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Full Name: Hans-Peter Reim
Nationality: East German
Organization: Stasi
Occupation Agent

Creator: Max Hertzberg
Time Span: 2018 - 2021


Hans-Peter Reim is an agent with the Stasi.

Stasi is the commonly term for the State Security Service of the East German nation. 

More specifically, he is a 2nd Lieutenant in the Hauptabteilung VI (HA VI), or Main Department VI, which is responsible for passport control, tourism, and transit traffic. Those are interesting varied areas of responsibility though it is easy to see how they all do connect. People coming into the country for business or pleasure, though the latter would seem far less likely, would be subject to monitoring as would be any movement inside the nation.

We are told in a short promo by the author that "Reim is a lieutenant in the Ministry for State Security of the GDR. He enjoys his work, he believes he's good at it. But it's not always easy being a Stasi, even for Reim". According to Reim's immediate supervisor, Reim was "one of my best operatives" which is on the positive side; to the negative is his follow-up statement that "every so often you go off the rails, which makes me think I need to keep a closer eye on you". Reim was understandably mute to that.

One thing that Reim has learned the hard way even before we meet him, something that he will re-learn over and over, is that being good at his job with the Stasi is not necessarily a good thing. Arresting the guilty when they are powerful people can be terribly dangerous. Not arresting the guilty powerful people, for whatever reason, is also a great way to be punished because their rivals then become his enemies.

Unfortunately for Reim, he is at heart a good man wanting to do good things, even if he tends to appreciate the contents of the bottle a bit too much. He has scruples in an environment where such possessions are suspect.

Reim is married to Renate but it seems to be a marriage made in somewhere less idyllic than Heaven. Exactly what the problem is remains largely a mystery; at time they seem almost loving but at other times they seem antagonists sharing an apartment. Her later escaping to West Germany causes some amount of trouble for Reim.

Good Lines:
- regarding being interrogated by those on his own side, "My comrades love a good question, maybe that's why they were asking me again. And again. And again."
- After a long, grueling period incarcerated and interrogated, Reim is allowed to return home. "I went back to the kitchen and reintroduced myself to the bottle. There were no objections when I suggested we should go to bed together".


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2021

1 Stasi Vice Stasi Vice
Written by Max Hertzberg
Copyright: 2018

"Lieutenant Reim of the Stasi is keen to avoid trouble. Reim enjoys his life in East Berlin and sees no need for his days behind a desk and nights in front of the bottle to change. But when a senior officer has a messy affair, it falls to Reim to do the clearing up. It should be a straightforward job. Lean on a few people to get them to shut up. Intimidate neighbors, bribe officials and appeal to the socialist conscience of Party members. But when Reim starts his interrogations, he realizes his boss is hiding more than just a lover. Lieutenant Reim begins to investigate his superior—and what he uncovers puts his own life at risk."
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2 Operation Oskar Operation Oskar
Written by Max Hertzberg
Copyright: 2019

"Lieutenant Reim of the Stasi is down in the dumps. Literally.
Sent to Schöneiche landfill site on a punishment assignment, Reim soon discovers Soviet soldiers searching the tip for porn, Westerners smuggling cigarettes and a truck driver with something to hide. Determined to find out more, Reim is soon caught up in a case that takes him over the Berlin Wall to the capitalist West. But when the KGB and the British occupation forces in Berlin take an interest, Reim begins to question whether Operation Oskar is worth risking his life for."
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3 Berlin Centre Berlin Centre
Written by Max Hertzberg
Copyright: 2019

"A West German police officer defects to the GDR, bringing news of a mole in the Stasi. Lieutenant Reim leads the initial inquiry but is unconvinced by the defector’s claims. As news of the affair spreads through Berlin Centre, Reim is sent to Bonn on a mission to catch a mole he doesn't want to find – does his reluctance to investigate have anything to do with the secrets he'd prefer remained hidden?"
Note: this is Book 1 of the Bruno Affair trilogy.
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4 Baltic Approach Baltic Approach
Written by Max Hertzberg
Copyright: 2020

"When the West German, Werner Seiffert, crosses the Berlin Wall to ask for an agent by name, the Stasi want to know why. Lieutenant Reim is haunted by the deaths of two of his colleagues, but has to leave his ghosts behind when he’s ordered to find and arrest Seiffert. He follows the trail north to a seaside hotel populated by spies and winter holiday makers, but is the man Reim tracks down the one he was sent to find? And can the West German force the Stasi to re-open a case that Reim had hoped was closed forever?"
Note: this is Book 2 of the Bruno Affair trilogy.
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5 Rostock Connection Rostock Connection
Written by Max Hertzberg
Copyright: 2021

"He spied for the Russians, now they want him dead. Rumours of a mole in the Stasi's foreign intelligence wing just won't go away, and once again Lieutenant Reim is tasked with investigating. But six months after he first heard reports of a Western agent in the ranks of the Stasi, he's no closer to finding enough evidence against the officer he believes to be responsible for the leaks. To find the traitor and close the case, Reim has to go deeper undercover than ever before—but will he survive the final showdown with the agent he's tracked through East Germany and across the Iron Curtain?"
Note: this is Book 3 of the Bruno Affair trilogy.
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If you can read these books and not end each adventure just a little bit (okay, a whole lot) more paranoid that you were when you started, you are a better (or worse) person than I.

I love rooting for the good guy and expect that man or woman to do what is right, not what is expedient. Naive, I know, but I like to think I would do right in most circumstances. Unless I was Reim, of course, or at least living in his world. I fear if I was, I would be prone to end up in bed with the bottle like he does more often than not.

However, having said that, I want to say how fantastic the writing in this series is. Top notch is almost too mild. I got to feel like I was standing next to Reim dealing with what he was facing and trying to think if there was anything I could have done differently or better than he.

I expect more to come about Reim. He is too good to not be heard from again.


My Grade: A


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