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Full Name: Derek Jenkinson and Sena Golden
Series Name: The Shadows Series
Nationality: American, British
Organization: C.A.C.S.
Occupation Agent

Creator: Eric J. Gates
Time Span: 2013 - 2020


Derek Jenkinson and Sena Golden are agents with C.A.C.S.

That acronym would make one think it was an intelligence agency, one of the alphabet collection, but it is not. It is simply a shorter way of saying the Charlie Allsop Consulting Services, a kidnap recovery firm based in London. More specifically it is a private company that, according to one of its personnel, specializes in "discrete kidnap resolution. Most of our clients are high profile and don't want word to get out to the media that they have been targeted. We're quick efficient, and quiet. We retrieve the ones taken and try to recover the ransom whenever possible. Sort of un-kidnaping the victims".

The Charlie Allsop in the name refers to the man who founded the company. He used to work for 'Room 39', the Naval Intelligence Division of the Admiralty during WWII and stayed with them for the next two decades until the department was finally dissolved and Allsop decided it was time to go private. He did not intend at the time to specialize in kidnapping but his first case just happened to be one and after successfully resolving it and getting an impressive fee in the process, specialization seemed reasonable. Now Allsop is in his nineties and mostly spends his time fishing but the company retains his name.

When we first catch up with the organization, it has several teams of operatives located in various major hubs of the world. The two individuals we are able to follow, Jenkinson and Golden, make up Alpha Team.

Derek Jenkinson is a tall, laconic Scotsman. The leader of the team, he has been with C.A.C.S. for several years, coming to the company after a lengthy and impressive stint with the famed Special Boat Squadron.

Sena Golden is a petite American who had been with the Defense Intelligence Agency for fifteen years before being wooed away by the elderly Allsop. The part of his pitch to her that got her attention was the assurance that there was no glass ceiling at his company and, more important, she would receive the same share of danger and reward as her male counterparts. Originally a member of Beta Team, several years before she asked for a transfer to England and joined up with Jenkinson.

Jenkinson and Golden's inclusion in this compendium comes from the fact that the first mission we follow has them actually kidnapping someone, not rescuing him, and that someone was 'C', the head of MI6. The second mission was also very much one with MI6 deeply involved.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2020

1 Leaving Shadows Leaving Shadows
Written by Eric J. Gates
Copyright: 2013

"The Head of British Intelligence is kidnapped. A ransom demanded. A private security company is tasked with his recovery. But nothing is as it seems... Opposing forces clash with deadly consequences as they race to control the most devastating weapon of mass destruction devised by Man!"

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1.5 Facets Facets
Written by Eric J. Gates
Copyright: 2015

"Six short stories of deceit and betrayal. From the savannah of Africa to the grey corridors of the UK's Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), the lives of diamond smugglers and intelligence agents clash as personal agendas come to the fore. There are those who will stop at nothing to get what they want, who will sell out anyone, anywhere, at any time. Then there are the innocents..."
Note: Neither of the two protagonists in the Jenkinson & Golden series are in any of these tales, however, the backstory of an important character in book 2 of the series is.
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2 Chasing Shadows Chasing Shadows
Written by Eric J. Gates
Copyright: 2020

"After their previous experience with British Intelligence, the CACS kidnap recovery team swore they would never do another job for MI6. Now they are requested by the MI6 Chief to rescue someone else. Again, the assignment is not as it appears. A man will die within a week, unless CACS take on the task. As details emerge, it is clear this is a suicide mission. To succeed, they will need an alliance with the devil himself."
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I am sure that any adventure that concerned Derek Jenkinson by himself of Sena Golden by herself would be an enjoyable, worthwhile read. Both of those characters are very interesting and quite fun to follow. Together, though, they make a darned good team that IMHO, makes for a whole lot of fun.

I would very much like another mission for these two which are carried out with both well-practiced precision and a relaxed manner that belies how professional they are.

Plus, I would love to see a series of these on one of the streaming services. A six-episode telling of one of their cases would be a blast to watch.


My Grade: B+


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