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Full Name: Ian Pepper
Nationality: British
Organization: Special Branch
Occupation Agent

Creator: Frank A. Smith
Time Span: 1969 - 1971


Ian Pepper is a Superintendent with the British Special Branch.

Listed above as an agent, since Special Branch is a part of the British law enforcement community, their operatives are warranted policemen authorized to make inquiries and issue arrest warrants. To hold such a rank means that the person has served a fair number of years and earned a good reputation for getting the job done. In the case of Pepper, that means catching an impressive number of bad guys.

When we meet him in the first recorded adventure, he is said to be "on the move" and the details of his scurrying tell quite a bit about the man: "His long legs carried his angular frame down the corridor. A cleaning woman scuttled to one side, and a night sergeant automatically tensed until the striding figure had passed. The flying figure was a familiar sight to the staff of Scotland Yard. Head thrust forward, chin jutting and hair awry, his beaky nose seemed to cut a bow-wave through the air before him. When Pepper moved, others stood aside."

We are given some evidence that Pepper had a (probably) long career as a detective with Scotland Yard before he was moved over to the Special Branch. This is shown by the fact that he is quite familiar with many of the SY detectives that he will come into contact with in the course of the two recorded adventures we have. He knows who can depend on and that will be very important when it is necessary to request manpower.

There is not a lot of information given about Pepper outside his work, likely because he does not seem to spend a whole lot of time not on duty. He does not give any indication that he is 'married' to his job but he certainly spends a great deal of time doing it.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1969
Last Appearance:1971

1 Corpse In Handcuffs Corpse In Handcuffs
Written by Frank A. Smith
Copyright: 1969

"Why would anyone throw away £100,000 in diamonds? Who were the mysterious couple in the black Fiat? Why did a man end his days as a flaming, human torch? When Catherine Cherwick, daughterof an American diplomat, is spirited away from an exclusive private school on the eve of important East-West trade talks, these are just some of the questions facing Supt. Pepper of the Special Branch."

2 Defectors Are Dead Men Defectors Are Dead Men
Written by Frank A. Smith
Copyright: 1971

"The ghastly, commando-style killings of two policemen precede the sudden disappearance of David Barclay, for seventeen years a high-ranking official in the Ministry of Defence. Also missing is a strip of film containing highly classified information from File 73, a document integral to the security of NATO. Enter Supt. Pepper of Special Branch, who must not only follow the grim trail of death and destruction left behind by Barclay, but must also contend with Julien Rhodes, enigmatic and highly unpredictable section head of MI5.


     These very enjoyable adventures are first and foremost police procedurals. They deal with efforts to stop espionage matters in two widely different manners which makes each book nicely unique.

     In the first it is a communist country kidnapping a diplomat's daughter to force his cooperation in negotiations. In the second it is a traitor stealing vital intel and trying to flee to a foreign land.

     In both cases the author lets us follow along wonderfully as standard police methods are followed to couple with the occasional extra-legal efforts of the intelligence community. These are especially interesting happening in the days long, long before computer databases and near-blanket camera coverage, not to mention having to seek out a phone booth instead of reaching into one's pocket for a cellphone.


My Grade: B+


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