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Full Name: Jack Regan
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: P. M. Crowley
Time Span: 2015 - 2021


Jack Regan is an agent with MI6.

We are given a succinct, accurate, and, for Regan, ultimately demoralizing description of him and fate when in the introduction of the first recorded adventure, we are told of an important but highly dangerous mission that the folks at Vauxhall Cross devised and how what was needed "was a man they could trust, a man they could rely on, a man they could betray". 

Regan's journey to his employment with the Secret Intelligence Service came through his time spent in the British military, first as a member of the prestigious Paras, aka the Parachute Regiment, and then the even more elite and impressive SAS.

Regan is good with languages. "My Korean wasn't good. My Chinese was okay, and my Russian was excellent". He had incentive to begin his foray into linguistics when as a young teenager he had a teacher named Olga with "tits to die for".

When we first meet him, Regan is married to a woman he is very much in love with, Samantha, who is apparently pregnant with their first child. She does not know of his current employment and therefore the kind of missions he is sent on; she "believes I am still with the Regiment".

The adventures of Regan, however, are not really so much about his missions for MI6 but rather about the ramifications of the last mission he is given, especially after he is betrayed and forced to live in horrific imprisonment in North Korea, a white Imperialist at the mercy of that tyrannical regime. Six years is a very long time to think about what went wrong leading to his capture and who might have been behind the probable betrayal. And why.


Number of Books:8
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2021

1 Red Thunder Red Thunder
Written by P. M. Crowley
Copyright: 2015

The mission to deliver a package to an agent inside North Korea was always going to be difficult but Jack Regan would learn immediately it would impossible. Held for six years in a prison that few survived, Regan is finally coming home determined who had set him up for the mission he was never intended to survive.
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2 Blue Horizon Blue Horizon
Written by P. M. Crowley
Copyright: 2016

Returning from a mission he was never supposed to survive, Jack Regan finds that the list of those who want him dead is as impressive as it is frightening. His own Secret Service want him gone as does the North Korean State Police. And there is a Russian oligarch who joins the list. Regan wants more than survival, though. He wants answers.
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3 Black Magic Black Magic
Written by P. M. Crowley
Copyright: 2016

For six months Jack Regan has been able to hide from the myriad of people looking for him but that peace comes to a violent end when yet another party enters the picture. This time it is the CIA who comes calling looking for his head.
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4 Cobra's Down Cobra's Down
Written by P. M. Crowley
Copyright: 2017

Working a forklift in a freezing warehouse for minimum wage was all that Jack Regan had when his old 'friend' Purdy from MI6 came visiting. Even so, Regan was not interested and yet ... A shipment of SA missions on the way to ISIS was intercepted. Unfortunately only five of the six crates expected were found. Purdy suspects a major leak at Vauxhall Circle and wants an outside like Regan to track the missing missiles down.
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5 To End All Wars To End All Wars
Written by P. M. Crowley
Copyright: 2018

When Katie Squires working at the Defence Research Establishment comes up with "a quick, cheap, and practical solution to stop the wars", a way that looks like it might actually work, not everyone is excited. Black Magic is one company that decidedly is not because a cessation of conflict means loss of billions. Jack Regan is asked by the SIS to help keep her alive.
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6 Protocol Two Protocol Two
Written by P. M. Crowley
Copyright: 2018

When terrorists get hold of a nuclear warhead from rogue soldiers in the Pakistani army, they plan to set it off in London. The SIS asks Jack Regan to join the hunt for bomb before disaster comes.

7 Black Flag Black Flag
Written by P. M. Crowley
Copyright: 2019

As if being held prisoner in North Korea for six years wasn't bad enough. Now Jack Regan is now being accused of really being a Russian GRU Colonel named Dmitri Romanov, a man believed to have killed defectors living in the UK using nerve gas. SIS has decided he needs to be eliminated. Regan is determined to prove he is not really Romanov but first he has to convince himself.
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8 Killing Zone Killing Zone
Written by P. M. Crowley
Copyright: 2021

"In a desperate race against time to stop a high-profile assassination of a prominent world leader, Jack Regan must call upon his unique military skills to stop the hit taking place. The leaders of three nuclear powers, China, India and Pakistan have arranged a meeting in London. One of them is destined to die! Black Magic has hatched a cunning plan to start a border war in Asia and drag NATO into an all-out border conflict."
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I am enjoying these exciting, thrill-filled adventures about Regan but, boy, does that poor fellow get the nasty end of whatever stick is poked his way. 

In the first adventure, no spoiler here, he is thrown into a North Korean prison and kept there in horrid condition for a very, very long time. That is terrible.

When he is freed and allowed back into the UK, well, things stay bad and you have to wonder just who the dickens has it out for badly for Regan.

I mean, it makes for extremely exciting, albeit way bunch violent, reading so that is good but, wow!


My Grade: B+


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