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Full Name: Jack Tate
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Alex Shaw
Time Span: 2020 - 2022


Jack Tate is an agent with MI6.

We discover early on that Tate came to to the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) by way of the Special Air Squadron (SAS). He "joined the Parachute Regiment straight from school and then three years later passed SAS selection. After seventeen years [he] left the army and took a job with [the SIS]." One of the main reasons that the intelligence organization was interested in him was his considerable experience planning and carrying out complex and usually deadly missions.

Inside the SIS he had "been seconded to a clandestine unit known only as 'E Squadron'. Operated by the SIS, it utilised serving members of the UK Special Forces for ad hoc missions that were deemed too sensitive for overt British government action". In those missions, Tate was very much aware that if compromised, no one would acknowledge he was affiliated with them in any way which meant no one would be coming to bail him out. Get caught meant get prison or death.

One of Tate's assets is his command of the Russian language (not sure where he learned in) and the ability to speak it with a quite believable accent. This does prove useful on several occasions. Another asset is his superb fitness; he was worried about it waning when he left the SAS so maintained an even more strident exercise regimen. He is somewhat satisfied with his condition being 35 years old. He was also pleased he still had his hair.

Tate was raised in the British foster care system but from the way he talks he eventually found a good home with a loving family and acquired a 'brother' in this process. It was while visiting that man, now residing in the States, that Tate was on hand for the first recorded adventure. It would be in that adventure that his life would be changed and he would show even more just how good he could be in a dire situation.

Good Line:

- Said by Tate to a county sheriff, "I never make two mistakes on the same day."


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2022

1 Total Blackout Total Blackout
Written by Alex Shaw
Copyright: 2020

After an electro-magnetic pulse takes down America's power grid and with it every computerized product, the secret organization behind the attack uses the chaos to start assassinating major government leaders. Jack Tate is pulled into the fight against these mysterious would-be coup members to help protect those he loves.
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2 Total Fallout Total Fallout
Written by Alex Shaw
Copyright: 2021

When Jack Tate learns that the assassin who killed his parents was spotted, he knows he has to resume the hunt. Unfortunately the killer has an objective far greater than before - ending civilization.
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3 Total Control Total Control
Written by Alex Shaw
Copyright: 2022

"When cyber terrorist Fang Bao abruptly reappears after years in hiding, MI6 agent and former SAS trooper Jack Tate is sent to bring him in – but when Fang is assassinated by an unknown assailant, Tate realises he was only a pawn in a plot that threatens to put the whole world in danger."
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I like Tate. I like him a good deal. I appreciate the ease that he has with the people he meets; he is friendly enough and unassuming and does not go out of his way to make enemies. Even when he is arrested for something he definitely did not do, he was calm and relaxed and helped talk himself out the trouble.

All that does not mean that Tate is not pretty good in a fight. He is downright deadly and proves it more than once. But before and after the action, whole different fellow.

I hope we see more of him in the future than just the two books (as of this).


My Grade: B+


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