Full Name: David Brook and Valerie Koester
Codename: Phoenix Team
Nationality: Canadian
Organization: Canadian Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Stanley Colbert
Time Span: 1980 - 1980


David Brook and Valerie Koester are agents for Canadian Intelligence.

If there is an actual name for the agency they work for, I have not found it, therefore the generic 'Intelligence' is used here.

     The time period in which the adventures take place is on or about 1980. The Soviet Union was still around and the Cold War was still going on.

Brook is a retired agent from Canada. Koester is a former British agent apparently now residing in Canada. It is interesting that both people are by no means close enough to 'normal' retirement age so the question as to why they had left their particular agencies is not mentioned. One explanation may come from the description used for both as being "nonconformists and authority-flouters" so perhaps their departures had seen someone holding the doors for them.

Both of these highly trained and experienced operatives will be brought back into service, first Brook and then, because he needed a partner he could trust, Koester. That trust came from the time before their retirement when they had worked together several times and had seen their relationship grow close and eventually intimate.

The department they return to is run overall by the man known as the General, a man not surprised by their tendency to act independently and to do things their own way and a man who turns a blind eye to the rebelliousness since he is confident of successful missions. Not so open to such actions is their immediate supervisor, a man named Graydon who likes things done by the book and without any sense of humor; he is therefore often disappointed.


Number of Episodes:7
First Appearance:1980
Last Appearance:1980

Don FrancksDavid Brook [ 1 ]
Elizabeth ShepherdValerie Koester [ 1 ]
Mavor MooreThe General [ 1 ]
Brian LinehandGraydon [ 1 ]

     The Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) created an anthology series aired starting in February of 1980. Two of the episodes both dealt with the Phoenix Team and were both really a pilot for a possible fall series. The episodes were viewed on successive Sunday nights.

     The Fall season of that year saw the likely repeat of the first two episodes as the premiere and follow-up of the show.

     After that, the exact airings is even less certain. The dates are definite, as shown in viewing the TV listings in several newspapers around Canada at that time. The plot lines shown here in quotes come from several of those listings and correspond to the dates given. What is not so definite is the title given for each episode and can likely be wrong (except for the episode titled Close Shave which is too close to the synopsis to not be right).

1 Old Times' Sake
Episode S1-1, first aired 02/09/1980

Originally aired as one of the episodes of the CBC anthology program Marquee. Probably, it was later re-aired as the premiere episode on that network's Fall line-up on 09/16/1980.
"Two veteran secret agents try to verify the claim of a Soviet spy who says that he wants to defect."
"[Brook and Koester are] former secret agents who long for the 'good old days'. When David Brook is approached by a defecting Soviet agent, he calls upon his old agent friend, Val Koester, to help him verify the Russian's story."
"Canadian master spy [David Brook] comes out of retirement and resumes his partnership with a stunning British operative [Valerie Koester]."
"Two former Intelligence agents are called out of retirement to return to action in solving the mysteries no other investigators can."
"Brook and Koester are] intelligence agents linked by the danger of their work and the rekindling of their former love affair."

2 Like Father, Like Son
Episode S1-2, first aired 09/23/1980

"In the second of two parts, Val discovers the truth about the death of her father."

3 Sanctuary
Episode S1-3, first aired 09/30/1980

"Val and Brook investigate the death of an old co-worker."

4 Saving Grace
Episode S1-4, first aired 10/07/1980

"On the track of a leak of scientific secrets, Val goes underground."
"After valuable scientific information is stolen, Valerie learns that the thief is the brother of a respected scientist."

5 The Judas Game
Episode S1-5, first aired 10/14/1980

"Possible Ku Klux Klan activity in Canada is investigated by Val and Brook."
"The team's vacation is interrupted by tragedy when the wife of one of Brook's agents suddenly dies."

6 Close Shave
Episode S1-6, first aired 10/21/1980

"An innocent visit to the barber shop ends up with Brook involved in a kidnapping and murder."
"Brook launches an investigation when his barber disappears while giving him a haircut."

7 The Fourth Man
Episode S1-7, first aired 02/17/1980

Originally aired as one of the episodes of the CBC anthology program Marquee. Probably, it was later re-aired as one of the episodes of the regular season that Fall, possibly at 10/28/1980.
"David Brook and Val Koester battle a British Intelligence double agent who is leaking NATO-NORAD documents to the Soviets."
"A Canadian operative disappears with a top-secret microcircuit and Brook has to find it."
"A veteran agent surfaces three months after the death of his girlfriend, only to be killed himself when Brook tries to bring him into Canada safely."


     I could not find any snippets of this short series nor could I find any VCRs available for purchase (I doubt I would pay the price such a rare item would pull even if one was found).

     The grade I have given it, therefore, is based on the fact that the show did not last very long which shows that whatever people did see it did not generate anywhere close the favorable numbers that would have been needed to keep it going for more than the half season it existed.

     Still, I would like to be able to watch at least one to see for myself.


My Grade: B


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