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Full Name: Kate Henderson
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Tom Bradby
Time Span: 2019 - 2021


Kate Henderson is an agent with MI6.

She has been an operative with the Secret Intelligence Service for quite a few years already by the time we meet her in the first recorded adventure. She has worked her way up the chain of command to where she is enjoying a good amount of autonomy in her handling of those she recruited to spy for them against her main opponent, Russia.

She is also a human being with a life outside work and she has the difficult task of trying very hard, sometimes succeeding and sometimes failing terribly, to juggle both family and career. Considering the trials that both throw at her constantly, it is amazing she has not yet broken.

On the professional side of her life, she will be dealing with the incredible possibility that maybe, perhaps, the man who is inching quickly to becoming the next Prime Minister of England could be a sleeper put into place years before by the Russians and groomed ever so carefully to reach that top position. The proof is there but like often the case, it can be interpreted differently and to make such an accusation out loud could end her life as she knows it, regardless of whether her claim is true or not.

On the personal side of her life, she is happily married to Stuart but he is increasingly becoming distant and she has to wonder if it is because of her spending too much time at work or something more involved. She has two teenage children who are dealing with their own issues as all teens much do. Fiona is a 15-year-old girl who is ready to be treated as a woman and is dealing with being in love with a boy who wants things she is not yet ready to give and with parents, especially a dad, who are not ready for their little girl to grow up. Gus is a couple years younger and dealing with peer pressure and the lure of life in front of a video game machine to the exclusion of other things. And Henderson has a mother who is showing the signs of Alzheimer's.

Henderson's troubles, both at work and at home, will not get any better as time goes by.

Good Lines:
- When Kate asks if her husband might be getting too old for playing a sport he loves, he replies, "It would be fine if all the other bastards weren't so young."


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2021

1 Secret Service Secret Service
Written by Tom Bradby
Copyright: 2019

"Kate’s most recent mission has yielded the startling intelligence that the British Prime Minister has cancer – and that one of the leading candidates to replace him may be a Russian agent of influence.
Up against the clock to uncover the Russian mole, Kate risks everything to get to the truth. But with her reputation to uphold, her family hanging by a thread and a leadership election looming, she is quickly running out of options, and out of time."
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2 Double Agent Double Agent
Written by Tom Bradby
Copyright: 2020

"Kidnapped in Venice by a Russian defector, Kate knows she’s in trouble. But when he offers her conclusive video evidence that the British Prime Minister is a live agent working for Moscow, Kate’s holiday quickly becomes the start of her next mission.
Riddled with doubt that the evidence she is presented with may not in fact be as bulletproof as it seems, Kate reopens the investigation into the PM."
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3 Triple Cross Triple Cross
Written by Tom Bradby
Copyright: 2021

"Attempting to rebuild her shattered life on vacation in the South of France, former MI6 operative Kate Henderson receives an unexpected and most unwelcome visit from an old adversary: the UK Prime Minister.
He has an extraordinary story to tell—and he needs her help.   A Russian agent has come forward with news that the PM has been the victim of the greatest misinformation play in the history of MI6.
It’s run out of a special KGB unit that exists for one purpose alone: to process the intelligence from “Agent Dante,” a mole right at the heart of MI6 in London.
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From the moment I picked up the first book, I had an inkling I was going to love this series. That was because I had heard from people I respected that the author was terrific. They were right - he is.

What I did not know was that I was going to like the main character as much as I did. Kate Henderson is a woman with her hands full and she comes across to me as so realistic because she fumbles a few times. She does not really drop and break things but she shows she is human and must deal with the oopsies.

I hope the author keeps her around.


My Grade: A

Your Average Grade:   B+


dbuhler B+ 2022-07-05

Kate is not the typical sexy, female spy. In fact, there is very little physical description of her, considering she is the focus of every chapter. I imagine she looks a bit like a youngish Carol Burnett and yet when danger calls, can grapple and defeat a Russian assassin. There is not much action, to be honest, just a few dead bodies here and there. But her quest to unravel a Russian spy network within the British government and security services takes us through numerous creative twists and turns. There is almost as much time spent on her dysfunctional family dynamics as the danger to Britain. She is in tears and under great emotional stress most of the time. The rather small number of characters is remarkable, because we get to know them well and wonder which is the traitor. She is no Livia Lone nor Dominika Egorova, but she doesn’t yield to the stress and pressure of the hunt, and for that she deserves a read or three.

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