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Full Name: Marie DeClerq
Nationality: Russian
Organization: FSB,CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Paul Dupont
Time Span: 2020 - 2021


Marie Declerq is an agent with the CIA.

Nadia Kuznetsov is a freelance Russian assassin.

They are the same person. She who becomes known as Declerq spent most of her life as Kuznetsov. A third of the way through the first recorded adventure we have of her activities, we are given a dossier on her compiled by the CIA and read by a DCI Madison to his bosses on the lookout for a suspect in a horrific terrorist bombing:

"Born Nadia Kuznetsov in Moscow, Russia on 16 February 1985. No detailed physical description available, as this was scrubbed from the electronic file. Both parents ... were former FSB agents, who were killed in a covert operation that went bad in 2001. Prior to that, they worked for the KGB during the second half of the Cold War.

"Highly proficient in hand to hand combat, a very high calibre markswoman, and a highly accomplished intelligence analyst; all courtesy of her time in GRU Spetsnaz ... Initially invited for an assessment by the FSB at the age of 16 in recognition of the service her parents had provided to their country and formerly to the USSR. It was a calculated risk, based on her genetic profile and upbringing. Fast tracked into the GRU, and then into GRU Spetsnaz, based on outstanding test results, and sponsorship from a high ranking FSB official, Vladimir Kuznetsov, also her uncle. Considered to be one of their finest ever operatives, but attitude issues made her a difficult asset to manage. Consequently, had a number of blemishes on her service record for challenging commands that she considered to be beneath her or ill-conceived. Dishonourably discharged in 2008 after leaving a more senior officer badly brain-damaged, after he had allegedly attempted to rape her.

"Freelance assassin since 2008. Formidable market reputation - has never failed to deliver. Consequently commands a premium over market rates. No known religious or political ideologies or affiliations. Currently goes by the moniker of 'death dealer'."

While no stranger to fake identities, Kuznetsov will take the persona of Marie Declerq for that first adventure and when she is subsequently offered a job with the Agency as a result of her actions in that adventure, she sticks with the name. Her employment with the Agency will come after her clients will prove to be as much a danger to her as she was to those they hired her to kill. Those who betray her find, as those clients did, that she is not a forgiving kind and forgetting is not going to happen.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2021

1 The Bounty The Bounty
Written by Paul Dupont
Copyright: 2020

"A terrorist group offers $1m for the assassination of the New York City mayor. Within 72 hours, he is dead. Satisfied with the results of their trial run, they now place a $100m bounty on the head of the divisive US president. Mayhem ensues, with multiple attacks on his life. The Secret Service is forced to move the president to Camp David for his own safety. But the sheer size of the bounty has already turned too many heads. Can the president even trust his personal protective detail, his inner circle and his staff? His fears are well founded. Two very different protagonists will now make their moves, using inside help to beat the odds."
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2 The Avenger The Avenger
Written by Paul Dupont
Copyright: 2021

"Now operating as a CIA assassin, [Marie DeClerq/Nadia Kuznetsov has] her first two missions take her to East Africa and the jungles of South America. Both missions involve assassinations of heads of state in politically unstable countries where the United States and the Russian Federation have taken opposing sides. 
While tensions continue to escalate between the two superpowers, DeClerq has a different reason for needing to go to Moscow. The answers to why and how her parents died during a botched FSB mission await her there."
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3 Scorched Earth Scorched Earth
Written by Paul Dupont
Copyright: 2021

"The United States of America is rocked by a shocking terrorist attack. The perpetrators appear to be domestic terrorists. But as a joint Department of Homeland Security and CIA task force digs deeper, a much more sinister picture emerges. Further strikes at the heart of America's democracy are planned, which will have far reaching geopolitical ramifications. Can Marie DeClerq, Dan Hatcher and Mark Jennings, by unleashing the full might of their respective agencies, hunt down and stop their adversaries in time?"
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     I started out not liking DeClerq/Kuznetsov, not because she was an assassin but because she killed a few "innocents" in the first assassination we watch her perform. I do not want my protagonists to be bad people.

     Once I discovered she never intended innocents to die and was really ticked that it happened, I got over it and moved on. Legally, that would not likely have happened but this is fiction so what the heck!

     There is a combination of spy action adventure and a spy-hunter police procedural and that turned out to be cool.

     I hope we have not seen the last of DeClerq!


My Grade: B+


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