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Full Name: William Carver
Nationality: British
Organization: None
Occupation Reporter

Creator: Peter Hanington
Time Span: 2016 - 2021


William Carver is a reporter for the BBC.

He has been one for quite a few years, easily enough to be called one of the veterans with the media company and be rather proud of the distinction. His talent and gift was to sniff out the faint aroma of a good story and then dig and pry enough to turn the scent into an actual tasty morsel of interesting news to occupy a few minutes of the viewers and listeners his bosses needed informed.

Unfortunately, as he would find out in a meeting at the beginning of the first recorded adventure, being so senior had its drawbacks. For one huge thing, his experience and time served entitled him to decent earnings and the now apparently cash-strapped 'Beeb' was calling on its managers to pare the fat.

Not that Carver, described as a bespectacled man somewhere around sixty, thinning on top and heavy in the middle, would have thought of himself as fat, despite his waistline. But according to his editor, the bosses "want their people multi-platform these days ... journalists who can write the online piece, file the radio bulletin, do the TV two-way and be Tweeting and Facebooking as they go". Carver admitted to himself then that he understood about half of what his boss was saying. As is mentioned elsewhere, Carver was "an analogue man in a digital world".

This then is the Carver we will follow, a man still wanting to find the good story in war zones around the world and report on them to the best of his considerable abilities but also a man knowing that his days of doing that were reaching an end. Before they were gone for good for him, though, Carver would be constantly looking for those international locales where intrigue was strong enough to make a story interesting enough to be told.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2021

1 A Dying Breed A Dying Breed
Written by Peter Hanington
Copyright: 2016

A bomb kills a government official in Kabul and William Carver, in town for the BBC goes to issue a report but is warned off. Carver, the professional, suspects there is a lot more to the story. When a television producer whose job it is to control him is kidnapped, Carver becomes convinced.
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2 A Single Source A Single Source
Written by Peter Hanington
Copyright: 2019

William Carver is in Cairo at the height of the Arab Spring. His editor is determined he concentrate on that story alone - nothing else is as important. Carver disagrees. He is also very interested in the huge and still rising numbers of people streaming by any means available from Africa to Europe, and the troubles they are leaving and the troubles they are finding.
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3 A Cursed Place A Cursed Place
Written by Peter Hanington
Copyright: 2021

Not known for being the most in tune with today's tech world, William Carver nevertheless is learning quickly as he looks into the information company Public Square and the huge amount of data it is learning about millions of people. Who really has access to all that personal information and what uses are they finding for it. And who might not be so happy that Carver is investigating.
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     The adventures of William Carver, a BBC foreign correspondent, belongs in this compendium of spy series because his adventures take him to the much of the same places dealing with much the same troubles that operative would. The only exception being that he is not there to start the trouble or to try and stop the trouble but to report on it. And try to stay alive while doing so.

     Good tales of such journalists make for exciting reading and those about Carver are definitely in the category of good - indeed, very good. I got to like Carver immediately because he was so believable and so human and so interesting. Plus his knowing that the days of guys doing his work like he had for a lot of decades were nearing the end. I could identify.

     Plus the writing is excellent!


My Grade: A-


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