Full Name: Edgar Briggs
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Bernard McKenna, Richard Laing
Time Span: 1974 - 1974


Edgar Briggs is an agent with MI6.

Sometimes that is how he would like himself to be considered and at other times he enjoys the fact that he is "the personal assistant to the Commander of the British Secret Intelligence Service". Both are true with the former having been the case for some time before achieving the latter.

To everyone else in MI6, including the mentioned Commander, Briggs is, well, he is Briggs. Seldom can a person be summed up as succinctly as he can be just by uttering his name. Briggs can be to anyone who has had the "experience" of dealing with him. This is summed up by a paraphrasing of a normal exchange between two fellow agents: "Have you ever dealt with Briggs?" "No." "Ah, right. There you are then!"

It would be not only safe but almost mandatory to describe Briggs as "inept". Many pictures taken of him show him holding in his right hand a pistol and if you have spent anytime with him at all, that is enough to give most people pause and smart people the urge to duck.

Does Briggs know he is as out-of-his-depth as everyone else knows? Probably not but at times he does show a glimmer or two, enough to show concern on his face, but he blithely moves past it.

The question that I ask myself over and over while watching the recorded adventures of this operative is whether his adoring wife, Jennifer, really know it. That she loves him is without question. She is a wonderful combination of very sharp insightfulness and bliss ignorance, depending on the circumstance.

In answer to the question of how someone as unqualified as Briggs would get to such an important position as personal assistant, able to give orders and issue instructions all with no apparent understanding of any situation, two words speak volumes. "Clerical Error".


Number of Episodes:13
First Appearance:1974
Last Appearance:1974

David JasonEdgar Briggs [ 1 ]
Barbara AngellJennifer Briggs [ 1 ]
Elizabeth CounsellCathy [ 1 ]
Noel ColemanThe Commander [ 1 ]
Gary WaldhornGrenville [ 1 ]
Mark EdenSpencer [ 1 ]
Michael StaintonBuxton [ 1 ]

     This 30-minute comedy spy series was aired on Sunday evenings at 7:25 pm until the last episode which ran at 7:00 pm.

1 The Assassin/A Dinner Date With Death
Episode S1-1, first aired 09/15/1974
Director: Bryan Izzard
Writers: Richard Laing, Bernard McKenna

Informed by Buxton that the 'other side' are plotting to kill the Commander, Briggs goes undercover as a restaurant waiter and ends up saving the Commander's life - but nor before he lands himself, and gun, in the soup.

2 The Defector
Episode S1-2, first aired 09/22/1974
Director: Bryan Izzard
Writers: Richard Laing, Bernard McKenna

Having tracked to a heliport two Russian agents suspected of organising escape routes to Moscow for agents on the run, Briggs accidentally switches on the airport's Tannoy system - and broadcast his plans to capture them.

3 The Leak
Episode S1-3, first aired 09/29/1974
Director: Bryan Izzard
Writers: Richard Laing, Bernard McKenna

While attending a cocktail party with his wife, Briggs saves the day handing a roll of 'classified' film to an enemy contact - the man believes he's getting film of a secret missile base but Briggs accidentally hands over his holiday film.

4 The Escape Route
Episode S1-4, first aired 10/06/1974
Director: Bryan Izzard
Writers: Richard Laing, Bernard McKenna

Assigned to discover who is behind an escape route, Briggs find himself swimming in muddy water but nevertheless stumbles across the ringleader - and accidently rounds up the gang single-handed.

5 The Abduction
Episode S1-5, first aired 10/25/1974
Director: Bryan Izzard
Writers: Richard Laing, Bernard McKenna

When the Commander is abducted and Briggs is left to engineer his escape, the agent does so, but not until he has bumbled his way through another mission and driven the abductor's getaway car - and the Commander - to safety.

6 The Exchange
Episode S1-6, first aired 11/01/1974
Director: Bryan Izzard
Writers: Richard Laing, Bernard McKenna

Busy redecorating his home, Briggs stops his DIY activities to oversee an exchange of spies between SIS and the East Germans and finds himself face to face with enemy agents - with only a paintbrush in his gun holster.

7 The Courier
Episode S1-7, first aired 11/08/1974
Director: Bryan Izzard
Writers: Richard Laing, Bernard McKenna

Suspecting that a member of the International Symphony Orchestra, a pianist, has devised a clever scheme to smuggle secret information to the KGB, Briggs thwarts the man's plans - but not before he finds himself singing in a radio broadcast.

8 The Traitor
Episode S1-8, first aired 11/15/1974
Director: Bryan Izzard
Writers: Richard Laing, Bernard McKenna

Suspecting that Edwards, a clerk in the Documents Section, is responsible for betraying the department's agents to the enemy, Briggs exposed a network of traitors - by mistakenly arresting two 'innocent' men.

9 The K.G.B.
Episode S1-9, first aired 11/22/1974
Director: Bryan Izzard
Writers: Richard Laing, Bernard McKenna

Assigned to organise the defection of a top Russian nuclear scientist, Briggs, heavily disguised, collects the woman in his car. Taking a 'short cut' to evade his pursuers, he gets lost in a multi-storey car park.

10 The Drawing
Episode S1-10, first aired 11/29/1974
Director: Bryan Izzard
Writers: Richard Laing, Bernard McKenna

Informed that someone at the Naval Section is selling vital missile drawings to the enemy, Briggs enters into a game of roulette with the suspect and discovers that the secret information has been incorporated into the design of a £5 note - one which Briggs hands over to the croupier as a tip.

11 The President
Episode S1-11, first aired 12/06/1974
Director: Bryan Izzard
Writers: Richard Laing, Bernard McKenna

When assassination attempts are made on the life of a visiting president, our hero is put in charge of security. A mistake: before the day is through Briggs will pursue the enemy in a bread van - and leave three security cars crippled in a ditch.

12 The Appointment
Episode S1-12, first aired 12/13/1974
Director: Bryan Izzard
Writers: Richard Laing, Bernard McKenna

Given the task of training new recruit Maxwell. Briggs teaches the man the tricks of self-defence and marksmanship - but forgets to load Maxwell's gun. A fortunate move - Maxwell is a traitor and Briggs finds himself looking down the wrong end of the barrel.

13 The Contact
Episode S1-13, first aired 12/20/1974
Directors: Bruce Gowers, Bryan Izzard
Writers: Richard Laing, Bernard McKenna

Assigned to observe a meeting between an SIS man and his enemy-contact and take photographic evidence, Briggs causes chaos at Victoria Station by hiding on a train - and is carried off non-stop to Brighton.


     When I went online to watch episodes of this short-lived series, I found that a) I enjoyed them more than I should admit to, and b) I could take them only one episode every now and then. I worried what too much Edgar Briggs would do to my already failing mind.

     More accurately, I feared that watching too much at one time might result in my thinking that whatever he is planning might actually make sense.

     There are lots of similarities between Briggs and the American super-agent, Maxwell Smart. Unfortunately for Briggs, he did not have Agent 99 to routinely save the day.


My Grade: B-


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