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Full Name: Blackhawk
Series Name: The Scarlet Trilogy
Codename: Blackhawk
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Assassin

Creator: Craig Newman
Time Span: 2016 - 2021


Jack 'Blackhawk' Ramsey is a freelance assassin.

Melissa 'Scarlet' Raines is an agent with the CIA.

The series is referred to as both 'Blackhawk', as shown by the use of that name in the title of each of the adventures, and 'The Scarlet Trilogy', because each of the three escapades deal with 'Hawk' as he is often called getting involved in matters that deal with her.

Blackhawk's history is unknown and that is just how this extremely dour, unsmiling, largely unfeeling man wants it. He has been in the killing-for-hire business for quite a few years and for all those years his reputation has remained exemplary. He prefers the long gun whenever possible and his signature method is a single bullet to the head. He will use a handgun if it is necessary and he is lethal with it as well but being a prudent and methodical man who wants to live past the latest contract, he prefers to plan his course, remove the target, and then be far away soon after.

What is not unknown is the fact that he routinely charges $1 million for a removal and we learn that, after his normal expenses and living costs, he has $89 million in the bank. Also known to a very few people is that while he is freelance and able to take assignments from wherever he wants, he has had as likely his best client the CIA. Of interest for more than one reason is the statement, "The only time the CIA ever reached out to Hawk for a job was when they didn't want to get their hands dirty, which was often."

Scarlet is a most unusual Agency operative. Besides being a regularly trained agent, she is also a highly skilled and proficient computer hacker. But what makes her unusual is that she works largely independent of the Agency, answering to no one per se but reporting at times to the Director of Operations. She is described to Blackhawk as "an information specialist we use. She has resources we don't have access to...She's one of ours. She's off the books, so to speak. Operating independently so as not to directly link her with the agency. Sometimes it comes in handy in cases like this."

The two people met more than three years before the events of the first recorded adventure and have remained in contact since then though usually at a distance. Now conditions have changed and they will need to rely on each other to survive.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2021

1 Blackhawk: The Vendetta Blackhawk: The Vendetta
Written by Craig Newman
Copyright: 2016

"A LETHAL KILLER…A BEAUTIFUL SPY…A DANGEROUS TRAP SET FOR REVENGE…The killer is known as the “Blackhawk”. He’s a cold-blooded, dark-eyed assassin for hire. He’ll take any contract, from anyone, for any price, and he never, ever fails. The spy is codenamed “Scarlett”. She’s a crafty, crimson-haired field operative for the CIA. Her mission is to provide intel and logistical support to other agents in the field, as well as independent contractors… Like the dreaded Blackhawk. Together, they have unknowingly made an enemy out of a mysterious organization with its own clandestine agenda. Now they are both pawns in a carefully planned trap that’s been designed to frame them, expose their secrets, and ultimately, kill them."

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2 Blackhawk: The Hunted Blackhawk: The Hunted
Written by Craig Newman
Copyright: 2020

"The assassin known only as the “Blackhawk” has returned. After a two year hiatus, he has been given a new job…Kill Scarlett for $5,000,000! The beautiful spy codenamed “Scarlett” is in deep trouble. She’s been framed for treason and murder and is on her way to federal prison. But she knows too much. And now she must be eliminated before she can expose the truth. As he takes on the job, he is determined to find out who set her up and why they want her to die. But in his search for the truth, he may’ve just made a new enemy more powerful than he’s ever encountered before."

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3 Blackhawk: The Reckoning Blackhawk: The Reckoning
Written by Craig Newman
Copyright: 2021

"The Blackhawk and Scarlett are fugitives. They’re wanted by every law enforcement agency in the country who think they’re murderers. They’re wanted by the United States Government who think they’re traitors. And they’re wanted by an army of mercenaries commanded by billionaire business mogul with a diabolical agenda who believes they’re the only obstacle left in his ultimate quest for power. For days, the Hawk and Scarlett have been running for their lives. But they’re not running anymore… They’re fighting back."
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     I got hooked on this series right away and stayed hook throughout. Each of the adventures is a bit longer than I thought necessary but I could not step away from any of them. 

     The author jumps back and forth in time a lot but he does an excellent job of letting the reader know when he is doing it. These frequent flashbacks to earlier events help us learn more about the history of these two, which is good, but they also take place just when things are getting interesting. Mind you, I know that that is how a good writer is supposed to do it but it did make me growl a couple of times.


My Grade: A-


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