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Full Name: Rosie Winterbourne
Nationality: American
Organization: Firegate
Occupation Agent

Creator: Michael Rothery
Time Span: 2020 - 2021


Rosie Winterbourne is an agent with Firegate.

She will be, at least, starting with the second adventure and continuing on. In the first, though, she is an enlisted woman serving with distinction aboard a British Royal Navy destroyer. Her position on the HMS Windsor Castle is that of Leading Seaman and she is on track to shifting to the officer ranks. Her career will take a drastic turn, though, when she starts to experience major mental issues which will end her time in the Navy but which will, in an odd sequence, lead her to Firegate.

Winterbourne first learns of the existence of the organization known as Firegate when she is offered a chance for a job after graduating from university three years after her discharge from the Navy. The position is supposedly with a government Cabinet ministry but the interview is really for a job with Firegate, an extremely hush-hush intelligence gathering and black-ops handling group. It is run by a mature and exceptionally severe woman known only as the Housekeeper.

Winterbourne is interested in Firegate because she is craving something more in her life. It is interested in her because, as they explain to her:

1. She possesses a quick, analytical mind and high mental agility.

2. She has demonstrated several times that she is cool under pressure.

3. She has shown "a natural empathy, able to read people and respond to best effect to get what [she wants]".

4. A grasp of languages teaching herself Spanish and learning Arabic at University.

5. She has a prominent streak of independence and proven self-reliance.

6. She is "exceptionally fit with rudimentary judo skills".

7. She is "an accomplished single-handed sailor with [her] own oceangoing yacht", inherited and rebuilt by her.

Not stated in that list but vitally important is the fact that Winterbourne has a condition called hyperthemesia. That is defined as "an ability that allows people to remember nearly every event of their life with great precision".

On the one hand this phenomenon is an amazing gift for an operative with its resultant ability to recall every person ever met, every conversation ever heard. On the other, though, it is a curse with every bad decision never forgotten, each horrible event constantly lurking in her memory. It will be up to Winterbourne to prove which is the stronger outcome: blessing or curse.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2021

1 To Run Before The Sea To Run Before The Sea
Written by Michael Rothery
Copyright: 2020

"Meet Rosie Winterbourne - an extraordinary woman and a new kind of action heroine. How do you cope when your darkest, most frightening fantasies become indistinguishable from reality? Worse still, when you're part of the crew of a Royal Naval destroyer. This disturbing condition is only one of the many challenges facing Leading Seaman Rosie Winterbourne as her life spins out of control. But she is not the kind of girl who surrenders to illness and misfortune.
Abandoned by the navy and everyone she cares about, Rosie finds solace in the renovation of her father's old yacht. What starts as a welcome distraction, however, soon becomes a driven obsession, leading to life-changing events and astonishing discoveries about herself and her past."
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2 The Travel Agent The Travel Agent
Written by Michael Rothery
Copyright: 2020

"The Gibraltar mission looks like a wasted trip. But when her informant is found floating face-down in Rosia Bay, the agent knows she is onto something … and realizes that she might be next. When Rosie Winterbourne is offered training for the secretive Firegate agency, she does what she always does: screws up her courage and accepts the challenge. But little does anyone realize how dangerous the new agent’s ‘sandbox’ mission will prove. Unearthing an audacious terrorist plot, Rosie will need all her skills and intelligence to stay alive."
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3 The Conflicted Bride The Conflicted Bride
Written by Michael Rothery
Copyright: 2021

"Reaching the Spanish territory of Melilla on the Moroccan coast, the rogue agent continues her unauthorized mission to find Michael McCaffey. With the help of the autistic cyber sleuth, Moth, Rosie has discovered Michael is held hostage in battle-torn Libya by a rebel Daesh group, led by the notorious Rasheed al Basara. Crossing into Morocco disguised as a touring backpacker, Rosie faces a hazardous overland journey: three border crossings and a thousand miles of hostile territory. So when she is offered an alternative route to Libya by sea, she is naturally tempted. But will the price for her passage on the Ivan Petronovich prove too high? Chillingly, Rosie has also learned that fellow agent and trained sniper, Gauntlet has been sent in a drone-assisted pursuit of Rosie with orders to terminate on sight."
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This series is interesting in that the first book is so drastically different in purpose and intent than the other two. It has nothing whatsoever to do with espionage work or her subsequent employment with Firegate. It is about her life in the Royal Navy and her personal demons and mental issues as well as her desire to try and outrun them by sailing her inherited sailing vessel.

It is at times confusing to follow both by her and by the reader but it is fascinating. I truly had no idea where the journey was taking her and I but I was enjoying the trip.

In the second book she learns of and becomes part of Firegate and the feel of the book is quite a bit different than the first but it was just as interesting. For this reason, and because it was now dealing with her espionage job with Firegate, I had to know more.


My Grade: A-


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