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Full Name: Marko Zorn
Nationality: American
Organization: D.C. Police
Occupation Police Officer

Creator: Otho Eskin
Time Span: 2020 - 2024


Marko Zorn is a homicide detective.

That is not a common occupation for a member of this compendium but he earns his space here due to the nature of a couple of pretty intense cases he is handed. This is especially true with what is called his "alternate career".

As we learn in a blurb about the first recorded adventure, "Marko Zorn, a Washington, D.C. homicide detective with expensive tastes in art, classic cars, and women, must take on extra work - not always strictly legal, often unorthodox and usually dangerous - to supplement his income - work which requires his special combination of skill and steel nerves. Although he's adept at navigating the corridors of law enforcement and the world of criminal gangs, he'd prefer to stay home and watch old movies, enjoy his art collection, and listen to cool jazz."

At first the impression I got from Zorn is that he is a little loose with his acquaintances and this adds greatly to the unorthodoxness of his life.

In the first adventure we find he knows a nonagenarian female crime boss who wants her top lieutenant removed and wants Zorn to do it. Zorn reminds her he does the odd item or two for her but assassination is not on the books but she insists. All of this takes place at the same time he deals with gun smuggling. And the main event which is the murder of a female Secret Service agent and pressure from the White House, including the big man himself, to let it drop.

In the second adventure we discover he has multiple dealings with a fellow named Voss who is best described as an international broker for getting 'broken' things 'fixed'. On occasion Voss calls upon Zorn to do some of this fixing and Zorn has earned a good deal of the money used to buy his expensive paintings and other pleasurable trinkets by doing that fixing. Not always on the straight up-and-up, mind you, but never so badly that he would lose sleep.

Zorn does have a conscience - and a pretty good code of ethics. He does, though, realize that some laws can handle a bit of bending here and there.

Zorn does not like guns. He is not afraid of them and he definitely knows how to use one but he is of the opinion that if he had one readily available in a fair number of events he was forced to be a part of, he would have felt obliged to use it and the end results would have been drastically different. He prefers thinking and talking to shooting. He will, however, if he has to, pull the trigger.

All told, Zorn is an interesting man. He is a law-enforcement officer who steps over the legal line a time or three but does not live on that other side. He works for the D.C. police solving murders but also gets involved in matters dealing with the White House and the State Department. He answers to a police lieutenant on a day-to-day basis but is on a first-name basis with the female head of the FBI's CID division.

A multi-faceted man is Marko Zorn.

Good line:
- Arguing with a federal agent about whose case a murder was, Zorn argues for control while admitting to himself, "I have no idea who has legal jurisdiction here. But then neither does this ... joker".


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2024

1 The Reflecting Pool The Reflecting Pool
Written by Otho Eskin
Copyright: 2020

DCPD Detective Marko Zorn has several problems to deal with. His occasional side job of doing little favors for the less-than-legit citizens of DC has him tasked with eliminating a plotting lieutenant of an aging crime boss. He learns of a shipment of guns coming into the District which different people want their hands on. And a body of a female Secret Service agent in the Reflecting Pool has him told to back off by lots of powerful people, including the VIPs in the White House.
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2 Head Shot Head Shot
Written by Otho Eskin
Copyright: 2021

Marko Zorn is torn in his loyalties when a prominent actress, who happened to have been Zorn's major love years ago, is murdered on the stage in DC and he gets the case. At the same time, a female Prime Minister of Montenegro is coming to visit and a whole lot of people want her assassinated. Zorn's involvement in that diplomatic protection gig comes first from a man he does outside work for on occasion, then from the State Department, then from the FBI. Both cases get very confusing when he is suddenly ordered to let both drop! Zorn, of course, is Zorn!
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3 Firetrap Firetrap
Written by Otho Eskin
Copyright: 2024

"Washington, D.C. homicide detective Marko Zorn takes on a far-reaching, complicated investigation when a narcotic more deadly than fentanyl spreads across the city, causing countless fatalities. His search for the people behind the off-label drug leads him to a Big Pharma company run by mysterious, psychopathic twin brothers. Anyone who crosses them is dead.
Marko discovers that the company will soon release another dangerous prescription opioid analgesic, but when the company learns that this information has been leaked, more bodies pile up. Let down by his higher-ups, Marko sets off to solve the deadly ring of crime that now surrounds him, all while evading repeated attempts to kill him."
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Wow! Did I get a kick out of the Zorn adventures. I devoured them both and was hungry for more!

Zorn is such a delicious independent fellow. He has these side-jobs that are seldom totally illegal but which would definitely get him in hot water with the ethics department in the DCPD. Not that he really needs any help getting them to question him as he has his own way of handling his murder cases and if that means rubbing some people the wrong way (and it does!), too bad.

I am so looking forward to more adventures with Zorn.


My Grade: A-


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