Full Name: Olga von Marx
Codename: 123
Nationality: German
Organization: German Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Henry de Halsalle
Time Span: 1917 - 1918


       Olga von Marx is an agent with German Intelligence.
       When we first meet this beautiful, young fraulein, she is an unemployed woman in much need of a job and seeing a notice in the local Berlin paper which stated, "A lady private secretary required, Must have thorough knowledge of French and English". Since it was in a German newspaper written in German, it was obviously looking for someone with polylingual abilities, something that von Marx possesses.
       She tells us straight off how she was the daughter of a German father and English mother born and raised in Berlin. Her father was killed in a duel when she was 'quite young'. Her mother decided to remain in country so it was that the young girl, when she was 17, looked for a career as an opera singer. Her mother did not feel such work was 'respectable' so young Olga had to look elsewhere to earn a living. She tried selling her drawings but apparently that was not bringing in enough so when she saw that advertisement, she took a chance and her life changed completely.
       The man posting the ad identified himself as Herr Muller and after an initial interview passed her up the chain being impressed with her. She was not so impressed with Muller though she did not know at the time that he was in fact Prince Otto Hochberg, "one of the greatest scoundrels in Germany" of whom much bad has been printed and who was, she tells us, "one of the dirtiest workers employed in the Secret Service of Germany".
       [One interesting note to make here is that the ersatz Muller addresses her as Olga von Kopf and she makes not effort to correct him and acts as though it was correct. And yet, on the next interview she has, one rung up the chain, she is distinctly called Olga von Marx several times and again she has no reaction. This will not be the only time the names of von Kopf and von Marx will alternate.]


       One major downside to von Marx is that she is very much anti-Jew. She says so opening in the early parts of her story and expounds on it frequently throughout her narrative. She even takes considerable effort at one point far into her dissertation to list the many faults and failings the Jewish people have. She explains her anti-Semitic attitude with a simple, "in my hatred of the Jew I am German".


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1917
Last Appearance:1918

1 A Secret Service Woman A Secret Service Woman
Written by Henry de Halsalle
Copyright: 1917

Subtitled Being Confessions, Experiences and Opinions of Olga von Kopf, the Famous International Spy.

2 A Woman Spy A Woman Spy
Written by Henry de Halsalle
Copyright: 1918

Subtitled Being Further Confessions and Experiences of Germany's Principal Secret Service Woman.




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