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Full Name: John Viera
Series Name: Apex Predator Series
Nationality: American
Organization: The Network
Occupation Agent

Creator: Piper Bayard, Jay Holmes
Time Span: 2022 - 2022


John Viera is an agent with the Network.

That term refers to a "nameless, unorganized group of former intelligence operatives and their connections who served for nothing more than duty, honor, and country - the people the official Intelligence Community turned to when it needed something strictly off the books."

Officially, this former operative with the CIA is now a civilian working as a security consultant hired by companies around the country to find holes in their security which would allow thieves, from outside as well as inside, from robbing these firms of thousands if not millions of dollars of merchandise and technology. He appears to be very good at his 'day job' although as one pompous middle manager at a company found, he is not a team player.

At least not unless the team is part of this Network. Then he is very much dedicated to the mission, even if it takes him, as it often does, away from his home.

In that home, he is married for seven years to Kelly, a veterinarian who is very much pregnant, ready to give birth to their first child. Her mother, not a fan of Viera in the least, refers to him derogatorily as 'the Spaniard'. The hurt this woman causes to Viera will be worse than what the official bad guys do to him. And all of it comes after Viera had given up his career with the Agency to be more of a at-home husband. Unfortunately, both his official job and his unofficial Network assignments do take him away for long bouts and that just adds fuel to the woman's vitriol.

In the adventures we have of his, Viera works closely with an MI6 agent named Martin Blackburn. They have had each other's backs for quite a while by the time we meet them and have relied on each other for survival and success many times.


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:2022
Last Appearance:2022

1 The Leopard of Cairo The Leopard of Cairo
Written by Piper Bayard, Jay Holmes
Copyright: 2022

"John Viera left his CIA fieldwork hoping for a “normal” occupation and a long-awaited family, but when a Pakistani engineer is kidnapped from a top-secret US project and diplomatic entanglements tie the government’s hands, the Intelligence Community turns to John and his team of ex-operatives to investigate -- strictly off the books. They uncover a plot of unprecedented magnitude that will precipitate the slaughter of millions."
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2022
Last Appearance:2022

1 The Panther Of Baracoa The Panther Of Baracoa
Written by Piper Bayard, Jay Holmes
Copyright: 2022

"Finally free from his gritty MI6 existence in Pakistan, Martin Blackburn is more than ready to embrace life on a Cuban cocoa plantation to provide a conduit for the United Kingdom to surveille Russian construction of a military and nuclear base.
Just as he releases the mental burdens of the underworld hellholes, a beautiful, black-haired woman approaches Martin on the beach and hands him a USB drive. “You must take this and leave Cuba forever. Once you pass it on, you will no longer be safe in the West, but too many people will suffer if you do not expose this plot.”
Suddenly, thugs are shadowing Martin’s every step, and MI6 is sending him back to Quetta for an undisclosed mission. Other than his American friend, John Viera, Martin no longer knows who he can trust, but only that there is a mole in the upper echelons of the UK government."
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Considering the kind of grief that John Viera's wife, Kelly, and her mother heap on Viera, I am not surprised that he heads out into danger zones with the good chance of getting a respite, even if it kills him. Mind you, this is only from the first full-length adventure; I have no way of knowing as of this writing what the future will hold for the couple (triple?)

Thankfully that time together is limited and soon we have Viera up to his neck in trouble and having to find a way to survive.

The writing is action-packed and very enjoyable and makes this action junkie looking forward to more.


My Grade: B+


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