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Full Name: Annabelle Perkins
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Karl W. Weber
Time Span: 2021 - 2022


Annabelle Perkins is an agent with the CIA.

I would also be quite accurate by saying that she is a thief.

She is both, though it is because she was so very good at the latter that the Agency wanted her to be the former. We learn in the opening paragraph of the first recorded adventure that when she "was a teenager, she was sentenced to juvenile hall for theft. Today, she works for the U.S. government." In the second paragraph, we learn that "once just a thief who stole for nothing more than to feed herself", she is now "one of the best stealth operatives in the world".

Her story takes place quite a few years in the future (the year is 2048 to be exact). There is a "highly classified black ops program known as the Specter Program. The CIA program finds and trains some of the best stealth operatives on the planet known as the Specters, soldiers who leave no trace or footprint behind. The purpose of Specters is to sneak into some of the most secure places on Earth to secure intel critical to national security."

Perkins is one of these Specters. She is described as being 28 years old, "standing at six foot one with pale white skin, a slim figure, and long, dark raven-black-colored hair from the parted center on the top of her head, coming all the way down to her shoulders". She is also said to be one of the best operatives in the Specter system. If you asked her, she would gladly admit that "nobody is better" than she and this high regard for her own abilities comes from several years proving she is the best there is.

The gadgets that the Specters are given to help in their highly secretive work are many, varied, and impressive and have helped Perkins on several occasions to complete the mission and, more importantly, stay live. Still, she is well aware that in the end, it will be her skills that matter the most. Luckily, she has a lot of them.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2022

1 Game Of Vigilance Game Of Vigilance
Written by Karl W. Weber
Copyright: 2021

"The year is 2048. Technology has evolved espionage to the point where the spy game has completely changed. Annabelle Perkins is considered the greatest spy in the world by her peers at the CIA. She believes herself as untouchable until an infamous international terrorist drags her into an insidious game of his putting all of world security at risk. With the world already on the brink of the next world war and a weapon of mass destruction in the hands of radical terrorists things couldn’t look much worse."
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2 Deep Dark State Deep Dark State
Written by Karl W. Weber
Copyright: 2021

"The world’s greatest spy Annabelle Perkins is back and ready to infiltrate. Her country is currently under the control of a shadow organization that wants her President dead after he announces his plans to disband the CIA. With the next election fast approaching, the stakes couldn’t be much higher. Everything falls onto Annabelle Perkins, her partner Jack, and their intelligence agency known as Vigilance to stop the Deep State before all is lost."
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3 Impending Storm Impending Storm
Written by Karl W. Weber
Copyright: 2022

"A North Chinese military installation is attacked by a hijacked U.S. drone swarm. Sending international relations to a near breaking point. After narrowly escaping death, covert agent Annabelle Perkins soon finds herself on an espionage mission taking her from Europe to Russia. Eventually coming face to face with influential military contracting tycoon Magnus Storm and his plans to reshape global power."
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Arrogance is a fault unless that person can routinely back it up. That is what Perkins does - a lot. And she is a lot of fun watching her doing so.

This two-book (so far) series takes place in a near-future that is rife with opportunities for someone of her larcenous inclinations but, of course, she only works on behalf of the Agency.

Reading these adventures, I found myself wishing at first that they could be televised but then I remembered how much a curse my liking a spy drama on TV is so, since I would love more books about her, maybe not.

I do want more Perkins.


My Grade: A-


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