

"A young man’s first act of jihad ends in the death of a Scottish couple on their way to market. From that time onward, his life is affected by the act.
The son of the two victims will pursue the terrorist and battle for the perpetrator’s return to justice.
Follow along as Liam Strange chases Patrick Mahmood from Britain to Saudi Arabia and struggles to overcome the cultural differences that protect the faithful from the infidel.
An unlikely friendship is formed that allows Strange to complete his mission."
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2 The Damascus Ruse The Damascus Ruse
Written by George Thuemling
Copyright: 2021

"The Syrian government has slipped closer and closer to total abdication as the Iranian grip on their military strengthens daily and the president is showing signs of age. The people of the country are caught in a civil war between the Assad regime, ISIS, and the allied efforts of Britain, America, and Israel against ISIS.
A ruse is proposed by Liam Strange at MI-6 to coax the people of Syria to throw off the shackles of foreign control of their proud and ancient land. What must be done to convince the people their government is not interested in their welfare? Miscalculation could thrust the entire region into war or worse."
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3 No Place To Hide No Place To Hide
Written by George Thuemling
Copyright: 2021

"Group 54, a collection of professional hackers, is operating out of Oman. They work for people that provide the necessary information needed to destroy their personal enemies. Millions of euros are made on each ransomware attack.
The group takes a contract targeting the Russian President and one of his oil companies. Mistake number one. After that, they take a contract to go after the youngest son of King Salman of Saudi Arabia. Big mistake number two. The fallout from those cyber attacks is widespread and covers many countries and people, including Liam Strange.
Strange is brought into the fray when Group 54 starts going after entities in the U.K. An MI-6 asset is planted into Group 54 and the hunt is on."
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4 Too Far Too Far
Written by George Thuemling
Copyright: 2021

"A well-funded terrorist from Yemen is sent to Paris to create mayhem. Liam Strange is drawn in when MI-6 learns an attack against the French, British, and Americans is planned in Paris. After training young Parisian men of Algerian descent, the terror mastermind attacks. Not satisfied, he moves on to disrupt ceremonies for the June 6th landings.
Before the smoke clears in Normandy, the terrorist moves on to Britain. Liam Strange is one step behind as the jihad attacks become more audacious and deadly. The terrorist has learned Liam’s identity and decides to make one more statement against the British government. He decides to kill their knighted MI-6 analyst and his family to avenge the death of his brother in Yemen."
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This series has some really fine writing, sort of like a delicious cup of coffee first thing in the morning or a pleasant brandy just before bed. Smooth and refreshing and 'just the thing' for what ails you. The author, George Thuemling, definitely knows how to tell a story to keep you interested and entertained.

And in this series he also gives us a darned good operative to follow. Liam Strange comes from some pretty humble beginnings so when he is put into unpleasant surroundings, he knows how to survive. And he has taught himself how to survive and thrive in the nicer parts of town as well so he is no fish out of water.

Luckily for we readers' enjoyment, he seems to be forced into the nastier areas more often with all the deliciously dangerous things that brings.


My Grade: A-


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