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Full Name: Diana Weick
Nationality: American
Organization: MI6
Occupation Other - Parent

Creator: Cate Clarke
Time Span: 2021 - 2021


Diana Weick is a parent.

She will start working, after a couple of very harrowing issues are partially resolved, with MI6 but she is not an agent with them. Considering her exceptional skills and training she certainly has what it takes to be a very good operative but her connection with that intelligence organization will be unofficial and temporary and decidedly off the books, especially since she is American, not British.

What drives Weick into the dark world of fighting Russian oligarchs and through them an extremely deadly and dedicated group of terrorists is the fact that she is a parent. She is the mother of a young teenage son named Wesley and a nearly adult daughter named Kennedy. It is because of Kennedy that Weick will be forced to leave her world of parenting to take on some very nasty individuals.

That, and the fact that several years before she chose to devote her energies to being a parent, she had been a Navy SEAL. "She hadn't become the first woman Navy SEAL to get on the Tonight Show or meet the queen. She had completed the program because she could, because she knew it was something that she was capable of and it would prove something to herself, to her father, to her children. Not to society."

As a fully qualified member of that elite military group, she had been part of numerous highly classified and very dangerous assignments and one of those missions will reach out of the past to endanger her family. When that danger comes, those bringing it will find that while it has been a few years since Weick stopped being an active SEAL and became a mother, she has not lost her skills and her drive. In fact, seeing her daughter and later her son put in danger will focus her attention to a laser sharpness.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2021

1 Past Never Dies Past Never Dies
Written by Cate Clarke
Copyright: 2021

"When ex-navy SEAL Diana Weick loses her daughter in the woods on a hike, she can’t focus on anything else. She becomes obsessed with finding Kennedy before it’s too late. Diana is the only woman to ever make it through SEAL training, and she made her fair share of enemies throughout her time serving. But she left it all behind to raise her two kids. Until it comes to light that it’s her enemies of the past behind her daughter’s disappearance. Russian terrorist, Taras Kushkin, plots his revenge against Diana for killing his father more than a decade ago, using every resource available to him to get Kennedy to his manor on the coast of the Black Sea."
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2 Into The Fire Into The Fire
Written by Cate Clarke
Copyright: 2021

"Fresh off the rescue of her daughter from the clutches of a Russian terrorist, Diana Weick’s problems are far from solved. Upon her escape, Taras Kushkin managed to take her ex-husband Rex Tennison captive while maintaining his grip on his other hostage, a previous member of Diana’s SEAL team. And there seems to be a suspicious relationship forming between Kushkin and enigmatic hitman, Alek Fedoruk. Diana is recruited by MI6—for her first-hand experience and knowledge of Kushkin— in an attempt to stop him from selling a military combat drone to a Saudi Arabian air force official. Someone else tries to recruit Diana for her skills as well—a group calling themselves the Readers, an organization of ex-soldiers and SEALs who oppose anything to do with the United States Military."
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3 Terminal Vendetta Terminal Vendetta
Written by Cate Clarke
Copyright: 2021

"Diana Weick is working alone. After a shocking and destructive attack in DC that nearly killed everyone she loved and cared about, Diana is on a personal mission to dismantle the Readers, a terrorist organization run by past enemies and allies set on destroying the United States military. She teams up once again with MI6 agent Idris Amber but this time they’re working off the books, sent out by the vice-chief of MI6 herself, Amita Voss."
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     As I read this series, I was finding my mouth moving constantly between a smile when Diana Weick handles a particularly nasty situation to a frown or a grimace when yet another one flies at her. And then back again because while Weick is no means a perfect operative who always does the right thing and wins each time, she is one of the most tenacious and focused characters I have come across in some time.

     It makes sense, of course. She is a Momma Bear and someone has endangered one of her cubs. Bad move on their part

     And then once riled, it is going to take some time for her to cool down, especially since dangerous people think it prudent to keep poking this Bear.


My Grade: A-


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