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Full Name: Steve Hodge
Series Name: Canadian Spy Story Series
Nationality: Canadian
Organization: RCMP
Occupation Agent

Creator: Neil Douglas-Tubb
Time Span: 2017 - 2021


Steve Hodge is an agent with the RCMP.

Actually he is a staff-sergeant in that organization. He works in the highly secret department in that group called the Security Services and more specifically in a sub-group known only as B-Operations (B-OPS). In Hodge's opinion, that group was "not the most super-secret section", despite the feelings of those not in the know, "but it was the operation branch where careers were made and lost". So far his career could be very much listed in the 'made' column and it would only get more solidly there as the recorded events we have of his unfold.

Since the actual work that Hodge does for B-OPS is all highly classified and thus unknowable to those friends he has outside the ranks, it is the fact that he is a member on paper at least of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police which causes some of them to tease hims that he is just in fact a member of the cavalry, ready to ride to the rescue.

Hodge works closely with his partner in the group, Chris Proud, a man who is happily married, unlike Hodge who it appears is single with no serious prospects otherwise.

The activities of the adventures we have of Hodge and Proud all take place in a very short period of time in the late summer through early winter of 1976. It is during that time that the Soviet Union began to make a number of interesting (and to me frankly confusing) moves in Canada' capital. And joining the fun and games is the People's Republic of China, which until then had been staying out of most of the cloak and dagger activities in the country.

Good Lines:
- Said by Hodge: "In the Mounted Police one is never really out of s**t; it is just varying depths."
- When talking about an experienced agent in their organization, it was said of him he was that group's "version of George Smiley, as well as being an accomplished mushroom farmer".


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2021

1 The Ghose And The Dustman The Ghose And The Dustman
Written by Neil Douglas-Tubb
Copyright: 2017

The year is 1976. In Paris a Soviet Jew is trying to defect to Canada since jumping ship in West Germany. Meanwhile a man of interest to MI5 is spotted in London heading to France. These are but two events of several which will join to cause trouble for agent Steve Hodge.
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2 Game On Game On
Written by Neil Douglas-Tubb
Copyright: 2017

The year is 1976. The month is October. "This is a fictional account of the game of spy vs spy at the height of the Cold War in Canada ... Characters and situations are fictional but some of the circumstances were real although embellished .... it was fun to write and relive some of those memories ..."
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3 Fancy Fable Fancy Fable
Written by Neil Douglas-Tubb
Copyright: 2018

The year is 1976. This tale is the continuation of the search for Sasha.
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4 Operation Green Sleeves Operation Green Sleeves
Written by Neil Douglas-Tubb
Copyright: 2021

It is Thanksgiving weekend in 1976. Hodge is again back in Europe tasked with a to-do-list by the senior authorities in A Div’s B-ops Security Service to investigate a PRC spy working out of China's embassy in Ottawa.
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If you are like me, when you think of the Mounties, you think of the cool hats and the red uniforms and "always getting your man". You do not (well, I do not) think of spy-chasing and enemy agents and all sorts of cloak and dagger stuff going on.

Then when I read stories like the ones here I suddenly realize, hey, why not! The RCMP is a large organization so it could easily have departments no one talks about. And Canada is one very big country  with a ton of resources others would love to control so it would definitely need such people.

The writing here is really fun to read and the character of Steve Hodge is someone I would like more of. And maybe a thing or two about the hat.


My Grade: B


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