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Full Name: Ryan Weller
Nationality: American
Organization: DWR
Occupation Agent

Creator: Evan Graver
Time Span: 2018 - 2022


Ryan Weller is an agent with DWR.

Once it is established that the acronym stands for Dark Water Research and that it is legally an American commercial dive and salvage company, it would seem more appropriate to say he was an employee than operative but there is a bit more to DWR than is normally mentioned in any earnings statement.

On paper DWR, established during World War II, "had grown from a two-person shop to a worldwide conglomerate. It provided a wide range of inspection, design, and maintenance services, from in-water ship repairs to underwater construction, but its bread and butter was the oil service industry." It currently operates just north of Galveston and when we first learn of it, its new CEO was Greg Olsen, son of the previous leader and an EOD expert who was now confined to a wheelchair since "shrapnel from an IED had severed is spinal cord". He assumed the lead position after his parents were killed in a terrorist attack.

In addition to its many overt projects, "as DWR had expanded, the company had worked alongside the government on maritime security issues in and around the waters of the United States, before being asked to run clandestine operations on their behalf." For several decades now, a good part of the company's income came from hush-hush underwater missions brought to it by the DOD and DHS. With the two previous CEO's being former SEALs, underwater demolition work, both offensive and defensive, came natural. With DHS calling with a new mission, a replacement EOD man was needed and that is how Weller is brought in.

Six-foot-tall Weller, with "wide shoulders and a narrow waist" and muscles "hardened and strengthened [by] years of constant physical exercise", is a native of Wilmington, NC. Though the family business was home construction, his love of the water had been with him since his youth and his purchase of a Sabre 36 sailboat in terrible shape which he and his father had reconditioned.

Weller served in the Navy in the Explosive Ordinance Disposal division for over ten years, the last couple in the arid land-locked Afghanistan where he was severely injured in an enemy attack. He was shot twice and saw his best friend, the Olsen mentioned above, nearly killed. Since that event, Weller has returned to civilian life but still has to deal with recurring PTSD.

Despite that problem, though, Weller is, when we meet him, in need of adventure. When the offer from DWR came, it did not take him long to say yes.


Number of Books:11
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2022

1 Dark Water Dark Water
Written by Evan Graver
Copyright: 2018

"Ryan Weller misses the surge of adrenaline from his days as an explosives expert. So, when his friend recruits him for an anti-terrorist organization, he gladly leaps back into dangerous waters. But he could be in over his head when his first mission puts him on the trail of deadly outlaws in the Florida Keys…
Scuba diving for clues among the shipwrecks, he discovers a sinister connection with Mexican arms smugglers. And when the merciless bandits come gunning for his blood, he suspects there may be a threat to the entire U.S. lurking beneath the surface."
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2 Dark Ship Dark Ship
Written by Evan Graver
Copyright: 2018

"Ryan Weller relishes his new black-ops career, taking down terrorist scum. So when the former Navy bomb-disposal tech catches wind of a notorious arms dealer running under the radar, he races into action to sink his next shipment.
But with a Russian mercenary determined to collect the two-million-dollar bounty on his head, he may be deep-sixed just as things explode.
Despite the target on his back, Weller and his team mount an undercover mission at sea to stop a massive weapons cache from falling into the hands of a brutal Haitian dictator.
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3 Dark Horse Dark Horse
Written by Evan Graver
Copyright: 2018

"Ryan Weller has gold fever. He knows where the Santo Domingo lies in three hundred and fifty feet of water. Unfortunately, he's no longer employed by Dark Water Research and he must find his own salvage vessel and crew. Retrieving the gold won't be easy at depths man wasn't meant to survive.
Surviving the savage ocean might be the least of his worries. Ryan is also caught between a ruthless Haitian warlord and international arms dealer, Jim Kilroy both eager to reclaim the prize. Kilroy wants his gold, a payment for an arms deal gone bad. He'll stop at nothing to force Ryan to cooperate, including kidnapping Ryan's beautiful ex-girlfriend, Emily Hunt. The gold for Emily. But the warlord demands a ransom too, the gold for his life."
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4 Dark Shadows Dark Shadows
Written by Evan Graver
Copyright: 9

"Diego Figueroa and his crew are stealing cargo containers on the storm-ravaged island of Puerto Rico.
At first, they did it to feed and clothe a desperate population. Now, they’re doing it for profit. Dark Water Research discovers the police are being paid to turn a blind eye to the situation, they call in their troubleshooter, Ryan Weller.
When Ryan finds a repainted DWR container about to be shipped off the island, he devises a plan to track it with GPS.
However, Diego springs his own trap, a near deadly ambush that leaves a cop wounded and Ryan on the run."
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5 Dark Paradise Dark Paradise
Written by Evan Graver
Copyright: 2019

"Ryan Weller is working a salvage job off the Virgin Islands when he hears the familiar voice of Mango Hulsey on the radio, saying his sailboat has been stolen. Immediately, Ryan sets sail for Martinique to help his friend locate his boat."
"When a tip leads to the discovery of Mango's boat, he and Ryan find the two dead bodies and are immediately thrust into the hunt for a man the news media has labeled "The Sailboat Slasher" and the woman he's kidnapped. Sorenson's misdeeds catch up with him and he's captured by the police in Trinidad. Unfortunately, they're too late to rescue the girl from the men Billy Ron has sold her to."
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6 Dark Fury Dark Fury
Written by Evan Graver
Copyright: 2019

"Ryan Weller killed a man in self-defense in Venezuela before being captured by the country's remorseless secret police and tortured as an American spy. Fearing he won't live to see another day, he jumps at the chance to escape when an old foe shows up. She'll help him break out of prison, but he must help her assassinate a cold-blooded Mexican cartel leader in return."
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7 Dark Hunt Dark Hunt
Written by Evan Graver
Copyright: 2020

"When an old flame approaches commercial diver Ryan Weller to help locate a hijacked freighter missing off the coast of Haiti, he has no idea that hunting for the stolen ship will lead him again into harm's way.
Captured by Syrian extremists hellbent on revenge, the missing vessel cruises across the Caribbean Sea with a single purpose, striking a catastrophic blow against the United States.
Trailing in their wake, Ryan, a former U.S. Navy EOD tech, prepares a team to intercept the freighter at sea and halt the disaster that looms. But with time against him, can Ryan take back the ship and prevent a deadly terror attack before it’s too late?"
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8 Dark Path Dark Path
Written by Evan Graver
Copyright: 2020

"On hiatus from his commercial diving job at Dark Water Research, Ryan Weller takes a shot at happiness by sailing around the Caribbean with his beautiful girlfriend.
When Ryan comes across a couple in distress aboard a sinking sailboat, he immediately answers the call to action and leaps beneath the waves to perform a daring rescue. Saving the lives of those on board, he uncovers a far-reaching money laundering network, and a disgruntled Marine determined to track down and eradicate its members."
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9 Dark Prey Dark Prey
Written by Evan Graver
Copyright: 2021

"While spending time in his hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina, Ryan Weller receives a call from an old friend, Chad Yeager. Out of his depth with a local loan shark, Chad’s life has been turned upside-down by poor judgement and coercion. Unable to ignore his friend’s plight when the shark’s thugs put Chad in the hospital, Ryan dives in to help.
To rescue Chad, Ryan goes head-to-head with the shark, dismantling his businesses as he goes. However, things quickly spiral out of his control. The police arrest Chad and kidnappers brazenly snatch his mother off the street, forcing Ryan to make an arduous choice.
Accepting the only way to get her back is to do the shark’s bidding, Ryan is forced to gamble with the lives of those he cares about the most, but how far is Ryan willing to go to snare his prey?"
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10 Dark Fraud Dark Fraud
Written by Evan Graver
Copyright: 2021

"When the cargo freighter Mount Olympia is destroyed by fire, the ship’s owner is quick to file an insurance claim against their lost asset. But when the investigator sent to inspect the damage turns up dead, the insurance company dispatches their best investigator, Emily Hunt.
Sensing his fiancée might need protection, former Navy EOD tech turned commercial diver Ryan Weller accompanies her to Mexico to complete the inquiry. However, the closer they get to the truth, the larger the body count becomes, and once again Ryan finds himself in the crosshairs of a sinister enemy.
Keen to learn how the fire started, Ryan sneaks aboard the stricken vessel. What he finds there goes far beyond insurance fraud …."
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11 Dark Drone Dark Drone
Written by Evan Graver
Copyright: 2022

"When a space-based drone conveying part of an orbital defense system plummets into the Caribbean, the U.S. military scrambles to retrieve their missing tech. The nearest vessel to the crash site is Ryan Weller’s personal catamaran, and the top brass waste no time in enlisting Ryan’s help in diving for the drone.
Determined as ever, Ryan locates the missing UAV, but before he and his colleagues at Dark Water Research can raise it from the ocean floor, they come under fire from a detachment of Chinese Special Forces intent on securing the satellite for their own use."
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The fun of reading about a person who has fun in his work comes from knowing that he is having a blast (literally a lot, figuratively always) doing what I for one love reading about someone doing.

In other words, he loves what he is doing and I have loved following him doing it.

And both of us have a love of the sea and being on the water. I don't do it very much anymore but I still adore reading about those who do.

And with the wide range of things that his employer, DWR, gets involved in, both commercially and in conjunction with the government, there is a wonderfully wide assortment of trouble Weller can get into.


My Grade: B+


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