Full Name: Ian Stone
Nationality: American
Organization: The 'Board'
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jordan Moffet
Time Span: 1987 - 1987


Ian Stone is an agent with the Board.

Exactly what the Board is we never learn. In fact, I can not be absolutely certain that the organization for which Stone works, and has worked for quite a few years already, is called the Board. I just know that the irascible, often cantankerous man, Commander Thomas Brady, running the department is known as the Chairman of the Board, or as we see it displayed, the "C of B". For that reason, I have dubbed the group the "Board".

Stone is a dashingly handsome man nearing 50 years of age, possessing lush black hair graying at the sides, incredible blue eyes, and an infectious grin that could charm the socks off anyone (not to mention what he can get the ladies he woos to discard). He has been there and done that and probably has scads of tee-shirts to prove it, not that someone as sophisticated as Stone would ever been seen in public in such attire.

One problem that Stone has which plagues C of B, though, is that he has a tendency to spend money. Lots of money. Taxpayers' money. More importantly, the Board's budget money. C of B would love to put Stone out to pasture if only to stop the hemorrhaging that he feels happens whenever Stone heads out on assignment. Stone has one foot and a couple of other toes out the door and does not really know it.

He has not been totally jettisoned, however, because of Ben Smythe, a key accountant for the organization, who frankly worships Ian Stone and all he has accomplished. Smythe wheedles and nags C of B to hold off firing Stone. The compromise that C of B offers is that Stone can stay on but only if Smythe sticks to him like glue and makes sure that the spending is kept reasonable. For that reason, in the few recorded adventures we have of Stone, ace covert operative, we have at his constant side Smythe, ace bean counter and devotee.


Number of Episodes:6
First Appearance:1987
Last Appearance:1987

George HamiltonIan Stone [ 1 ]
Gary KroegerBen Smythe [ 1 ]
Barry CorbinThomas Brady, C of B [ 1 ]

For an oh-so-brief period in the Spring of 1987, CBS presented to its viewing audience a series that seemed from the absolute get-go to be doomed to fail. And it did.

1 The Game's Not Over, 'Til the Fat Lady Sings
Episode S1-1, first aired 03/03/1987
Director: Rod Holcomb
Writer: Jordan Moffet

[plot unknown]

2 Baby
Episode S1-2, first aired 03/10/1987
Director: Unknown
Writer: Jordan Moffet

[plot unknown]

3 Who Do You Trust?
Episode S1-3, first aired 03/17/1987
Director: Jackie Cooper
Writers: Bruce Kirschbaum, Scott Spencer Gorden

Ian and Ben are assigned to find a security leak in the Company. However, the search hits a snag when each receives orders to terminate the other as the mole.

4 From China with Love
Episode S1-4, first aired 03/24/1987
Director: Unknown
Writer: Jordan Moffet

[plot unknown]

5 Right or Rong
Episode S1-5, first aired 04/07/1987
Director: Unknown
Writer: Jordan Moffet

[plot unknown]

6 Radar Love
Episode S1-6, first aired 04/14/1987
Director: Unknown
Writer: Jordan Moffet

[plot unknown]


This series is silly. That is the best word I can come up for it. There are other words but they are not as nice. 'Pretty much useless' is another except that is three words.

I adore George Hamilton. I have for many, many years, even before he starred in one of the funniest movies I have ever seen - 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag. I mention that movie only because it is such a great title.

So I adore Mr. Tan himself, George. I liked watching him do all sorts of stuff, often poking great fun at himself. 

That included the first episode of this series. That was enough. More was unnecessary and painful.


My Grade: C


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