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Full Name: Anika Washington
Nationality: American
Organization: U.N.I.T.
Occupation Agent

Creator: P. M. Kavanaugh
Time Span: 2017 - 2021


Anika Washington is an agent with U.N.I.T.

That acronym stands for the United Nations Intelligence Trust, "a global black ops agency founded by Western nations and their allies in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks". Their primary directive, according to one of Washington's fellow recruits, is "to kill bad guys". With such an unofficial objective, it is not surprising that the organization is largely hush-hush and, though there are a good number of operatives and even more support personnel, it is mostly unknown.

Each new recruiting class is made up of applicants pulled from one of two sources; either a federal orphanage in one of the contributing countries, or from a federal prison where the inmate is serving a life sentence. Interestingly, the way both the recruits and the agents are treated, and if called for punished, the way the operatives came to be in U.N.I.T. seems to make no difference - being an orphan was treated the same as being a lifer.

Coming from one of the former, Washington, though now an adult, still has sharp memories of her life as a child, abandoned by her parents and living in the facility "where I never got picked. Where the hopeful-looking couples always passed me over for someone else".

Now being a new agent with U.N.I.T., assigned to group 605 just over a year before, she sees a chance to be somebody and to have a life; "a chance to see the world, to be in the world - even better, to protect it". Unfortunately she will also come to realize that U.N.I.T. not only owns hers, it knows that it owns her.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2021

     If I understand correctly, this series, currently revised and reissued, had a different order than now.

     Apparently the third book, Dead Run, was published by now defunct Crimson Romance as Die Run Hide back in 2012.

     Then 5 years later, a prequel novella was enhanced and released as Ready or Dead, now Book 1 in the series titled Dead Zero.

     Book 2 which obviously comes between these other two is a recent creation, filling in the gap.

1 Dead Zero Dead Zero
aka Ready or Dead
Written by P. M. Kavanaugh
Copyright: 2017

New recruit Anika Washington is determined to no longer be considered a 'zero', a nobody, a noob, but she must take extra care to not end up a 'dead zero'. Add to that the fact that joining her on her first mission, one that takes her to a black-tie gala, is experienced agent Gianni Brambilla, a man as gorgeous as he is deadly.
Note: this was originally a novella released as a prequel.
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2 Dead Inside Dead Inside
Written by P. M. Kavanaugh
Copyright: 2021

On her first mission, Anika Washington choked. That sent her reputation and her confidence into the gutter. Now she is given another chance but the fellow agent for whom she has such an attraction, Gianni, is acting cold and secretive.
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3 Dead Run Dead Run
Written by P. M. Kavanaugh
Copyright: 2017

When the man she had hoped to spend her life with, fellow agent Gianni Brambilla, seems to have chosen another, Anika Washington decides it is time to leave the U.N.I.T. but since that agency owns her, she must die first to get free.
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     In many series that I read, I encounter characters that I think need a good kick in the shin. Fictionally, of course. I personally deplore violence in real life and I learned at a young age that a 'good fight' usually resulted in me having lots of aches. But in the fictional world, I think people like Gianni need deserve it.

     This is a spy-romance series, IMHO, but it is an enjoyable one and I would not mind another adventure with Washington but, gee, the way that Gianni treats her is just not right!

     From a reader's point of view, though, this is a good romantic series to pass a few hours pleasantly.


My Grade: B+


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