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Full Name: Wolfgang Von Zauber
Nationality: German
Organization: None
Occupation Spymaster

Creator: W. Adam Mandelbaum
Time Span: 2014 - 2018


Wolfgang Von Zauber is a spymaster.

That is my term for him. In days long gone, he may have been an operative for German Intelligence but he has for quite a few years before the first recorded adventure moved to a position where he more calls the shots than follows them. 

In the description given him in blurbs about his nefarious escapades, two terms are used that sum up him in an interesting way by telling both a lot about him and not revealing much at the same time. They are "Neo-Nazi" and "sorceror spy". Both of these definitely tells the reader that Von Zauber (he seldom is addressed by his first name) is not a nice man and has some outre ways of handling problems.

When we first meet him, this white-haired older man is living in high mountains of Tibet. He is initially observed overseeing the feeding of vultures and other carrion the decapitated body of an executed man. He notes that the creatures have feasted on the remains with eagerness though they have as yet left the head alone. "Even scavengers do not like English cuisine all that much," he observes wryly.

He is in the part of the world creating a new version of explosives to be sold to the Iranians and thereafter to Hezbollah for use in their fight with Israel. Being the proud grandson of a German who was very much involved in committing the atrocities of the Holocaust, his hatred of all things Jewish remain very strong.

Challenging this man at times are the agents from B.E.S.T., which stands for the British East Strategic Technologies, Ltd. It is "a proprietary company of a certain organization in England that started with 'M' and ended with '6'". One of their senior agents referred to Von Zauber as "the Magician of Munich" and "very involved with things that go boom in the night".

As mentioned by calling him a 'sorcerer spy', Von Zauber is deeply into the practice of arcane sciences. He is very much into meditation and through it employs astral walking. He loves his odd rituals as well. However, as much as he likes to delve into such unusual lines of research, he does hold several doctorate degrees so his knowledge of more conventional sciences is also quite impressive.

Von Zauber is dedicated to causing trouble and he has the knowledge and determination to do so repeatedly.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2018

1 Red Phoenix Rises Red Phoenix Rises
Written by W. Adam Mandelbaum
Copyright: 2014

"A group of Western Spies are in a race against time when German Neo Nazi Terrorist-Sorcerers seek to accelerate an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.
The action moves from India to Tibet and China as the lines between allies and enemies are blurred by corruption and greed on both sides of the battle."
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2 Dark Justice Dark Justice
Written by W. Adam Mandelbaum
Copyright: 2015

"Von Zauber, the wealthy Neo-Nazi sorcerer and industrialist is back again! He has fully recovered from his injuries sustained in his adventures in the first book, RED PHOENIX RISES. This time he is working for Chinese and Cuban intelligence, fronting as a Palo Mayombe priest in New York, committing magical murders, and frustrating the police and the FBI alike. One man, a broken down attorney with flexible ethics will oppose him, in a search for love, renewal and Dark Justice."
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3 Ramstein Reaper: Drone of Death Ramstein Reaper: Drone of Death
Written by W. Adam Mandelbaum
Copyright: 2018

"Once again, the Neo-Nazi industrialist Von Zauber is playing one country against the other for profit, this time in the blood stained desert sands of Somalia. It's not only the terrorists and the American drones doing the killing, this web of deceit is home to a multitude of spiders.
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     I do not rate this series very high because it just did not 'grab me' like I expected. This is strange because the series itself is strange and I am well known for appreciating the strange. It also has a lot of snarky jabs and comments that I routinely enjoy. These I did appreciate but overall, I still was less than happy with it.

     Mind you, having said that, I am not saying this series is bad, per se. Just that it is likely to be considered good, either.

     This series has that off-beat, bizarre feel to it so many B-movies (and C-movies) issued direct-to-video in the late 70's through the 80's had. The Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS series of movies (yes, I watched them all back in the day) had that feel to them. I think Von Zauber would have made a fantastic series in that venue. Now that I think about it, maybe I need to go back and re-read this series. Well, someday.


My Grade: B-


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