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Full Name: Tim Burr
Nationality: British
Organization: MI5
Occupation Agent

Creator: Nicholas E. Watkins
Time Span: 2017 - 2018


Tim Burr is an agent with MI5.

That is factually accurate but a tad misleading, at least at the start of his recorded adventures. In truth he is pressed into service without the training he could have used but sometimes (i.e., often) situations demand.

Our initial meeting of Burr comes when he is 41 years old and reasonably happy with his life. He was an employee in the civil service of Britain, working for several years at the Home Office after graduating from Cambridge. Then he was transferred to Paris to be on the staff of the Ambassador "where he would use his knowledge of foreign affairs to brief him daily with what was happening in the World. Technically he was employed as an intelligence officer. Sounded like a spy but in reality he read the local papers, checked the briefings from the various government departments and made sure the Ambassador had a clear picture of the current situation and a clear understanding of what the current policy thinking was".

All of which means that while many would consider him an operative for MI5, he likely would not have. Until events brought about by doing a "small thing' for the Ambassador based on a vague rumor and all that would change his life completely, once it stopped trying to end that life.

Burr is hardly experienced enough or trained enough to know how to properly function in the clandestine environment he would be thrust into but Burr is a very intelligent individual and he learns quickly. Over the course of the adventures we have of Burr, he will acquire that experience the hard way and become quite good at it.

His real first name is Anthony but everyone who knew him called him by his long-ago acquired nickname of Tim which we are told came from his being 'a chip off the old block, timber!'

Burr is divorced with no steady relationship though he is not against the idea. He will meet others during the adventures, some more important than others. His position and responsibilities in MI5 will undergo similar changes.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2018

1 Tanker Tanker
Written by Nicholas E. Watkins
Copyright: 2017

"On what should have been a routine business trip to sunny Monte Carlo, Anthony ‘Tim’ Burr’s life is turned upside down when he inadvertently stumbles across details of a deadly ISIS backed plot. Betrayed by the British, hunted by Terrorists and Turkish Intelligence, and on the run, Tim is forced to question his own loyalties as the lines between friend and foe become increasingly blurred."
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2 Bank Bank
Written by Nicholas E. Watkins
Copyright: 2017

"MI5 agent Tim Burr once again finds himself in hot water after uncovering an international banking scam masterminded by Russian oligarchs in order to circumnavigate US sanctions. While battling to protect his family, he crosses paths once again with Annubis, who is locked in a life or death struggle of his own. But will Annubis repay his debt owed to Tim?"
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3 Dealer Dealer
Written by Nicholas E. Watkins
Copyright: 2017

"An arms deal goes badly wrong. A passenger plane is shot down. These events are all linked to the illusive Driver. When the Russian State attempts to cover up its involvement in the downing of the jet a chain of events are unleashed that leads to assassination, and murder. The cancer of corruption spreads around the Globe, from the Crimea to Syria, from France to Turkey, and finally eats into the heart of MI5. Tim Burr finds himself, at the centre, of the fast moving events, tracking the dealers of death. The truth, when finally revealed, is both shocking and personal. Dealer is the second in the trilogy, starting with Bank and ending with Oligarch."
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4 Oligarch Oligarch
Written by Nicholas E. Watkins
Copyright: 2017

"The eve of the US Presidential election, the Russians are determined to see a Trump administration. ISIS is fighting their final battle in Iraq but in their death throws, intend to commit the mother of all terrorist attacks, hitting the heart of London. Neither the Russians nor ISIS will stop at anything to fulfil their ambitions. MI5 is in disarray, but Tim is out for revenge and he to will stop at nothing to get it."
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5 Steel Steel
Written by Nicholas E. Watkins
Copyright: 2017

"A business trip to India sets China and Britain on a collision course. Tim Burr finds himself at the centre of a Global battle, where the players will stop at nothing to gain dominance. The plot runs deep and nothing, including murder will halt the ambitions of his ruthless adversaries. Confronting assassination, kidnapping and betrayal from within MI5, Tim is forced to battle for his own survival and the protection of his Countries vital interests. Attacked on all fronts, he becomes increasing isolated not knowing who he can and cannot trust."
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6 Hack Hack
Written by Nicholas E. Watkins
Copyright: 2018

"A group of hackers held hostage, a serial killer on the loose and the President of the United States of American, fast loosing patience with the North Korean Dictator. Tim and MI5 are caught in the middle of a series of events that have the World on the path to nuclear war. With time and options running out, distrust and tensions building between the CIA and the White House Tim needs to act and risk all in an all out battle for survival. Millions of lives are at stake and the clock is ticking."
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7 Jade Jade
Written by Nicholas E. Watkins
Copyright: 2018

"A police raid gone badly wrong, a terrorist plotting revenge and the fight for JADE, worth a hundred times more than gold, bring death to the streets of London. Tim Burr finds himself and MI5 battling the odds in this action packed thriller."
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While Tim Burr is the obvious protagonist in this series, the author does not make the man dominate the storyline. We the readers will find a lot of information about others in the tales letting us see enough to get real understandings of their motivations.

At times Burr comes across as more than a bit subdued in his personal interactions and I think that to a large degree that is why he is so good at his job with MI5. He is analytical and thoughtful and not prone to rash decisions. Though I would not think of Burr as a man of action, I would think of him as someone I would not want pursuing me; the man will not give up.


My Grade: B


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