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Full Name: Berry Bees
Nationality: Australian
Organization: BIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Cat Le Blanc
Time Span: 2018 - 2020


The Berry Bees are agents with the BIA.

That acronym stands for the Berry Intelligence Agency, an apparently independent intelligence operation. It is run by a woman named Mrs. Berry. The Bees in question are three ten-year old girls who have become operatives with this group, as indicated by an explanation from Mrs. Berry:

"Meet Juliette, Lola, and Bobby. Three ordinary girls but with the most extraordinary talents. Juliette: talented actress and mentalist. Lola: mind-blowing contortionist and amazing acrobat. Bobby: computer whiz kid and expert junior hacker. I equip them with super-cool 'berry' gadgets. As members of the DIA spy agency, they became the youngest, most talented spies the world had ever seen because there are many missions that only kid spies can solve. My name is Mrs. Berry. These are the Berry Bees. Honeycomb what may, they always save the day. They are the Berry Bees."

Bobby, codename Raspberry, has shoulder-length red hair and green eyes. She has a little brother named Fed. Her talents include computer skills, technology proficiency, and inventing. She is partial to using the Berry Brain which is a gas/goo gun.

Lola, codename Strawberry, has very long black hair usually tied up in a huge bun and dark violet eyes. She says her parents are constantly travelling the world but because she is afraid of flying, she is not with them but instead lives with Bobby's family. Oddly for someone who doesn't fly, she is awesome with acrobatics.

Juliette, codename Blueberry, has blonde hair which comes well below her shoulders and brown eyes. She is said to be a living lie-detector, able to key in on non-verbal tells of people she meets. She is said to play 19 different musical instruments. She is a natural actor and impersonator. She is very fond of throwing weapons of various types.

The Bees have three main opponents: Tara Bytes who is a criminal mastermind, Mirage who is a thief with a very handy ability, and the pair of Cosmo and Fauna Greenthumb.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2019

     This series of books intended for ages 6 and up was originally written in Italian and translated, according to Wikipedia, into " English, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Slovenian, French, Turkish, Russian, Romanian, Hungarian, Arabic, and Macedonian".
     The books are listed below. I have not yet found English versions for any of them despite being told they exist.

1 Three Spies For A Miss Three Spies For A Miss
aka Tre spie per una miss
Written by Cat Le Blanc
Copyright: 2018

"A mysterious saboteur is putting the prestigious "Little Miss Bonbon" beauty contest at risk. At the Berry Bees the task of infiltrating the aspiring queens, carrying out the investigation and averting the threat, as always without arousing suspicion ... and with a perfect miss look!"

2 Golden Collar Mission Golden Collar Mission
aka Operazione collare d'oro
Written by Cat Le Blanc
Copyright: 2018

"What do a mysterious millionaire, a famous criminal and a very discreet butler have to do with an association that helps abandoned animals? Unveiling it is the new mission that Miss Berry has entrusted to her youngest and most promising spies. The Berry Bees fly to discover what mysteries are hidden in Ernst Van Der Apfel's Amsterdam villa, among irresistible dogs, mischievous ferrets and parrots that sing too much ... And this time the infallible team of Bobby, Lola and Julienne will bring to light much more shady traffic than expected!"

3 The Princess Mission The Princess Mission
aka Missione principessa
Written by Cat Le Blanc
Copyright: 2018

"A new mission for Juliette, Lola and Bobby! The three smartest secret agents in circulation must fly to Rome to act as bodyguards for a little princess who turns out to be a pain in the ass, ready to escape straight into the clutches of a mysterious enemy ..."

4 Trapped Agents Trapped Agents
aka Agenti in trappola
Written by Cat Le Blanc
Copyright: 2018

"Like every year, on the occasion of Halloween, the mayor of Clover organized a big party in her splendid villa for all the children of the city. Among the guests there are also three very young undercover spies: the Berry Bees, who pretend to have fun with the other guests, but are careful not to miss the slightest sign of danger. A gang of criminals, in fact, has targeted the mayor and could break into the house at any moment. To stop her, Bobby, Lola and Juliette are ready for anything, even to turn the villa into the set of a scary movie!"

5 Danger In Paris Danger In Paris
aka Pericolo a Parigi
Written by Cat Le Blanc
Copyright: 2019

"Juliette has received amazing news: she will be one of the contestants of Petit p√Ętissier, the famous talent show for young pastry chefs produced by French television! An unmissable opportunity, also to visit Paris with Bobby and Lola and spend some time with her beloved grandmother Poupette. But as filming begins, the Berry Bees find themselves embroiled in a series of strange incidents and soon begin to suspect that a mysterious enemy has targeted them. Who is it about? The three agents have no idea, but they will have to find out before it's too late ..."

6 Horse Show Mission Horse Show Mission
aka Spie al galoppo
Written by Cat Le Blanc
Copyright: 2019

"A fire in the stables has panicked the organizers of a prestigious youth equestrian competition. Everything suggests that it was not an accident, but who set the fire and why did it? Answering these questions is the task of the Berry Bees, who for the occasion act as jockeys, infiltrating the young participants of the competition. Between a dressage exercise and a wild gallop race, the three spies collect clues and follow multiple tracks, until they discover that behind the fire there could be some very shady traffic ..."


Number of Episodes:30
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2020


     Berry Bees is a joint effort between an Australian and Italian companies based on the series of 6 young adult books published in Italian, Spanish, and supposedly English (I have not found the latter yet).
     Reports have there being as of this writing 50 episodes but I can find information on only 30, shown below.
     Each of these adventures are a short 11-minutes each. Two adventures were shown on each episode, except for two occasions which were longer stories.
1 Princesses Pose a Problem
Episode S1-1a, first aired 10/05/2019

Juliette is assigned to replace a Princess who looks identical to her when it is discovered she's under threat from an unknown enemy.

2 Social Oversharing
Episode S1-1b, first aired 10/05/2019

The Berry Bees notice a commotion at school when everyone's BlabberGram accounts start revealing their secrets, so they are assigned to discover why this is occurring.

3 Xmas 2.0, Part 1
Episode S1-2a, first aired 10/12/2019

When Tara wants to take over Christmas, the Berry Bees are tricked into helping her plans.

4 Xmas 2.0, Part 2
Episode S1-2b, first aired 10/12/2019

When Tara wants to take over Christmas, the Berry Bees are tricked into helping her plans.

5 The Milk Shakey Shook
Episode S1-3a, first aired 10/19/2019

After the spy identity database is stolen from the BIA, the Berry Bees are sent to recover it from the thieves, but they don't know where to find the thieves' hideout.

6 Stars Fall
Episode S1-3b, first aired 10/19/2019

The new Moonbouncer shoes are causing kids to commit crimes all over Clover and the Berry Bees investigate.

7 It's a Winner Wipeout
Episode S1-4a, first aired 10/27/2019

The Berry Bees investigate a game launch party when some of the guests start randomly losing their memories.

8 Hypnotic Hair Don't Care
Episode S1-4b, first aired 10/27/2019

The Berry Bees investigate when audience members of a rock star's concert all over the world start acting like animals.

9 Haunted Amusement Park
Episode S1-5a, first aired 11/03/2019

The Berry Bees get involved in a decades old treasure hunt when a historic amusement park is shut down by the presence of ghosts scaring all the customers away.

10 Drop in the Ocean
Episode S1-5b, first aired 11/03/2019

The Berry Bees compete in a junior regatta when it is discovered strange currents are disrupting the boat race.

11 Tricky Business
Episode S1-6a, first aired 11/09/2019

The Berry Bees are sent to investigate a thief trying to steal a stage magician's family magic trick book.

12 To Bee or Not to Bee
Episode S1-6b, first aired 11/09/2019

The Berry Bees are assigned to investigate a plant farm where visitors keep loosing their memories after going there.

13 String Sting
Episode S1-7a, first aired 11/10/2019

The Berry Bees go undercover to guard a valuable violin from being stolen.

14 Growing Pains
Episode S1-7b, first aired 11/10/2019

The Berry Bees are sent to a remote Australian town when it is mysteriously attacked by unseen creatures.

15 Love Is in the Net
Episode S1-8a, first aired 11/17/2019

When pairs of identical children appear at schools all over the country, the Berry Bees are assigned to investigate why this is happening.

16 Clover's Got Talent
Episode S1-8b, first aired 11/17/2019

Juliette goes undercover as a contestant in a televised talent show to investigate why so many unfortunate accidents keep happening to the competitors.

17 Someone Went Off Course
Episode S1-9a, first aired 11/24/2019

The Berry Bees go undercover as marine biology students to investigate why ships keep disappearing in the northern seas.

18 Rare Earth Sledding
Episode S1-9b, first aired 11/24/2019

The Berry Bees investigate an alpine sports event where the snow mysteriously melted.

19 Berry Fall, Part 1
Episode S1-10a, first aired 12/01/2019

Unexpectedly contacted by Ms Berry, the Berry Bees are sent to rescue the other agents of the BIA from an derelict amusement park.

20 Berry Fall, Part 2
Episode S1-10b, first aired 12/01/2019

Unexpectedly contacted by Ms Berry, the Berry Bees are sent to rescue the other agents of the BIA from an derelict amusement park.

21 Look, Up in the Sky
Episode S1-11a, first aired 12/08/2019

Lola is ecstatically thrilled when the Berry Bees are assigned to protect the actress who portrayed her favorite tv show superheroine.

22 Cowabunga, Bees!
Episode S1-11b, first aired 12/08/2019

When on vacation at a cattle ranch, the Berry Bees are surprised to discover cactus plants are growing everywhere at a rapid rate, so Ms Berry sends them to investigate the strange growth of the cactus forest.

23 A Prank Is Not a Crime
Episode S1-12a, first aired 12/14/2019

The Berry Bees investigate when Juliette is recorded on video committing a prank at their school, even though she couldn't possibly have done it.

24 Action! BBs on the Movie Set
Episode S1-12b, first aired 12/14/2019

When children start acting like superheroes and getting in trouble, the Berry Bees are sent to investigate the set of a new superhero movie which is suspected to cause this behavior.

25 Mission to Mars
Episode S1-13a, first aired 12/15/2019

The launch of an unmanned mission to Mars is being disrupted due to someone trying to get into the shuttle before it launches.

26 License to Munch
Episode S1-13b, first aired 12/15/2019

A televised gokart race is interrupted when metal munching caterpillars start eating all the gokarts.

27 Chinese Shadows
Episode S1-14a, first aired 07/04/2020

[plot unknown]

28 Nightmare Before Halloween
Episode S1-14b, first aired 07/04/2020

[plot unknown]

29 Micro Mayhem
Episode S1-15a, first aired 07/11/2020

[plot unknown]

30 The Winner Loses It All
Episode S1-15b, first aired 07/11/2020

[plot unknown]


     Okay, my first and primary question is: Where are the parents! Do they understand the concept of supervision? Do they know what their tween girls are involved in? Someone really should call Social Services!

     This is a cutish idea that is intended for kids 6+ years of age, once you get past the whole child-endangerment issue. The characters are cute, the plots simple and interesting and non-violent (for the most part) from what I have read. And if you are a parent with kids to mind who want to watch these shows, well, I do not think they would drive you to alcohol until at least the third re-viewing.


My Grade: C+


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