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Full Name: Jake Jeffords
Nationality: British
Organization: British Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: Denis McLoughlin
Time Span: 1975 - 1975


Jake Jeffords is an agent with the British Secret Service.

More specifically, he is one of the operatives working for a division of that organization called the X-Section, each member of the team being designated as an "X-agent" as the letter is at the beginning of each operative's codename. What exactly is the codename for Jeffords, though, is never revealed.

     The X-Section has its secret headquarters in a concrete warren beneath the exclusive members-only Ashley's Club.

Jeffords answers to Sir Ralph Cowper-Dacier, known to his subordinates though never to his face as 'the Fat Man'. It is an appellation that is well deserved considering his heavy jowls and pronounced double chin. To say that the Fat Man is a unsympathetic task-master is to give him some slack.

Jeffords appears to be in his late 30s or early 40s. He has average length (for the mid-70s) black hair. He is quite fit physically and still very proficient with marital arts, especially karate at which he remains the Service's champion.

Reading the two recorded adventures shows a couple of interesting facts about Jeffords. The first is that he is intrepid almost to a fault. No promising clue will be ignored even if it means breaking into guarded enemy camps. The second is that Jeffords is highly prone to getting captured by the bad guys because he has that happen to him a great deal. And the third is that Jeffords is a very lucky man when it comes to finding ways to escape after being caught or in having someone show up to free him.

     However he manages to survive, he is more than capable of finding a way to get the job done.


Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:1975
Last Appearance:1975

1 Sign of the Shark Sign of the Shark
Published by DC Thomson
Contributors: Denis McLaughlin (artist)
Copyright: 1975

Published in Wizard #279-#298, June 14, 1975 - October 25, 1975. Reprinted in Red Dagger #17, April 1982, as The Secret of Black Island.
This mission starts out strange as Jake Jeffords is sent to meet up with and escort in agent XE-21, a man missing for the past three decades! Shortly after the rendezvous, XE-21 is murdered by a crossbow bolt. His dying words were to tell the Fat Man to be watching for the Shark Men, 'dangerous maniacs". The murdered agent had been living for those years in Burma and it is to that Southeast Asian nation that Jeffords heads to learn more.
Click here to read the story.

2 The Frozen Man The Frozen Man
Published by DC Thomson
Contributors: Denis McLaughlin (artist)
Copyright: 1975

Published in Wizard #303-#323, November 29, 1975 - April 17, 1975. Reprinted in Red Dagger #13, August 1981, as The Frozen Man on the Mountain.
Jake Jeffords is quite happy to go on this next mission, however dangerous it might be, because it stopped the Central American firing squad from doing their duty. The Fat Man is sending him to the Schneehorn where an avid mountain climber and mathematical genius has died. Somewhere in his possession was a vital notebook with his doodles and musings on how to overcome gravity. Jeffords must get it even if it means climbing the same mountain where the man perished.
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     These two adventures are fairly standard fare - not particularly good nor bad. Interesting storylines with an acceptable amount of action and adventure and some darn good artwork to enjoy. There is nothing that urges you to lay the graphic adventures down but then again nothing that especially draws you to pick them up again.

     Now, if I had been in a position to put down some money back in the days these came out, I almost certainly would have. Still, I doubt I would have finished one and wished there were more.


My Grade: B


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