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Full Name: Jayne Austin
Series Name: Interplanetary Spy For Hire
Nationality: Unknown
Organization: None
Occupation Freelance Agent

Creator: Ell Leigh Clarke
Time Span: 2019 - 2019


Jayne Austin is a freelance agent.

The year is unknown but is quite a way into the future, likely several hundred years. Humanity is spread out over a good deal of the galaxy and enormous space stations floating in space provide an alternative to living on solid land. Many of these planets and stations are part of a huge union governed by what seems to be a republic. Certainly the trouble for Austin which changes her life trajectory was tangentially connected to a well-heeled Senator.

That trouble comes about while Austin is nearing the end of her very impressive and extensive training at a spy academy. She is doing extremely well and is likely to graduate at the top of her class. This is very good for her. It is not so good for the fellow certain to come in second in the rankings, a chap whose father is the Senator. Said Senator would prefer his son end on the highest note which means Austin cannot.

Since Austin is unwilling to step aside and she is known for speaking her mind whenever she feels like venting and she is not above going a bit rogue-ish which includes letting her knuckles get acquainted with other people's noses - you get the picture. 

Suddenly kicked out and needing employment, Austin hits upon a plan to make use of all that good training she has thus far been given plus her natural inclination towards and aptitude with that line of work. She decides to go freelance.

It is not going to be easy, of course. She is a beginner in the business. No one knows who she is and she has no real idea how to land a client. And she has virtually money to help get her career started. But she is resourceful and intrepid and determined to succeed.

More importantly, she has a 'Plan'.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

1 Expelled Expelled
Written by Ell Leigh Clarke
Copyright: 2019

Jayne Austin's 'Plan' to become a success as an Interplanetary Spy For Hire hits a snag on its first outing when she finds that assignment involves terrorists who have taken control of the planet she is sent to.
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2 Exposed Exposed
Written by Ell Leigh Clarke
Copyright: 2019

With her plan to succeed in the interplanetary spy-for-hire business starting to show success, Jayne Austin is about to learn that 'certain powers in the Techcropolis fear that she's becoming too powerful - too successful' and they are out to bring her down.
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This two-book series (so far but I hope the very busy author will take time to revisit Jayne Austin now and then) is a hoot. It is funny and sassy and a whole lot of entertainment to follow.

Jayne Austin takes an interesting approach to, well, anything. I mean she really wants a job as a secret agent and she needs certification from a school to get it so she knows she needs to toe the line and play nicely with others. Too bad that is not in her DNA, especially when that means not doing her very best at all times.

Of course, that means she gets into trouble but that is what makes the series so much fun.


My Grade: B


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