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Full Name: David Reece
Nationality: British
Organization: SG9
Occupation Agent

Creator: David Costa
Time Span: 2020 - 2021


David Reece is an agent with SG9.

That is a sub-division of the British Secret Intelligence Service, or MI6 as it is often called. The designation stands for Secret Intelligence Group Nine but people working for this relatively new section just call it 'the Department'. It is a covert organization, such that it does not like to be talked about and is known by only a few. It has its secret headquarters in a "three-story flat-roofed building located inside the perimeter fencing of London City Airport" with a brass plaque on its entrance proclaiming it to be "Business Sales International".

SG9 was founded shortly after the July 7, 2005 London bombing that took the lives of 52 people. Its members were pulled from all the various British covert agencies as well as military and police ranks; the search conducted by the Deputy for Subversive Activity, Jim Broad.

Reece was selected because of his impressive record of service for 23 years with the RUC Special Branch. "He'd been a successful recruiter of agents and through the agents he had under his control had saved many lives and, on many occasions, prevented terrorists succeeding in their terror campaign. His skills were second to none: specialist firearms, bomb making and disposal, recruitment and training of new agents, surveillance, counter-terrorism techniques, interviewing...Reece was considered one of the best due to his ability to adapt and learn on the spot."

That dedication had cost him two failed marriages including "two estranged sons from the first" and a bout of trouble with alcohol before turning his life around. Now he is a loner who prefers, when not at work, to keep to himself.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2021

1 Tested By Fire Tested By Fire
Written by David Costa
Copyright: 2020

"Two terrorist Ideologies combine forces to assassinate the British Prime Minister and kill hundreds of innocent people on the streets of a British City. To hunt them down and eliminate them, David Reece leads a Black Ops team known as The Department or SG9 the killing arm of MI6. Time is short and acting on the information received by Reece from an agent from his past. he knows they must play by Big Boys Rules, kill or be killed."
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2 Light Of The Sun Light Of The Sun
Written by David Costa
Copyright: 2021

"A suicide bomb in Barcelona causes carnage and intelligence sources indicate London is the next target. Information indicates the existence of a dirty bomb, which would cause a paradigm shift in the financial institutions of the West. The SG9 Black Ops unit are deployed. They have one remit, find the terrorists, and kill them."
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     Good solid writing with very interesting and exciting plots. That is what I found with both (as of this writing) of the adventures that exist for David Reece and his SG9 colleagues.

     I appreciated the background given about the main character shortly after the action started as well as the way it was delivered because it gave me a feel for the man right off without pigeonholing him. I knew that Reece was going to be a dependable operative with a lot of experience and few misconceptions.

     I look forward to more stories about him and the group he belongs to.


My Grade: B+


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