Full Name: The Corridor People
Nationality: British
Organization: Department K
Occupation Agency

Creator: Edward Boyd
Time Span: 1966 - 1966


The Corridor People are agents with Department K.

That agency is an obscure small organization in the British Intelligence community. Small because there are just, apparently, a handful of people who comprise the group. Obscure because it is, again apparently, little talked about. Both of these aspects are well earned. An agency as bizarre and, to be honest, unpleasant as Department K is should have many people forced (or allowed) to work for it and, for the good of the British people, it is best that it is not spoken of very much.

Department K is run by a man known simply as Kronk. He is described, kindly, as portly. He is also said to come across as someone who falls fully in the jovial category because he is often seen or heard letting go with a raucous belly laugh at the slightest provocation. Once one looks deeper into the actions of this former police official, that laughter takes on a whole new and quite creepy aspect. Malicious is one adjective that could be used and demonic would not be unwarranted.

As the main, and possibly only, field operative working in Department K, there is Phil Scrotty. That interesting last name is shouted quite often by Kronk when he is excited or angry but it seems that more often than not, Scrotty is not in the office. Where this man, who it seems would rather be a Sam Spade-ish private investigator, is when summoned varies but the key point is that Scrotty is never where his boss wants him to be. Wherever he might be, though, it is safe to bet that he is pulling a fast one on someone because it becomes clear that a person should never trust Scrotty - ever.

Also working for Kronk but in more of a police role than that of an operative are the perpetually white trenchcoat-clad, fedora-wearing pair of Inspector Blood and his assistant Sergeant Hound. Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum comes to mind for these two quite incompetent coppers, both of whom seem to be aware of their failings and not much carrying about them.

The last member of Department K that we meet in the few recorded adventures we have of it is Miss Dunner, a middle-aged acerbic dour assistant to Kronk. She comes across as his right-hand person and might well be but we also learn that she has another role with the agency and one she is very good at - assassin.

Department K's main reason for existence, evidence tells us, is to try hard to combat an extremely nasty and very intelligent enemy of the state named Syrie Van Epp. This woman of Persian descent, who looks more Scandinavian to me, is bloodthirsty and heartless devious. She is also obviously a lot better at her job that Department K is at its.


Number of Episodes:4
First Appearance:1966
Last Appearance:1966

John SharpKronk [ 1 ]
Elizabeth ShepherdSyrie Van Epp [ 1 ]
Gary CockrellPhil Scrotty [ 1 ]
Alan CurtisInspector Blood [ 1 ]
William MaxwellSergeant Hound [ 1 ]
June WatsonMiss Dunner [ 1 ]

     This 60-minute black & white television series produced by Granada in the U.K. and shown on ITV had only four episodes produced. Considering how bad I thought them to be, I am surprised all four actually got aired.

1 Victim as Birdwatcher
Episode 1-1, first aired 08/26/1966
Director: David Boisseau
Writer: Eddie Boyd

"Syrie Van Epp kidnaps an ornithologist in order to gain control of a company which produces a unique product."

2 Victim as Whitebait
Episode 1-2, first aired 09/02/1966
Director: David Boisseau
Writer: Eddie Boyd

"Seeking to locate a reclusive accountant, Syrie Van Epp restores Phil Scrotty to life with the help of a disillusioned scientist (whom she later has killed). However, Scrotty, unreliable as ever, turns the tables and outwits everyone."

3 Victim as Red
Episode 1-3, first aired 09/09/1966
Director: David Boisseau
Writer: Eddie Boyd

"Syrie Van Epp is keen to assist a man who remembers nothing except the phrase two million pounds. It is likely that there is a connection with a client of Scrotty's who has lost his amnesiac brother, yet the outcome is not what anyone expects."

4 Victim as Black
Episode 1-4, first aired 09/16/1966
Director: David Boisseau
Writer: Eddie Boyd

"Queen Helena of Morphonia visits Britain in search of her idealistic son, who is searching for the commoner whom he fell in love with. Unsurprisingly, Syrie Van Epp has a hand in the mystery."


My initial question when I see a show that does not last very long, and The Corridor People lasted even less than most failures, is why did it fail. In the case of TCP, though, I would have to ask how the heck did it ever make it as long as it did. This show is bad. Really bad.

I read one comment online that show was likely put on to take advantage of the popularity of The Avengers but just failed. That might be so. Its failure was tremendous. I loved the Avengers. I hated this show. I did not see much of this one but what I did see I lamented.

Kronk is the epitome of a Horrible Boss. Scrotty is the epitome of a terrible agent. Blood and Hound are the kind of police detectives you hope are assigned any case you are the perpetrator of because your chances of being caught are practically nil.

Now, concerning Syrie, well, I would lavish praise on her fulfilling her role as evil genius except she scares me so much I would rather slink away.

You probably take it that I do not like this series. You would be correct.


My Grade: C-


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