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Full Name: Ryan Kaine
Nationality: British
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Security Consultant

Creator: Kerry J. Donovan
Time Span: 2017 - 2022


Ryan Kaine is a security consultant.

That is what this former Royal Marine is when we first meet him, handling what seems like an interesting but ultimately simple assignment. It does not turn out to be simple and it will change his life forever and end the lives of 83 others in the process.

Prior to this horrific and momentous mission, Kaine had served for quite a few years in the Marines, most of those as a proud member of the elite British Special Boat Service (SBS). "We're the Royal Navy's version of the SAS, only we do our stuff in boats. Think of us as the UK's Navy SEALS, but with more class and skill".

According to Kaine, he "spent the best part of twenty years in the Royal Navy, the last fifteen with the SBS. [He] expected to pull another ten and retire on a half-decent pension." Unfortunately, budget cuts and staff reductions pushed him and half of his operations group out, leaving this then 39-year-old man in need of a job. As he put it, he "had all these mad fighting skills and an intimate knowledge of state-of-the-art weaponry, but bugger-all else".

A couple of years were spent trying different lines of work, including close protection detail, none of which suited him. That is when one of his former commanders, a man he particularly liked and trusted, offered him a job with the 'specialized consultancy' company that man had formed. Needing income and work and a purpose, Kaine gladly took it. Lots of interesting work was then coming his way again, including a few exciting and dangerous hostage rescue missions.

Jump ahead a couple of years to a Kaine now in his mid-40's and the simple assignment mentioned above. A client, a prominent British arms maker, had a new handheld surface-to-air missile needing field certification. The job was to head off-shore alone on a small ship, receive a transponder code for the target drone a couple miles out, and then fire the weapon and observe it destroying the target. The weapon worked fine. The target was destroyed.

Unfortunately, the target was not a drone but in fact a commercial aircraft the real client wanted destroyed to eliminate a passenger who was a threat to the client's business. Kaine, knowing nothing of this and trusting his employer and that client, had launched the destruction of 83 people on that plane.

From that moment, Kaine's only purpose in life is to find and punish the ones behind turning him into a murderer and Britain's most hated terrorist. And then, when that was done, to devote his energies in protecting the families of the victims of that act, the 83.


Number of Books:10
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2022

1 On The Run On The Run
Written by Kerry J. Donovan
Copyright: 2017

The mission was to shoot down a drone just off the coast. The transponder code was given and confirmed. The target was eliminated. Then Ryan Kaine learned two horrible facts. The first was that the weapon given him for the mission was set to also kill him afterwards. The second was that the true target was an airliner and 83 people died. Now Kaine is wanted for terrorism and the organization that hired him wants to eliminate him.
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2 On The Rocks On The Rocks
Written by Kerry J. Donovan
Copyright: 2017

Learning of the schoolboy in peril on a Scottish mountainside, Ryan Kaine knows that he has the ability to save him. That would mean leaving his quest to clear his name and would put him into a position of being captured. But not doing everything he can to save the boy means failing in his promise to protect the grieving families of 'the 83'.
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3 On The Defensive On The Defensive
Written by Kerry J. Donovan
Copyright: 2017

Learning that the Constantine family was in danger and needed his help, Ryan Kaine, the most wanted fugitive in Europe, knows he has no choice but to risk coming out of hiding to head to London to keep one the 'the 83' families safe again.
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4 On The Attack On The Attack
Written by Kerry J. Donovan
Copyright: 2018

Angela Shafer is having considerable trouble with a stalker and no where to turn, except for The 83 Trust, which she is a member with thanks to her sister being one of those victims. Ryan Kaine is a little too late to stop a horrible event but he is not too late to take on the stalker and those behind him.
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5 On The Money On The Money
Written by Kerry J. Donovan
Copyright: 2019

A member of The 83 is killed in a drug plagued neighborhood. When Ryan Kaine tries to help his grandson, it draws the attention and ire of the local gang leader. Kaine's act of help will bring with it a lot of heat.
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6 On The Edge On The Edge
Written by Kerry J. Donovan
Copyright: 2020

A novella but included in this section because the numbering has it in this slot.
Ryan Kaine partner, Lara Orchard, decides she wants to enhance her medical training so she enrolls in a combat medic course in Denmark. She had no way of knowing it would result in dodging bullets and artillery shells.
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7 On The Wing On The Wing
Written by Kerry J. Donovan
Copyright: 2020

Melanie Archer is a member of The 83. She is also in prison awaiting trial for murder. And someone wants her either very hurt or very dead. To protect her, Ryan Kaine and Lara must get themselves locked up in the same facility.
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8 On The Hunt On The Hunt
Written by Kerry J. Donovan
Copyright: 2021

Danny Pinkerton is a close friend to Ryan Kaine. He is also a man who cannot walk away when he sees the actions of an abusive husband. Thinking to teach the man a lesson, he inadvertently gets himself the target of a crime family which does not interlopers. Now Pinkerton desperately needs Kaine's help.
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9 On The Outside On The Outside
Written by Kerry J. Donovan
Copyright: 2021

Sabrina is the IT expert who came to Ryan Kaine's aid when he got into trouble in the first place. Now she is the one in grave danger as she is kidnapped by a neo-fascist group called the Doomsday Creed. Helping her will put Kaine into a horrible situation but he finds if he fails, a whole lot more people will get hurt by the group.
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10 On The Lookout On The Lookout
Written by Kerry J. Donovan
Copyright: 2022

Alone on a hilltop, protecting the people he owes the most, a silent net is closing in on Ryan Kaine.
In an age of facial recognition and constant electronic surveillance, Kaine is struggling to keep a step ahead of the world’s security agencies.
But when a child, orphaned by flight BE1555, needs The 83 Trust’s help, Kaine has to find a way.
In deepest Wales, he and his team are the only people between a gang of violent thieves and the boy’s new family.
But while Kaine looks out for the boy, who’s looking out for him?
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

1 The Assessment The Assessment
Written by Kerry J. Donovan
Copyright: 2019

One of the jobs Ryan Kaine held after leaving the SBS and before the tragic events that started his current life of atonement was to assess the qualifications of a number of recruits for positions in the security company Kaine was employed with. This particular assessment was for 'Big Jenks' Jenkinson, "a powerful, tough, arrogant" man who was ready to "grind 'Captain Runt' under his boot heel and shoe the little pipsqueak what a real solderi can do".
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     Is this really a spy series? Not so much but it does cross the lines here and there and is too close to not qualify a bit in my head so here it is in this compendium.

     The first book in this impressive series deals with bringing to his own form of justice the men behind causing him to kill so many innocents. The rest of the series deals with him setting up a system for monitoring the lives of the families of those he killed and stepping in when they are threatened.

     The author has created a wonderfully interesting batch of support characters, including the highly intelligent and caring and ultimately not-too-shabby right-hand-woman, Lara. These people not only help Kaine out a great deal, they add a lot of color to the narrative.

     I have read and enjoyed a good number of the books so far. When my reading schedule permits, I am determined to read the rest because they are a lot of exciting fun.


My Grade: A-


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