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Full Name: Kristian Clark
Nationality: American
Organization: ESE
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jes Drew
Time Span: 2017 - 2020


Kristian Clark is an agent with the ESE.

That acronym stands for the Elite Strategy and Enforcement. When it is mentioned to a civilian who admitted not having heard of it before, Clark told him, "We're a new branch of the CSI." Not that that was so much more understandable to him or to we the readers. This is especially try with Clark thinks to himself, "we're also a new branch of both the FBI and the CIA - sort of an all-purpose team, like the Marines." Even more cryptic is the rationalization by Clark later on that "our agency was formed partly to give the government an easy way out in some things." Like I said, cryptic.

In this agency, Clark is one of the main agents. He had been a member of the team some time before the recorded adventures we have to follow him but then left to become a private investigator for a while. Then the ESE came calling and pretty much forced him into coming back into the fold.

The key members of the team of agents in these adventures are, according to these descriptions provided us:

Kristian Clark: Team Leader. Skills include strategy, charisma, (hotness - Deanna Clark), investigation, culinary arts (seriously, I made eggs once! - Agent Clark), hand-to-hand combat, semi-semi photographic memory, helicopter license, marksmanship, lock-picking, and the ability to teleport within and between realities (has a thing for pink-haired women- Smith).

Susan Deanna Clark: Team Medic (raised Catholic. Current denomination unknown even to me- Agent Debian). Skills include medical training, technological prowess, creativity, linguist expertise, disguise, lock-picking, airline license, and martial arts (also is super beautiful, intelligent, charming, funny, and all-around perfect- Clark [Caution: investigation as to whether written under duress or not is still underway]).

Liam: Team Handler. Last name unknown. Skills include inside knowledge of the NEOs, marksmanship, (master of manipulation- Agent Clark) and linguistic skills.

Garret Smith: Team Muscle. Also known as Agent Shadow (only to Liam. Known as Boo only to me- Agent Debian). Skills include physical fitness, hand-to-hand combat, and a degree as a neurosurgeon.

Amelia Debian: Team Con Artist. Skills include deceit, pick-pocketing, flirting (no longer official skill- Agent Smith), acting (heart-stealing- Agent Clark- canceled by Agent Deanna Clark), and disguise.

In the last bit of the description of Kristian Clark is "the ability to teleport within and between realities". This is an important phrase to try to understand something about this series.

Good Lines

- Thought by Clark - "Leave it to the government to make things complicated."


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2020

1 The Bachelor Missions The Bachelor Missions
Written by Jes Drew
Copyright: 2017

Book One in the Kristian Clark and the Agency Trap subseries.
"Kristian Clark, private eye, thought his days as a special agent were behind him, but when he's drafted into action, he finds himself reunited with his old team- and painful memories of why they broke up in the first place. But as he plunges into mission after mission ... Kristian find that everything he tried to leave behind is coming back to haunt him with a vengeance, and then some."
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2 In The Rogue In The Rogue
Written by Jes Drew
Copyright: 2018

Book Two in the Kristian Clark and the Agency Trap subseries.
"Kristian Clark is still reeling from his accidental marriage to his rookie, Susan Deanna, when NEO anarchists attack their agency and they have to go on the run with his- their?- two adopted children. But the NEOs aren't the only ones who are after them- the strange agency that seems straight from the pages of a science fiction novel is hot on their tails. But are they going after Kristian? Or Susan? Or both?"
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2.5 Ruptured Reality Ruptured Reality
Written by Jes Drew
Copyright: 2018

Book 2.5 in the Kristian Clark and the Agency Trap sub-series.
"I'd tell you I love you... But then you'd make me change the baby's diaper. 

Kristian Clark can go undercover for months on end, combat multiple enemies at once, and even teleport through dimensions. He should be ready for everything. But having a newborn child... is a little outside his skill set. And the universe isn't ready for little Shannon either. The tentative layers of the universe begins to peel apart and his adopted son gets pulled through a portal in the hospital. Along with an angry wife and reunited best friend, Kristian travels the dimensions to find his son and somehow find a way to save reality without giving up his little girl. Also includes seven other stories. "
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3 Agents Adam And Eve Agents Adam And Eve
Written by Jes Drew
Copyright: 2019

Book 1 in the Kristian Clark and the American Agenda sub-series.
"They call him agent and he answers. They tell him conquer and he does. But there's something they don't know. He's beginning to remember. His name is Kristian Clark. He has a wife and four children. Or he did. But he will find them again, whoever is left, wherever they are, and whatever it takes."
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4 Operation Paradise Lost Operation Paradise Lost
Written by Jes Drew
Copyright: 2020

Book 2 in the Kristian Clark and the American Agenda sub-series.
"And Eden were no Eden thus exposed… He found himself only to be stolen again. This time, though, it is not Kristian’s mind that is lost, but his soul. Suddenly without a conscience, the man formerly known as Kristian Clark has only goal: to make sure that no other being controls him again despite his weakened state. Whatever that means, and whatever it takes."
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On the good side - I loved her easy way of storytelling that came across wonderfully smooth and cleanly.

On the not so good side - I got a bit confused (okay, more than a bit) by things after a while, like when the whole reality shifting and teleporting started.

I guess I was too grounded in this reality to flow with the story. However, I liked the writing and the characters well enough to go back and give it another try soon. I really am hoping my confusion was more my fault that the author.


My Grade: B


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