Full Name: Charleston "Charlie" Whitney Tucker
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Analyst

Creator: Alexi Hawley
Time Span: 2014 - 2015


Charleston "Charlie" Tucker is a top analyst with the CIA.

She is so high up the chain of command, she has multiple duties which are all of considerable importance to the running of security in the country.

The most visible of these duties is being the person to daily present to the Chief Executive the Presidential Daily Briefing, going over all the most current trouble spots that should be known by the person in charge. Additionally, Tucker also finds herself spearheading from her command center at Langley actual operations, calling the shots for which agents had to put their lives on the line. The experience as an intelligence analyst of this blonde-haired very attractive woman, approximately 35 years of age, definitely gives her the gravitas needed to pull off both jobs.

Tucker's relationship with the sitting President, Constance Payton, is an exceptionally close one. Tucker had been engaged to be married to Payton's son before a terrorist attack a year before the recorded adventures we have took his life and nearly claimed Tucker's. Since that horrific event, Tucker has made one of her highest priorities finding the attackers and bringing them to justice.

According to a blurb put out on her activities: "Navigating a complex personal life and a pressure-cooker profession is, of course, a challenge, and Charlie sometimes engages in boundary-pushing behavior to avoid facing her grief. But when the clock strikes 2:00 a.m., she is all about her job - protecting her nation, serving her president and still trying to get to the bottom of her fiance's murder, which will reveal itself as a shocking mystery."


Number of Episodes:13
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2015

Katherine HeiglCharleston Tucker [ 1 ]
Alfre WoodardPresident Constance Payton [ 1 ]
Adam KaufmanLucas Newsome [ 1 ]
Wehila VandMaureen James [ 1 ]
Tommy SavasDashiell Greet [ 1 ]

1 Pilot
Episode S1-1, first aired 11/17/2014
Director: Joe Carnahan
Writers: Joe Carnahan, Susan Morris, Alexi Hawley

It is the one-year death anniversary of Aaron Payton, the President's son and Charlie's fiance. When preparing the day's President's Daily Briefing (PDB), the team is made aware of the abduction of an American doctor in Kenya and the possibility that he will be killed in a few hours. But the JSOC team tracking Omar Abdul Fatah feels they've a good possibility of killing him. But in the absence of confirmation and that they cannot get the other senior leadership of Fatah's group, Charlie refuses to add it in the PDB. The CIA Director feels that she has disobeyed orders and therefore suspends her. However, she meets with the President and convinces her that the life of the hostage is more important, leading the President to order the JSOC team to rescue the doctor instead.

2 Secrets & Lies
Episode S1-2, first aired 11/24/2014
Director: Joe Carnahan
Writer: Edward Allen Bernero

When a Russian sub hacking into U.S undersea cables in the Bering Sea gets damaged in an Arctic cyclone, the CIA asset onboard sends a distress call. The U.S. tries to save him, but when it seems the situation might escalate into a war with Russia, the President orders Charlie to convince the asset to sink the submarine. Meanwhile Charlie is being haunted by the fact that Abdul Fatah was a CIA asset and she was his handler when the attack on the President's son happened. But she still has so many unanswered questions.

3 Half the Sky
Episode S1-3, first aired 12/01/2014
Director: Sarah Pia Anderson
Writer: Kim Clements

When Boko Haram kidnaps 20 girls returning from a soccer match, Charlie puts it at the top of the PDB. The President orders her to find out where the girls are kept but tells her that the U.S. cannot get involved directly in this fight. Meanwhile the President is meeting with the Chinese Premier at Camp David. Charlie finds out that China has oil interests near the site where the girls are held captive. She convinces the President to persuade the Premier to use a small security team belonging to a PMC (Controlled Outcomes) for oil refinery security. But the team is actually authorized to rescue the girls using the pretense of refinery security as cover. Meanwhile, it seems there are more secrets about what Nick Vera and Charleston were involved in.

4 Bang, Bang
Episode S1-4, first aired 12/08/2014
Director: Nelson McCormick
Writers: Sarah Kucserka, Veronica West

Charlie and Nick both receive a threatening text that sends Nick on an investigation to find the source once and for all. Charlie flashes back to her first interactions with Fatah on Midnight City. Meanwhile, President Payton's rival Senator Green reveals just enough about the upcoming senatorial motorcade attack report to cause her to question Charlie's faithfulness. Charlie and team have to employ Jack Dawkins to contain a smallpox contamination in Panama while avoiding detection in the country. Kurt continues to pine for Maureen but an unexpected kindness distracts her from his attentions.

5 Ar Rissalah
Episode S1-5, first aired 12/15/2014
Director: Bill Eagles
Writer: Devon Greggory

Now that a portion of the motorcade attack report has been leaked, President Payton has a lot of questions for Nick Vera. Unfortunately, he seems to be MIA. As Charlie searches for him, she flashes back to the hours before and during the motorcade attack, and we learn another secret that she's been withholding from President Payton. After an American reporter is granted a rare, exclusive interview, Charlie and team must work to contain the footage as an urgent matter of national security. Kurt finally works up the courage to show Maureen his cards, while D.P. reaches out to an old friend to squash the motorcade attack report before it's released in its entirety.

6 Masquerade
Episode S1-6, first aired 12/22/2014
Director: Joe Carnahan
Writer: Adam R. Perlman

Charlie and Maureen accompany President Payton to Qatar on a diplomatic trip. What begins as a standard mission of diplomacy becomes a disaster when a Qatar national infiltrates the American embassy claiming to be CIA. Constance tasks Charlie to find out if he's telling the truth. Meanwhile Lucas, Dash and Kurt work to track down Al Moosari, believed to be a direct link to Omar Fatah. Kurt has a run-in with a walk-in who claims to have found a valuable backdoor into highly valuable communications. Nick, still MIA, is violently interrogated by a masked man. Charlie finally takes desperate and dangerous measures to remember the events of the motercade attack.

7 Bellerophon
Episode S1-7, first aired 01/05/2015
Director: P.J. Pesce
Writer: Matthew Lau

A young male member of Anonymous (group) manages to infiltrate the Whitehouse and vandalize a painting. In response his teacher is arrested and 4chan begins trolling the CIA by copying the extremists and posing with photos of the Islamic symbol next to landmarks.

8 Ghosts
Episode S1-8, first aired 01/12/2015
Director: Felix Enriquez Alcala
Writer: Linda Burstyn

After FARC (The Revolutionary Forces of Colombia) kidnap Jack Dawkins from a Panamanian prison and hold him for ransom, the team has to pinpoint his location and extract him before time runs out. Charlie comes back to Langley to coordinate the Bellerophon op, while Maureen struggles to fill her shoes as President Payton's briefer. Constance and Marshall fiercely debate whether or not to use Dawkins' potential rescue as a political win against her mudslinging opponent, Kyle Green. There are hundreds of thousands of Ar Rissalah photos now and the team is overwhelmed with the sheer number of possible leads. To complicate matters further, the DC bomb squad removes a suspicious backpack marked with the Ar Rissalah symbol in front of the Washington Monument. Back in the Middle East, Nick and Al Moosari are on the move to meet with Fatah, but not before Nick is put through a number of tests.

9 Cry Havoc
Episode S1-9, first aired 01/19/2015
Director: Joshua Butler
Writer: Heidi McAdams

Charlie and the PDB team race to prove that sorority girl Stacy Dover (guest star Gracie Dzienny) is, in fact, an active member of Ar Rissalah's American terrorist cell. Amidst the high-stakes investigation, Charlie is forced to confront the fact that one of her closest allies may have betrayed her. Meanwhile, Operation Bellerophon is in full swing as Nick Vera gets one step closer to contact with Omar Fattah. But Charlie's efforts to bring down Ar Rissalah may not be able to prevent an attack on the homeland.

10 The War at Home
Episode S1-10, first aired 01/26/2015
Director: Nelson McCormick
Writers: Susan Morris, Ari Briskman

The team races to find a terrorist cell's missing bombs, and Charlie enlists the aid of a former adversary in the effort. Meanwhile, domestic fear and suspicion escalate as President Payton faces a new political threat, and an operation is jeopardized.

11 The Faithful
Episode S1-11, first aired 02/02/2015
Director: Ernest Dickerson
Writers: Zach Ayers, Adam Gaines

A manhunt begins for a terrorist who escaped custody. Meanwhile, President Payton makes a deal with the media to protect a top-secret operation, but her own secrets may be publicly exposed in the process; and Nick and Fatah stay at a terrorist stronghold, awaiting the arrival of a dangerous man.

12 Here and Now
Episode S1-12, first aired 02/09/2015
Director: Ben Bray
Writers: Sarah Kucserka, Veronica West

Nick finally has Sheikh Hakam in his sights, and Charlie and President Payton must decide what sacrifices to make and how far to go in order to bring down the most wanted terrorist in the world. Charlie and the briefing team work with Nick on a plan to kill Fatah and Hakam. But when an unexpected obstacle is put in their path, Charlie finds herself at odds with the President over what steps to take next. Meanwhile, President Payton struggles to balance the top secret mission with the annual Correspondent's Dinner at the White House, but Senator Burke has other plans as he releases top secret intel that could endanger the entire mission. And as Charlie liaises with Nick in the present, we learn more about their romantic past together. Kurt finds he may have gotten in a little too deep with Victor Gantry and the Krieg Group.

13 Deadcheck
Episode S1-13, first aired 02/16/2015
Director: Joe Carnahan
Writers: Dario Scardapane, Samantha Stratton, Joe Carnahan, Michael Perri

With the President's support and her 7th floor team backing her, Charlie quits the CIA in order to try to keep her promise of tracking down and killing Omar Fatah before he and Ar Rissalah can continue their devastating attacks on the homeland. Meanwhile, President Payton faces adversity after Victor Gantry, the head of TKG, threatens to tell the public that Sheikh Hakam doesn't exist. David Patrick, unaware of the TKG meetings, threatens to quit after being left in the dark and the 7th floor team gathers to do whatever they can to help Charlie, who is off the grid, halfway across the world.


I knew this show would not last when it came out and I sat down to watch every episode. It was very enjoyable to watch and I have been a big Katherine Heigl fan. That was the kiss of death for any show - I liked the concept of the show, the execution of it, and the main star. It cannot last!

I do not know what the problems were that caused the network to not give this show a chance. Ratings, likely, but then again what was it put up against? Can't remember; doesn't matter anyways. It was cancelled far too soon and was gone.

Watching it some once more for this entry, I am reminded how sorry I was that it was gone.


My Grade: A-

Your Average Grade:   B+


chiops B+ 2022-09-16

TRIVIA: This series was cancelled half-way through the 13 ep run. The creators had time though to "fashion" an ending in the last episode. However, some actors had already moved on, which is why you only ever saw the lead male actor form a distance as he was a stand-in.

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