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Full Name: Rebecca Boone Hildebrandt
Nationality: American
Organization: InterLynk
Occupation Agent

Creator: Dale Amidei
Time Span: 2014 - 2022


Rebecca Boone Hildebrandt is an agent of the ODNI.

That is, of course, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

She is also, in a manner of speaking, an agent of InterLynk.

InterLynk is a private intelligence company created with the blessing and backing of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI). It got its start with "an innovative request from an Army Intelligence three-star" to leverage "top-tier data storage and retrieval technology". That officer, Lt. General Peter McAllen, had taken his amazing understanding of the ins-and-outs of this technology as well as its potential and built a business. To say it was successful would be modest.

The concept was simple. Many hundreds of people, all approved by McAllen, would provide on a near constant basis "snippets" of nominally unclassified data via the Internet. "The cheeky term for an InterLynk submission was infonugget". Many thousands of tidbits coming in daily were provided because the business model helped make it lucrative to the donors. 

In very short order, the databases at InterLynk was enormous and eclipsed those of just about every other intelligence organization in the world. That storehouse of knowledge was available to member nations, for a small fee. Those small fees quickly added up to a very large fortune.

Adding to the income of InterLynk were the services of a small but impressive number of field agents that InterLynk brought onboard to handle matters that these member nations "could not or dared not undertake, for any of a host of reasons". These assignments "made the residuals from a data subscription's few page views seem like chump change".

Plus there is the very real and ever-growing level of distrust and envy and fear on the parts of many of the intelligence agencies around the world. The danger to and likely from InterLynk is rea.

Boone Hildebrandt is an agent working for the ODNI but she will be assigned to work with InterLynk because her direct boss, the DNI himself, is very aware of the dangers related to InterLynk. Such a powerful storehouse of knowledge, coupled with those operatives working for the organization, remains a constant lure for all sorts of people; those who want that knowledge for themselves and those who want to eradicate that knowledge.

She is described when we first meet her as having a "lithe, small-statured but athletic frame". In that encounter taking place in the DNI's office where she had helped herself to his liquor cabinet before he arrived, she is dressed in black, for business, wearing "a tasteful ensemble of a short leather jacket mated to a form-fitting, designer-label catsuit highlighting the obvious fitness of her small frame. Rebecca Boone Hildebrandt was nothing if not aesthetically aware."

Also made quite obvious in the initial meeting is her familiarity with the Director, calling him by his first name and showing total ease in his presence. That level of comfort is explained subtly when she points out that sharing a drink with him in his office would not be "the most salacious act" they had performed on the clock, as well as reminding him that she was the reason his office chair did not have arms. My!


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2022

1 Absinthe and Chocolate Absinthe and Chocolate
Written by Dale Amidei
Copyright: 2014

"At the top of her profession. Bottoming out personally.
The “intel” game is changing; international intelligence entities react to the growing influence of an emergent private sector effort. The USIC’s Director of National Intelligence assigns Dr. Rebecca Boone Hildebrandt, a case officer empowered to take any necessary action, to safeguard the firm’s growing data store.
Strikes, targeting key company players, force suspending operations in securing corporate infrastructure and remaining personnel. The agent responsible for covertly shepherding InterLynk responds to attacks targeting her principals; to counterbalance an attempted hostile takeover of the private company, Boone gathers her own assets: no strangers to direct action.
Ranging from Switzerland through New York City to the Russian forests, the resulting covert conflict pits committed professionals from the spectrum of international intelligence against equals. The prize: technology housing intelligence that could reverse the balance of power between East and West."
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2 The Bonus Pool The Bonus Pool
Written by Dale Amidei
Copyright: 2015

"A Chinese dissident, targeted by his government for assassination, flees to asylum in Paris through a joint effort of the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence and Peter McAllen’s InterLynk. A rogue intelligence agent, now freelancing, accepts Beijing’s contract to eliminate the man as a threat to Communist regional control. It is an opportunity to damage McAllen’s organization in the process.
A pool of InterLynk contributors is exposed, and the life of a man capable of changing the spiritual direction of the world’s largest authoritarian regime is on the table. His guardian and her allies must match wits with a ruthless adversary.
The challenge before Boone Hildebrandt and InterLynk Field Operations: find and neutralize a deadly assassin. At risk with a spiritual leader for a movement numbering in the tens of millions is ongoing contributor confidence vital to the existence of the West’s preeminent private intelligence firm."
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3 One Last Scent of Jasmine One Last Scent of Jasmine
Written by Dale Amidei
Copyright: 2016

"In the aftermath of a midnight raid on a critical defense contractor, Boone Hildebrandt finds herself entangled in a covert plot: one meant to transfer missile defense technology to a foreign power. When a White House Senior Staffer dies, Executive Branch players become suspect in a budding case of international intrigue.
Deducing the international intelligence agency InterLynk has involved itself in negating the initiative, a Senior Advisor to the President orders the Director of National Intelligence to bring the private firm under control. The task falls to his new Senior Case Officer and on-again love interest: call her Boone.
Torn between conflicting loyalties, she is challenged to balance duty, secrets, and developing faith as events test her personal and professional fortitude."
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4 Meat For The Lion Meat For The Lion
Written by Dale Amidei
Copyright: 2017

"Boone, now a former covert operative, looks forward to a fulfilling marriage, new career, and brighter days. Investigative journalism by one of her country’s most prominent news personalities, however, begins to unravel a thread of actualities thought to have been classified out of existence. Actions once undertaken in the national interest threaten her new life.
When not only Boone’s people but the servants of the ill-intended and powerful are targeted for elimination, the result is an undeclared war between the keepers and the kept. Forced back into a high-stakes game against international players, she will need to call on all her resources in order to defend those whom she loves against two of the world’s most powerful men ... and sins of her past."
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5 A Garden In Russia A Garden In Russia
Written by Dale Amidei
Copyright: 2018

"Spring brings changes: for Boone, the joy of an expectant mother. Both the U.S. and the Russian Federation see tumultuous presidencies reach unexpected ends; in Moscow, the cause is death at the hands of an InterLynk associate.
Washington political operatives seek to shore up a legacy of failure in order to preserve their party's viability. In Russia, a resurgent movement exploits political turmoil to propose governance in the style of the last century’s Cold War. To those ends, all pursue a family on the run in the Mediterranean: loved ones whose safety is critical to ensure an assassin's testimony.
Thrust into an international, unavoidable contest of deadly professionals, Boone’s challenge is to summon her faith and overcome fears inhibiting decisive action. Justice, integrity of governance, and the narrative of history in two countries await the outcome."
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6 Ghosts of the Republic Ghosts of the Republic
Written by Dale Amidei
Copyright: 2020

"Homicides of prominent figures spike inside the Beltway, and D.C. is on edge.
Presented with an ultimatum from the Director of National Intelligence to find their killers or shoulder the blame, Peter McAllen's people devote themselves to a singularly vital mission. Interested parties range from Congressional inquisitors to agents of a spiteful liberal news media determined to ferret out InterLynk's every past move and present ally. None of them are helping.
Boone, Daniel Sean Ritter, and their allies navigate an alarming scenario. If prime movers are using threats to political stability in the world's last superpower to institute a constitutional crisis, who can they trust?"
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7 Two Years With Master Quan Two Years With Master Quan
Written by Dale Amidei
Copyright: 2022

"It is 2004. After earning a PhD in Physiology, academic prodigy Rebecca Boone Hildebrandt, drawn to Vietnam by her lust for adventure, nears completion of another two-year course of study. Here, her instructor is a master of martial arts and former wartime-era associate of her father.
After drug traffickers expanding their operations force a confrontation with the righteous old man, operatives of the West draw him into another covert war. Thrust from a study of martial arts into their most serious application, Boone joins a face-off against a hardened criminal organization backed by local communist beneficiaries."
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Though Boone Hildebrandt (she apparently does not care much for her given first name) is the star of this series, she [okay, the author] does not dominate the attention of the reader. More time is spent showing what the other major players of each adventure are doing that is spent showing her take care of her duties.

Now, there is plenty of reasons for this, setting the scene and explaining the actions, but it is always fun when the 'spotlight' goes back to her. It is sort of like watching them set up the pins so we can then watch her knocking them down.


My Grade: B


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