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Full Name: Marcus Grimshaw
Nationality: American
Organization: The Company
Occupation Agent

Creator: C. J. Steinberg
Time Span: 2020 - 2021


Marcus Grimshaw is an agent with The Company.

Actually, 'was' is more accurate as he had chosen some time before we meet him to sever his relations with the organization and stop being their best operative. That departure had occurred a few years before the first recorded adventure and from the sound of things, it was not well received by his employers. This is shown by the fact that current employees of the Company show up in Split in Croatia where he was hiding and try very hard to kill him. Unluckily for them, "the many years of training by The Company had sharpened his senses and his memory; he never forgot anything, regardless of his lifestyle the last few years".

Officially their name was unknown because officially it did not exist, at least as far as I can tell. But to hear Grimshaw and others tell it, if one looked deeply into most of the conspiracy theory of the past few decades where government fell when they shouldn't have or stayed in power when they shouldn't have, there was a good chance The Company was involved. Global intrigue was their specialty. Profit seems to be the guiding motivation.

Grimshaw was not in the best of shapes when we come across him that first time, physically or mentally. He had been living in various locations around the world hiding from The Company but no matter where he paused, he found "a swimming pool of alcohol" to try to forget the things he had done back during his employment. It never worked. We are on hand when he finally decides to stop running, and stop drinking, and to take the fight back to them.

He lets us know that for quite a few years he loyally performed one dangerous and exciting mission after another for The Company but each one left him a bit depleted until finally, over a decade later, he had had enough and needed to walk away. The very night of his departure, though, his supervisor was found dead and The Company, already unhappy with his leaving, became dedicated to his punishment. Now he is equally determined to return the feeling.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2021

1 Honest Intentions Honest Intentions
Written by C. J. Steinberg
Copyright: 2020

His conscience finally getting to him after years with the Company, Marcus Grimshaw finally decides to leave. Unfortunately the night he takes off, his handler and estranged father is murdered and he is framed. Now his former employers want his head!
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2 All The Company Men All The Company Men
Written by C. J. Steinberg
Copyright: 2021

Marcus Grimshaw is disgusted. The truth about the Company were leaked but no one paid any attention and the plans the Company had were going forward. Grimshaw knows he cannot just keep hiding when even the US President is a puppet to the Company.
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I really got to like Marcus Grimshaw. Mind you, in real life I know I would have been pretty nervous around him, not just because there are a good number of people persistently trying to kill him, but also because he is a very restless sort of fellow. He hates to be idle.

But I like him because he is an honest man. He is honest to others and more importantly he is honest to himself. I especially liked the honesty he shows in discussing the Company, his former long time employer and now his adversary, when he says there was "no justification really" for its existence. "There isn't even patriotism involved in it. Only power and money."


My Grade: B+


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