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Full Name: Joe Bolt
Codename: Owl
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Freelance Agent

Creator: W. J. Costello
Time Span: 2018 - 2021


Joe 'Owl' Bolt is a freelance agent.

He is an assassin for hire.

He takes those assignments he feels he should and carries them out which means invariably somebody dies. He is especially particular about which missions he will accept and which he will pass on. His clientele was varied and often changing. The person seeking his elimination services might be an actual person or "a cutout for an intelligence agency. Or a private security company". As I said, it varied.

The job offers come to him via his Broker, a woman that knew him only by his covername of "Owl". "She didn't know his real name. She had never met him. Had never even seen a photo of him. She performed three services for Joe. Vetted clients. Collected payment. Paid Joe". Very straight-forward. Bolt enjoyed this "layer of anonymity" because in his mind, "nobody could be trusted".

We are told immediately that Bolt "was a patriot. He loved America. He never acted against American interests". That does not mean that he would not accept an assignment that took place in the States or that he would not eliminate an American citizen. What might be harmful to America was his determination.

Interestingly, being an assassin might be his primary source of income but on the record he has a totally different line of work. He is a professor in government studies at Georgetown University, the same college from which he earned his PhD. "He loved the university. The atmosphere. The people."

His explanation for why he, an educated man with a highly respectable and envious position in life chose to spend time as a paid killer is simple. "Joe needed the game [of being a killer]. For intrinsic reasons. But also for an extrinsic reason. Money. He made good money as a professor. But not good enough. He like expensive things. Artifacts. Clothes. Wine. He liked expensive vacations. Battlefield tours in France. Safari adventures in Kenya. Train rides in Japan."


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2021

1 Owl of Death Owl of Death
Written by W. J. Costello
Copyright: 2018

"A Syrian conspiracy. America framed for a barbaric act. Russia on the warpath. Syrian assassins are sent to America to protect the conspiracy. The CIA wants to stop them. They want the conspiracy exposed. They hire Owl for the job. He must act fast. War between America and Russia is imminent. The clock is ticking."
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2 Owl of War Owl of War
Written by W. J. Costello
Copyright: 2019

"A spy on the run. Stolen government secrets. America vs. China vs. Russia. The artificial-intelligence arms race. Owl must extract a spy from China. A spy with valuable intelligence. Intelligence about the development of China’s AI-powered weapons. Will Owl and the spy escape China? Or will they die trying?"
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3 Owl of Secrets Owl of Secrets
Written by W. J. Costello
Copyright: 2021

"Spy vs. spy. Politician vs. politician. A Chinese secret war against America.
An American senator targeted for assassination. Owl must stop a Chinese plot against America. But the Chinese are smart and elusive. They seem unstoppable.  
Can he outsmart them? Or has he finally met his match?"
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     I admit clearly here that it was the series tag line that grabbed me and held me long enough to electronically 'crack open' the book. "An Owl The Assassin Novel". That was unique and strange enough to make me wonder. So I fed that curiosity and found that I was enjoying the read.

     There are some way-over-the-top moments that to me diminished the enjoyment. Owl's finding a way (untold) to sneak himself and a bound bad guy not only into CIA Headquarters but ... well, read the book yourself and you likely will shake your head as I did.

     However, having said that, there was a whole lot left in the book and I kept reading. And then on to the next book and so on. So over-the-top but still enjoyable.


My Grade: B


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