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Full Name: Matt Bugatti
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Computer Genius

Creator: Charles O'Donnell
Time Span: 2019 - 2019


Matt Bugatti is a computer programmer.

That is a terrible understatement, accurate, of course, but woefully insufficient in describing his achievements and his capabilities. He is a genius mathematician who has combined both disciplines to come up with a way to attack 1000+ bit encryption in a matter of eight hours instead of hundreds of years. It is this expertise that makes him so valuable to the NSA which bankrolls the project his employers have gone. That project is a series of computers which could be used to the most densely coded messages.

That the NSA is spying on any and all communication around the world is an established fact. Much of the juiciest and most valuable intelligence to be learned from such intercepts remains locked in the up-to-now near-impossible-to-break encryption. With the phenomenal work of Bugatti, that impossibility is about to become possible.

Unfortunately for Bugatti, NSA is not the only organization interested in his work. The Chinese, to name the top entry on the list of those wanting his algorithms, are out to get their hands on the tech by any means necessary. That danger will through Bugatti into worlds he had never expected to be in and getting out will call for his genius to be used in whole new ways.

This in turn will lead this future college professor to have more and diverse problems thrown his way, again having to deal with things quite outside his 'comfort zone' of computers and code and logic, now to deal with murder and international politics.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

1 The Girlfriend Experience The Girlfriend Experience
Written by Charles O'Donnell
Copyright: 2019

Matt Bugatti is a phenom. A PhD at nineteen, he could land a post at any university or think tank in the country. But that would be too easy--and safe. Instead, Matt joins a team to build a top-secret supercomputer for the NSA, powerful enough to spy on millions. The schedule is tight and the workload is brutal. When his best friend suffers a tragedy, Matt is ready to give up, go home, and teach. Then one night Matt meets Gina Bianchi, and sparks fly. For the first time in Matt's life, all the puzzle pieces fit. Then Matt has a breakthrough to put the program back on track. Time to relax. But not for long. Matt's discovery has attracted unwelcome attention: Chinese State Security has their eye on him, and now, Gina. When Gina disappears Matt goes into hiding, faced with a terrible choice: Betray his country, or lose the woman he loves...
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2 Moment Of Conception Moment Of Conception
Written by Charles O'Donnell
Copyright: 2019

Our daughters are dying. A mysterious illness strikes down teenage girls, while a wave of abortion clinic bombings terrorizes the nation. As the death toll mounts, accusations fly and the battle lines are drawn: a global drug company, a presidential hopeful, and a beautiful and brilliant political operative stake out their positions. When the president forms a fact-finding commission to uncover the truth, he chooses Matt Bugatti, the world-famous mathematician, to lead it. Matt accepts-and enters a world of deception and danger that threatens his life and shatters his most deeply-held beliefs.
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As a computer programmer by trade I enjoyed the heck out of these stories, though I would be the first to admit that while I like to believe I am gifted, I would never delude myself into thinking I was in Bugatti's sphere. That man is scary-smart.

Unfortunately for him that means really scary people come after him which is bad for his health but really fun to read about from the safety of a recliner with a cozy blanket and a cold soda at hand.

As of this writing, it has been a couple of years since the last Bugatti adventure. I do hope there will be more.


My Grade: B+


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