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Full Name: Peri Reed
Series Name: The Peri Reed Chronicles
Nationality: American
Organization: Opti
Occupation Agent

Creator: Kim Harrison
Time Span: 2015 - 2016


Peri Reed is an agent with Opti.

What that word breaks out to, if it is an acronym, in unknown. Opti is all I ever see it referred to as and while it is mentioned quite a few times in these adventures, learning much about it is a challenge which I failed. I do know that it is a "clandestine special ops program" of the United States government but beyond that, not a lot except that they spend a great deal of time training the daylights out of their agents.

Which is why Reed is such a remarkable woman; fast, sleek, strong though deceptively so, smart, and extremely gutsy and tenacious. And she is a Drafter.

Therein lies the matter that centers this series - drafting. That is a term for - and if I get this wrong, I would not be surprised - being able to go back in time a short period. As I have seen it written in a blurb for one of the adventures, she is "possessed of a rare, invaluable skill for altering time" which is both cool and scary at the same time. Even scarier, though, is the fact that she is "yet destined to forget both the history she changed and the history she rewrote."

One thing more about Opti as it relates to Reed is the fact that "Opti's students went on to the FBI, CIA, and mall security. It was only the top one percent who continued in the program to become Opti agents, and then one percent of them became the gods and goddesses of time." Reed is part of that one percent.

Reed is described as: "her hair was short and black, and her chin angular. She was athletic without being blocky, with a narrow waist, ample hips, and a small chest."

She is also shown to be not someone you messed with and Opti messes with her. Bad move.

Good Line:
- "Time was weird stuff."


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2016

1 The Drafter The Drafter
Written by Kim Harrison
Copyright: 2016

"Detroit 2030.
Double-crossed by the person she loved and betrayed by the covert government organization that trained her to use her body as a weapon, Peri Reed is a renegade on the run.
Don’t forgive and never forget has always been Peri’s creed. But her day job makes it difficult: she is a drafter, possessed of a rare, invaluable skill for altering time, yet destined to forget both the history she changed and the history she rewrote.
When Peri discovers her name is on a list of corrupt operatives, she realizes that her own life has been manipulated by the agency.
Her memory of the previous three years erased, she joins forces with a mysterious rogue soldier in a deadly race to piece together the truth about her fateful final task.
Her motto has always been only to kill those who kill her first. But with nothing but intuition to guide her, will she have to break her own rule to survive?"
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2 The Operator The Operator
Written by Kim Harrison
Copyright: 2016

"Peri Reed's job eats her mind, but for a special task agent in hiding, forgetting the past can be a blessing.
Betrayed by the man she thought she loved and the agency that turned her into the very thing she fought against, Peri abandoned the wealth and privilege of Opti for anonymity riddled with memory gaps and self-doubt. But when a highly addictive drug promises to end her dependency on those who'd use her as a tool for their own success, she must choose to remain broken and vulnerable or return to the above-the-law power and prestige she once left: strong but without will, for whoever holds her next fix will hold her loyalty.
Yet even now, as then, a love based on lies of omission might still save her life."
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Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2016

1 Sideswiped Sideswiped
Written by Kim Harrison
Copyright: 2015

This adventure precedes the The Drafter."Every hero, even the accidental ones, have a beginning. Silas’s radical theory that drafters are not replaying time as much as they are temporarily sliding into an alternate universe has never been well-received, but frankly, the darling of Opti’s research has enough clout not to care, until a professor with a grudge tries to put a permanent end to it. Love can’t alter time, and sometimes, even being able to rub out a single mistake isn’t enough…"
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2 Waylaid Waylaid
Written by Kim Harrison
Copyright: 2016

"Worlds collide when Rachel Morgan of The Hollows meets Peri Reed.
The magic of the Hollows runs full force into the technological sophistication of The Drafter when a device capable of carrying a city’s data stream pulls Rachel, the bounty hunter witch of the Hollows, between realities, marooning her in a world where the supernatural holds no sway. To get Rachel and Jenks home, Peri, the dangerous renegade of 2030, must decide what will chart her future: her blind trust in those who grant her power, or her intuition telling her to believe."
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Does this science-fiction series belong in a compendium of spy adventures? I pondered that a bit and decided that it did because the controlling agency, Opti, uses the time drafting skills of its operatives, like Peri Reed, every bit as it would any other espionage agent. It fits.

The fact that the time hopping sometimes (okay, all the time) made my head spin is irrelevant.

I admit that there are a few times I got totally lost but I believe deeply that it was me and not the author. What the author does give that I could understand was a really cool character that I enjoyed following. Even if I was not quite sure what was happening at the time, well, back then at the time, or is it ... 


My Grade: B+


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