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Full Name: Arthur Prendergast
Nationality: British
Organization: British Security Services
Occupation Agent

Creator: Laurence Daniel Tuck
Time Span: 2018 - 2020


Arthur Prendergast is an agent with the British Security Service.

What Prendergast does is secret. "Ultra Top Secret Grade J, which is the highest rating of classification possible", we are told in the preamble to the first recorded adventure. "In fact, it should be noted, that there is not currently any personnel who has sufficient security clearance to read this document; therefore, whoever you are, in simply reading this preamble you are in breach of the Official Secrets Act."

Prendergast's work routinely, it seems, takes him into very nice places with expensive tastes in furnishing and he always feels out of place. "I grew up in Sheffield. My father was a postman", he explains to us. Interestingly, his at-best lower middle class upbringing should have made him feel equally as not-belonging in run-down dives and fleabag hotels but there he tells us he actually feels comfortable.

     The events that make up the trilogy of adventures that exist about Prendergast come in the form of numerous "excerpts" of key people involved, each duly catalogued with impressive albeit largely obscure designations like "7110oootti". Many of these are taken from the personal logs of Prendergast but there are a good number from others. Most of these read as would any 'normal' book might but their identification as "excerpts" lend a fun degree of authority.

Good Line:

- About a politician: "Essentially he was your standard politician - if he possessed the intelligence required to be running this country, then he'd be doing something else."

- Dealing with a pathetic individual, Prendergast admits, "I needed to end this. I didn't want to put him out of his misery, I just want to end my misery."


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2020

1 Company Of Spies Company Of Spies
Written by Laurence Daniel Tuck
Copyright: 2018

"Apparently unrelated people are committing suicide and Anna Lingaard suspects foul play. She unearths a conspiracy that could rock the foundations of the British Security Services and when Lingaard meets the enigmatic Arthur Prendergast she is thrust into a shady underworld that exists in her own office."
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2 Spy Slayer Spy Slayer
Written by Laurence Daniel Tuck
Copyright: 2018

"Prendergast is dead! And a young and inexperienced MI6 officer is tasked with tracking down who was responsible. He finds himself raking through Pendergast's old file, re-living some of his old missions, until the mist starts to clear and the suspects take shape. And he has to do all this while completing a dozen forms a day and keeping a note of how many times he goes to the toilet."
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3 Unseen Man Unseen Man
Written by Laurence Daniel Tuck
Copyright: 2020

"The epic story of Arthur Prendergast comes to an dramatic end. When a passenger aircraft crashes in Kazakhstan, Prendergast is brought in to investigate the possibility of a Moscow ordered attack. As Prendergast’s small team investigate, hidden secrets start to emerge, one by one, each triggering the next. But what is real? Who is telling the truth? And at the end of the day, is truth only in the eye of the beholder?"
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     I really like Prendergast. He has a wonderfully wicked, biting, and inciteful sense of humor and his comments show keen observational skills and an unwillingness to let slide the foibles of those involved, himself included.

     The way the tales end, there are not likely to be any more Prendergast stories but with Prendergast, I would not put anything past him. 

     What I will do, though, is to look into anything else this author has penned. He is a terrific writer with a delightful style and I do not want this to be the only thing of his I read.


My Grade: A-


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