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Full Name: Duncan Grant
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Andrew Raymond
Time Span: 2021 - 2024


Duncan Grant is an agent with MI6.

A Scot from the Hebrides with an accent he works hard to subdue, Grant is proving to everyone just how good of an operative he already is and how even better he is likely to be. So much so that it is whispered he is being groomed for the prestigious and quite mysterious inner department known as Section Seven.

"Named after the section of the Intelligence Services Act 1994 that protects officers in the field who break the law in the act of service, it granted only the most promising MI6 operatives the opportunity to apply. Section 7 operatives acted under the direct authorization of the Foreign Secretary, thus making them immune from prosecution back in Britain should their actions become known. The loophole that essentially gave legal sanction for murder had led regular field officers to christen Section 7's notorious training programme as 'Kill School'. Almost nothing was known about it, other than to those who graduated. Over time, only tiny - often contradictory - slivers of information had seeped out from the ninety-four per cent of applicants who failed, leaving Section 7 a mystery. In an agency whose existence the British government hadn't even publicly acknowledged until 1994, Section 7 remained one of the true secrets of the Service."

One particular event in his training is detailed in the first recorded event and is best read there but it explains just how good Grant is at his job and at spotting those people out in the field that just do not 'feel right'. That inner sense has helped him achieve his mission on several occasions and saved his live more than once.

Grant is 37 years old when we first meet him. He takes his position in the organization very seriously and while he will not rashly inflict harm on others, if the situation calls for it he will not hesitate. One other interesting and useful trait of Grant is his ability to appear calm under strenuous situations; he might be worked up but he does not show it.

Good Line:
- "Plans aren't executed on paper. They're executed by human beings. And sometimes that's all it takes for simple plans to turn into disaster."
- Regarding an Internal Affairs team at MI6, "They had a way of making you think you had committed treason just by asking you for your date of birth."
- "Talented officers like Grant understood that appearing vulnerable and being vulnerable were not always the same thing."


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2024

1 Kill Day Kill Day
Written by Andrew Raymond
Copyright: 2021

"When a routine operation ends in murder, Grant is tasked with capturing the assassin: rogue MI6 officer Henry Marlow. But as Grant leads the hunt, Marlow’s renegade mission escalates, targeting anyone who could expose his secrets. If Grant wants to stop him, he must uncover a shadowy plot that links a Saudi prince, a corrupt Interpol detective, and an infamous black ops programme. With the very future of MI6 at stake, Grant must confront Marlow in a terrifying endgame."
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2 Dead Flags Dead Flags
Written by Andrew Raymond
Copyright: 2021

"Duncan Grant must race against time to stop a criminal mastermind’s plan to bring chaos and destruction to millions.
The global intelligence community is on its knees. Several governments are on the verge of collapse. And it’s only the beginning. If Duncan Grant is to destroy an intricate network of terrorists, with moles in the highest positions of power, he must hunt down the psychotic mastermind behind it all. Delving deeper than ever into the dark past of the infamous Albion black ops programme, this time it’s not just MI6 that’s at stake – it’s entire nations."
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3 The Last Albion The Last Albion
Written by Andrew Raymond
Copyright: 2024

"MI6 operative Duncan Grant has been officially missing in action for the last month, going on deep-cover to hunt down those responsible for the death of a close ally. Half a world away, retired under new identities, former Albion agents are being murdered. And now there’s only one left. Given an ultimatum to save the last Albion or face expulsion from the agency he’s sacrificed so much for, Grant has no choice but to pursue both missions at the same time."
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Duncan Grant is, IMHO, certifiable when it comes to his exercise regimen. Just reading about his SEAL-style burpees is enough to tire me out and he does not let up until he has done 100 of them. Of course that is why he is the action hero and I am the lowly action reader.

Grant's creator and chronicler, Andrew Raymond, really knows how to present a fascinating character and throw him into enough challenging situations to make the stories extremely hard to put down. And yet these problems do not come across as the least bit implausible, a pretty neat trick by the author.

I definitely look forward to more stories about Grant.


My Grade: A-


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