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Full Name: Molka
Series Name: Project Molka
Nationality: Israeli
Organization: The Council
Occupation Agent

Creator: Fredrick L. Stafford
Time Span: 2018 - 2022


Molka is an agent of the Council.

Molka, whose first name is (so far for me) a mystery, gives us a concise history of herself and how she became an operative with that organization when she said, "I once served in an elite special forces unit. For very personal reasons, I resigned, became a veterinarian, and tried to live out a quiet, obscure life in Tel Aviv. It didn't last long. Azzur, the top recruiter for the Counsel - the Counsel being the nickname for our foreign intelligence service - coerced me into becoming an operative under him in their new Operation Civic Duty, "more often called the Projects Program". A program born from desperation when internal traitors exposed and burned all their experienced operatives. They needed help. Whatever help they could find. Fast.

"They recruited ordinary citizens who held what they deemed a useful skill or skills. Each citizen recruit, or project as they were dubbed, received some quick, very basic operative training before being sent straight out to complete what the Counsel called a task. It sounded desperate and borderline suicidal, and it was. Even so, they found willing projects everywhere: university students, the factory workers, athletes, scientists, housewives."

When she was asked, "I declined at first. I did more than my duty for the country. But Azzur presented me with an irresistible arrangement. If I agreed to do ten missions for him - what he called tasks - the Counsel would give me the name and location of the one who got away with murdering my little sister Janetta. I would be able to satisfy the vengeance consuming me. So, I agreed to the Counsel's offer. I agreed to serve under Azzur. I agreed to become his project. Project Molka."

Molka admits on several occasions that she is not a formally trained covert operative. "They threw me into this espionage game after only a few weeks of training as opposed to the few years that regular operatives might receive." She states that she is learning on the job. From the sound of things, she learns quickly.

Very telling about Molka's determination to get a mission done, as well as the best indication that her missions usually involved people dying, comes in an exchange between her and a particularly nasty individual named Delgado. When Delgado asks her how many of his men did she kill that night, she said she stopped counting at 55. When asked why she had stopped then, she admitted, "I ran out of ammo."

Good Line:
- "The situation passed bad some time ago."


Number of Books:8
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2022

1 Death Trader Death Trader
Written by Fredrick L. Stafford
Copyright: 2018

"Molka, elite highly-skilled special forces warrior, after an unspeakably tragic mission and failed military romance, resigns and chooses to quietly live out her life as a humble veterinarian. However, following a deadly national crisis, she is pressured to go back into service to stop an unstoppable brilliant madman before he strikes again. She reluctantly agrees to go after him, but not just to aid her country, she also wants to unleash a vendetta of personal revenge!"
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2 The Killing Luck The Killing Luck
Written by Fredrick L. Stafford
Copyright: 2019

"Molka is required to neutralize a brilliant engineer who has created unstoppable “slaughterbot” micro drones for a terrorist to release on the civilian populations of the world! But opposing Molka from preventing this unthinkable catastrophe are a deadly cult leader, a wanted war criminal, a ruthless mercenary team, a beautiful pop star, organized crime, and her own tragic past!"
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3 Dual Deception Dual Deception
Written by Fredrick L. Stafford
Copyright: 2020

"Her next task was supposed to be easy though. A vacation, really. Molka is paired with a rookie female partner who is young, wild, and beautiful, but also very talented. Their job is to go to the Virgin Islands and prevent a ruthless drug lord from smuggling a huge illegal fentanyl shipment into their country. 
Then spend the rest of the month chilling on the beach! But Molka quickly finds out the ruthless drug lord was the least of her problems."
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4 Slay Time Slay Time
Written by Fredrick L. Stafford
Copyright: 2020

"Molka’s next task finds her assigned to assist hyper-competent American intelligence operatives Nadia and Warren who she battled in DEATH TRADER. 
Now on the same team, Molka gets involved in their totally off the books black op. But when things don’t go as planned, she is put into a near impossible situation with no good solutions!"
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5 Lost And Lethal Lost And Lethal
Written by Fredrick L. Stafford
Copyright: 2020

"While recovering in a hospital after being horribly injured in a suicide grenade attack, Molka thinks back to her very first task which was dangerously close to being her last!"
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6 Vengeance Reawakened Vengeance Reawakened
Written by Fredrick L. Stafford
Copyright: 2021

"Molka is sent back into action with a new project manager and a new task that takes her to Brazil where she encounters her most shocking challenges yet!"
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7 The Genuine Imposter The Genuine Imposter
Written by Fredrick L. Stafford
Copyright: 2021

"If this major national crisis can be stopped, only one person in the entire world can stop it: Project Molka. Molka is tasked with being the savior of the nation!"
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8 Altered Weapons Altered Weapons
Written by Fredrick L. Stafford
Copyright: 2022

"What do you do when you have only 15-minutes to live? Molka is sent to East Asia for a critical task and receives some surprising help!
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Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2020

1 Load Shoot Run Repeat Load Shoot Run Repeat
Written by Fredrick L. Stafford
Copyright: 2020

100 well-armed men vs 1 well-armed woman. She liked her chances!
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2 Stripped Silent Stripped Silent
Written by Fredrick L. Stafford
Copyright: 2020

He Came for the Girls. He Stayed for the Fun. He Left…Stripped Silent!
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Molka admits that while she was a seasoned special forces operative years before and knew a thing or three about staying alive and making those on the other side not be alive, she did not have much training in spycraft.

That would be a bad thing. Luckily much of what she is asked to do involves kicking butt and at that she is more than adequate; she is proficient.

While she does have some capability at being subtle, much of the time it is like the adage about being a hammer and having each task look like a nail.

I really enjoyed Molka and her approach to things. I like her attitude as well, kind of a 'please just step out of my way'.


My Grade: B+


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