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Full Name: John Peters
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Archaeologist

Creator: Robert Scott
Time Span: 2015 - 2022


John Peters is an archaeologist.

We learn quite a bit about his background and his integrity in the second paragraph of the first recorded adventure when we are told:

"It was only a year ago that John was a tenure track professor of archaeology with a bright future at an Ivy League university.  Then his world collapsed when he was accused of plagiarism in his doctoral dissertation.  Despite the fact that the allegation was dismissed as erroneous he was appalled by the lack of support from his department, not to mention the university. And he feared that as he approached tenure that despite being cleared the allegation might still be used against him.  Especially as he never could find out who made the allegation. He quit in disgust."

At our meeting, Peters is 30 years old and single and living at his parents' summer home on the Jersey Shore trying to figure out what to do next with his life. With his idleness beginning to weigh on him, Peters is going to learn that he should appreciate the calm and quiet when he finds it because his life is about to get a whole lot more exciting than he would have imagined it would be as digger of old bones and such.

This change will come about because of a call he will make to his old friend and Oxford mentor. Peters had met him back during his time at that prestigious institute as a Rhodes Scholar, before earning his Ph.D. at Harvard. That contact will put him in an expedition which will change his life completely though it will also put him in grave danger more than once.

Peters will learn that mixing his study of archaeology with having to deal with the schenanigans of both the CIA and MI6 is a deadly thing to do. Of course he will consider it worthwhile since he will meet the woman who would become the love of his life as well as his companion in further adventures which may not always involve clandestine government organizations but seem to always have people shooting at him a lot.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2022

1 Operation Black Amphora Operation Black Amphora
Written by Robert Scott
Copyright: 2015

"John Peters is enlisted in an archaeological expedition to find the long lost tomb of Alexander the Great. But the expedition turns out to be a cover for a CIA and MI6 operation that puts Peters and his new girl friend and colleague Lady Liz Armstrong in harm's way. Searching for Alexander's tomb turns out to be the last thing that Peters and Armstrong need to worry about."
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2 The Devil's Dagger The Devil's Dagger
Written by Robert Scott
Copyright: 2021

"John Peters and his wife Liz along with their friends Harry Roberts and Meg are entangled in another archaeological mystery, this time in the Mayan area of Mexico.
Once more they become entangled with eco terrorists while untangling the mystery of the missing Devil's Dagger, a Mayan treasure stolen from the National Museum in Mexico City and which is the key to finding a lost underwater city."
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3 Treasures Of The Deep Treasures Of The Deep
Written by Robert Scott
Copyright: 2021

"This time the team of the Peters and Roberts are in search of lost ancient artifacts in the Mediterranean. They are racing to recover the cultural treasurers before treasure hunters loot the cultural heritage that they hope to return to their homeland. Once more they have to confront a new threat by Green Blade eco terrorists."
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4 Mystery On The Mekong Mystery On The Mekong
Written by Robert Scott
Copyright: 2021

"John, his wife Liz and their friends Harry and Meg, Nicos and Maria as well as Fred and Angelique James are off on another adventure this time in the Pacific and confronting old enemies."
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5 Scandinavian Secrets Scandinavian Secrets
Written by Robert Scott
Copyright: 2021

"Scandinavian Secrets takes John and Liz Peters and their friends in to the north Atlantic and the Baltic to confront old enemies and new mysteries."
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6 Tragedy In Tenerife Tragedy In Tenerife
Written by Robert Scott
Copyright: 2022

"The sixth in the series of John Peters mystery thrillers takes place in the south Atlantic in the Canary Islands. Once more the Peters join their friends in a pleasure cruise turned deadly when they discover a secret plan that could have significant and dangerous consequences."
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7 Crisis On Cyprus Crisis On Cyprus
Written by Robert Scott
Copyright: 2022

"The seventh book in the John Peters series takes place in and around Cyprus where Peters and his Oxford Group once more step in to prevent dangerous international situation from getting out of control. And in the process they are working to prevent cultural treasures of Cyprus from being looted."
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8 Attack On Antarctica Attack On Antarctica
Written by Robert Scott
Copyright: 2022

"This is book eight in the John Peters series and this takes John and the rest of the group of friends and fellow adventurers known as the "Oxford Group" to Antarctica to confront a new danger both to the earth and to themselves. Never before have they confronted both conditions and dangers as in this adventure."
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I got a fun kick out of the small amount of trouble that John Peters mentions at the very beginning of the first adventure - the claim of plagiarism that was quickly debunked. My enjoyment came from his attitude towards his university and the way they did not stick up for him. He tells them, academically I am sure, to go to blazes and walked out. Had he not, of course, we would have these exciting and varied adventures.

His membership here comes from the fact that the various things he sticks his nose into (or is pushed into) invariable have spies coming out of every nook and cranny - or henchmen from people who would like to take over the world and either need his help or his death to pull it off.

Life back on campus would have been safer but not as much fun to read.


My Grade: B+


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