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Full Name: Jackson Stone
Nationality: American
Organization: Polaris
Occupation Agent

Creator: Brandon Ellis, Max Wolfe
Time Span: 2021 - 2022


Jackson Stone is an agent with Scorpion.

That is a small group of trained operatives put out into the field by Polaris.

Polaris is an agency employing "hundreds" of people, many in a headquarters equipped with "enough weapons to overthrow a small city". We are told early on that it "did its work behind the scenes". We are also informed that it was "one of the most secretive and ruthless spy agencies in the world" and that it operated "free from national and international law, they took to the shadows, securing ancient artifacts, chasing UFOs, and documenting the paranormal. Their agents came from all walks of life, and their reach extended into every nation's intelligence apparatus."

Such a powerful organization needs a powerful enemy to keep it on its toes and Polaris has that in Eclipse, "an organization whose power crept into every institution." Need an election rigged or a politician or CEO removed or even a government toppled, Eclipse was the one to call.

To be the main fighting force to take on its opponents, like Eclipse, Scorpion has a highly trained cadre of elite operatives called Scorpion. Most of these highly deadly people came from special forces groups around the world but some, like Stone, come from different backgrounds, bringing special skillsets to the team.

Stone, when we first meet him, is an analyst studying, among other things, whether "ancient artifacts have unknown powers". So far the answer is 'no', but he "was there to make sure". Stone is very comfortable in his own world, seated at his desk in his small, compact office surrounded by three monitors and a keyboard, as well as a baseball and bat signed by Jackie Robinson. He is summoned to the offices of Polaris Director Hill to be told he was heading out into the field for the first time, something which makes Stone cautious and nervous but also excited. Stone was not a complete novice, of course, having "spent months training with firearms, martial arts and the art of deception" but this would be his first foray into actual action. Oddly, this 'promotion' comes right after Stone is asked about his recovery from his recent heart transplant!

Out in the field Stone would be working with, among others, Dr. Alabama Wren, a gorgeous red-haired woman who was as deadly as she was paranoid, though she preferred the term "prepared". "With cameras and sensors and alarms and her two Dobermans, she felt secure. At least, as secure as she could be in the civilian world. She left nothing to chance and bought her food over the web and never from the same place."

Though the series was named for Stone, it would not have been surprising to see Wren get equal billing, if not the top spot herself. She is a trained and experienced operative when we first meet, ready to take part with any mission, "from wet work to robbery". Besides being extremely qualified in such matters, Wren has one other gift that makes her very valuable: she is an empath. While she cannot "read minds, no one could", her skills at reading people and correctly gauging their inner thoughts and fears bordered on just plain spooky. No wonder Polaris valued her so highly.

Good Line:
- Said by Polaris' Director to a hesitant Jackson Stone about becoming an agent: "Only fools think they're ready to be a field agent."


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2022

1 Horizon Protocol Horizon Protocol
Written by Brandon Ellis, Max Wolfe
Copyright: 2021

When a huge disc appear hovering in the sky near Fort Hood, eight people out camping end up dead. As new agent Jackson Stone, working with Dr. Alabama Wren, investigate, they come upon not only the likelihood of alien visitors but also a world-wide conspiracy that could bring about the end of humanity.
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2 Dove Sequence Dove Sequence
Written by Brandon Ellis, Max Wolfe
Copyright: 2021

"When Jackson interrogates a rogue operative, he uncovers a horrific worldwide conspiracy. The countdown to Armageddon begins. When Jackson meets the enemy, he is given a choice: Join him and stop Flynn or die. But nothing is what it seems. ... When [Agent Alabama Wren is] confronted by a long-lost friend, her mission is thrown into chaos. Everything rides on Alabama’s mission to find the Others. As her abilities lead Jackson and the team across time, an ancient mystery is revealed."

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3 Lotus Gene Lotus Gene
Written by Brandon Ellis, Max Wolfe
Copyright: 2022

"After a year spent in special operations, Jackson Stone is a man hardened by combat. He is recalled to Polaris and paired with Alabama for one more assignment. When the mission becomes Jackson’s father, he leads an expedition to solve one of greatest mysteries of all time.

Agent Alabama Wren has seven days to live. One artifact holds the key to her survival, another spells extinction for the human race. When faced with the decision to choose between them, an ancient conspiracy is set in motion."

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This series is for genre-crossover junkies (okay, like me) with Jackson Stone and Alabama Wren (what a great name!) having to deal with some pretty un-spy-fiction-y problems. Aliens? Well, why not!!!

I really liked the easy, smooth writing style of the author who passes along the story without getting bogged down. There are very few slow spots which is, I'm sure, tiring for the characters but delightful for the readers.

This is a brand new series (as of this writing) so there is a good chance that the author will keep this pair of fun characters busy for some time.


My Grade: B+


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